Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I keep forgetting to blog about the World Cup! Last Saturday, JJ was in town, so SK and I met them for a yumcha session at Lotus, Dataran Sunway. Ate their tandoori chicken again. Typical. Hehe. The whole world was watching Korea Republic vs. Uruguay. All eyes were trained on the game except for out table and another table of aunties. Even when someone scored and everyone shouted, we just went about our business. An island of gay calmness in a sea of soccer mania. Anyway, I actually want to talk about the World Cup mascot, Zakumi. In my opinion, he's kinda cute. Bad boy look. Nice, thick mane. Impish smile. And look at that crotch. :P. Waka waka?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Agong's Birthday

Due to my preparations for the Brunei trip, I did not take my replacement leave for Agong's Birthday. So I decided to take it on Monday after I came back from the business trip. After sending SK to work, I proceeded to Taman Desa to return my door card and office keys. Had coffee with Jolin the accounts girl to get some updates and gossip. After packing up my desk (pindah ofis, bukan letak jawatan!), I headed for Bukit Jalil to take the LRT down to KL. Stopped at Plaza Rakyat. Construction was still going strong at Puduraya. I walked to Bangunan Chong Keat to see my dermatologist. Purchased some skin supplies for the next half a year or so. Saw a cute patient dozing at the sofa while waiting for the doctor to arrive. If he was KH, I would have kissed him awake. :P. I was too lazy to walk back to the LRT, so I decided to walk to The Pavilion after consulting Google Maps. The scenic route from Jalan Pudu to Jalan Bukit Bintang. By the time I had reached The Pavilion, my back was wet from sweat! Not that it was very hot, but I think it was due to the fact that I lugged my lappie around.

I was way too early for my lunch appointment with LifeBook so I went gallivanting around, snapping photos. Asked Bunny to join, he agreed but did not come! When I messaged him again, it turned out that he had overslept! Aieee. Lunch was at the foodcourt. Blegh. Lifebook had promised to buy me lunch at Kampachi!!! Joking. :P. I wanted to eat at Vietnam Kitchen, but that stall had closed down, so I had char kuay teow instead. MYR7.00 for just hor fun, egg and bean sprouts. Goodness. A Malay couple came over to join our table hoping to evict us, but got the hint that we were there for the long haul when I came back coffee from Toastbox. Work had to be attended to, so Lifebook left. On the other hand, I went to replace my screen protector. The poor thing came off in Bandar Seri Begawan. I could not use the services of the Apple Epicenter upstairs so I had to walk back to Machines at Lot 10. Different reseller. Nak charga saya MYR10! Cis!

Was just in time to catch the opening of the National Geographic Store there. Quickly whipped out my camera. I think one of the musicians had a sizable dick and it was parked quite obviously to his left thigh. I tried my best to zoom. Dammit, I only have 5X optical zoom! :P. Walked around Isetan for a while but left soon after. Apparently the monorail was down since morning (good thing I walked), so the frequency was 40 mins per train! Screw that. I walked to Berjaya Times Square. My gaydar picked up a guy walking on the opposite side of the road. We locked eyes for a tad too long I guess as I think he tried to hail me. Opps. I walked on. It was a short detour but at least by the time I walked to the Imbi station, the train had just arrived. Thank goodness. I did not know that the Pudu Jail was to be demolished on that night, else I would have snapped a few pics too. Definitely pooped after the outing! Oh, my poor legs.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Metallic Kisses

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During my K3K Benta Kaya meet-up with Carpe Diem, Janvier and Leggie last-last Saturday (yes Janvier, this is more like me!), I offered Carpe Diem a bite of my 3-in-1 Toast. Basically toast with butter, kaya and cocoa. He declined because he did not want to have his braces all mangled up with it before his drink arrived. How troublesome, right? So this got me thinking...

How does it feel to kiss someone with braces?

During bouts of intense tongue wrestling, would your tongue get caught in the wires? Perhaps something from breakfast is discovered by your partner? Is there a metallic tang? Are there any complications if both wore braces? Would they get caught? Now that would be difficult to explain at the A&E. Would really like to hear some kisah benar!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shabu Me, Shabu You

Since I was in Brunei, I missed Cyan's birthday celebration. Therefore, we had another celebration at Restaurant Shabu Shabu in Bandar Puteri Puchong. It's a buffet steamboat joint from the same people who opened Mizi, hence you also get the individual pot concept. But the novel thing about it is the kaiten belt. Hundreds of slave boys in their kitchen stuff vegetables, fishballs, mushrooms, prawns, sausages, beancurd skin, chicken, beef, etc into tiny plastic plates (like those dessert containers on full fare flights). In between the belts, their staff also go around distributing special items like fried chicken wings, other misc. fried stuff topped with mayo (they seem to push this A LOT. A ploy to make you feel full faster?) and most importantly, pork slices! So delish. A few seconds in the piping soup and its ready to eat. I heard that Savante easily downed 20 plates. Cyan was happy beyond belief looking at the conveyor belt. Ecstatic.

Mostly had vegetables, pork, gizzard and prawns. I ignored all the frozen foodstuffs. Do not bother with the fish slices too. Horrible. For drinks, they have green tea and a multitude of fruit slushes. Leu would love it. The place was full of of customers! We left after 1 hour 45 minutes of non-stop eating. Since we finished early, we went to another function-- a BEC gathering in Kuchai Lama. Upon entering the pool area, I saw cute twink chatting animatedly with his friends. Half-naked and in board shorts. The best kind of twink. I took a second look. Perhaps even a third. :P. I told myself that I was too full to eat anymore, but I did stuff myself with plenty of rockmelon. Hehe. Little Cyan had a blast too. His vocabulary is getting more and more extensive as the days go by:

"Cyan see moon up there! Moon big-big!"

Hehe. How fast they grow up!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Begawan VIII: Showtime Two and The End (At Last!)

On the second day, Fatty Boss jumped into action again, leaving the audience enthralled and wanting more. Lunch was with Fatty Boss again, but this time at a new shop called Restoran Cahaya Indah. Don't be fooled by the name, it serves chinese food. I ordered their beef noodles and lin chee kang. Both were quite nice. The hands-on sessions during the afternoon went quite well except for some 'expected' weird behaviour from the system. When things went awry, I tried not to look surprised ad just glossed things over. But kinda awkward when the users experienced it themselves and started to ask questions. I think my presentation was quite dry and tried to reel them back in when they seemed lost. By the end of the day, I was exhausted but glad that it was over. To celebrate, we had dinner at Charcoal BBQ & Grill Restaurant. My colleague ordered the 15oz ribs and was kinda put off by the big chunk of meat. Hoho. Luckily I chose the Surf 'n Turf-- a mixture of grilled prawns, salmon, vegetables and lamb with a baked potato. Already my last night Brunei, so we had another junk food fest in my room. This time with Pringles. Lan was surprisingly chatty that night and he blurted out a lot of personal stuff and stuff about work relations. Packed all our stuff. I had somehow miscalculated about the changes of clothes I needed to bring, but luckily I managed to stretch things a bit with some minor laundering.

Woke up the next morning with a nice 'morning glory', went for a little grope and opened my eyes to see that Lan was actually up. Oopps. Luckily he was engrossed with his laptop. He had gotten up early to settle his 'toilet debt'. He took some laxatives the day before and apparently it didn't quite work. Poor fella. Cranky the whole trip. :P. Went into the office only to wait for lunch time. Nothing much to do. Went for an early lunch and took pictures near the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation Complex and the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. Then it was lunch at SCR again. Ordered an extremely dry chicken chop rice. Felt like I was having chicken jerky with rice. Ugh. Left the office at 2:00pm. Arrived quite early at the airport. We had used the web check-in facilities and I have this to say:

Don't bother. Even the walk-in check-in counter is faster! How can you have only one counter to cater for multiple web check-ins!!!

I must say that the Brunei airport does not have an intuitive design. The immigration section is behind closed tinted doors! Normally one gets a guided 'feel' of where to go, like lemmings being led to a cliff. But it is not so in Brunei. In the waiting area, the shops are very limited. So, so boring. The flight back was uneventful. No cute guys. Just grumpy air stewardesses with fish lips. At least they brought me safely back home. Home, sweet home. Oh yeah, do order Air Asia's chicken cocaccia. Edible! :P.

P.S.: Thus ends the Begawan Arc. I'm sure many of you are heaving sighs of relief. As Zemien not-so-subtlely put it-- "and please.... your Begawan arc reminds me of Bleach side-arcs. I just wanna skip them :P. Finish it off!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Begawan VII: Showtime One

Basically got up early to go to the venue only that find that the door was still locked. Sat around with the janitor until somebody brought the key. Apparently the some guy from the project management office was busy the last night migrating the blade servers and changing the chasis. I dunno why they cannot make up their mind on the hardware. Today 4 slots. Tomorrow 6 slots. Today got CDROM. Tomorrow no CDROM. Today USB1.1. Tomorrow USB2.0. Bengong. Luckily things still worked. Was quite lucky that my Fatty Boss showed his face and talked half the day away. I must admit that his presentation skills have improved. That guy can really talk and talk and talk. He knows how to spruce things up and get the attention of the audience. The subject matter was very dry and he managed to actually inflate it with all his hot air. Amazing kung fu. And so, he talked till half time and brought us to lunch at Babu's Kitchen (we had passed by that shop many times and kept thinking that it was Indian. Tak sangka that Babu means Mother in Brunei). I had a nice fried mee suah. In the afternoon, my colleague continued the show. It was a long day. Luckily there were breaks in between. Some of the users were quite difficult but luckily they left early for other meetings. I think the audience did not really understand us. Quite usual. They still cannot imagine the system replacing their manual procedures. It will be another painful process of readjustment.

Dinner was on a boss who had arrived earlier on that day. We brought him to Lucky Restaurant near our apartment. All the waitresses wore SQ flight stewardess uniforms. SQ rejects no doubt. Hehe. Ordered pork ribs, cashew nut chicken in yam basket, tofu soup, stir-fried HK kailan and clayot beancurd. The portions were generous! Overall, the taste was good. Value for money. The bill only came to B$90 for seven pax. But they server lousy chinese tea. Drank and drank and drank talking about the recent upheaval in my company (will blog about this separately). Went to the nearby supermarket again for some grocery shopping (see the mundane pattern?). Back in my room, did some preparation for the second day of the presentation and slept early...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black Feet

Another break from my Begawan arc. I sense that my readers are dropping off like flies. Bersabar ya... Not only is the country boring, I guess blog posts about it are as interesting as watching cum dry. So my question is:

Are you a fan of black sneakers? Especially chunky ones? Think Rockports. Think MBTs. Think black Danish clogs. Just seems wrong to me. Hehe. Sorry, dear. :P. So, how many do you have in your shoe rack?

P.S.: I might just open a "I hate black, chunky sneakers" page on FB.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Begawan VI: The Real Work Begins

The final day of my setup. Settled most of the issues. For those that could not be fixed on time, workarounds would be used or ignored altogether. Just need to steer clear of the errors. Lunch was at Singapore Chicken Rice again. This time round, I ordered their cashew nut chicken rice. It's supposed to be kungpao chicken I think, but the colour's all wrong and it tastes more like sweet and sour sauce to me. Haha. But at least it looks better than their huatan ho. Yes, huatan ho. One thing that still surprises me about Brunei is how civilized their drivers are. If you cross the road at a zebra crossing, they actually stop. Like in Singapore. In Malaysia, they run you down even with the traffic light in place (Oh, did I do thaattt?). Dinner was at a vegetarian joint. Tried something called cha zhai bihun. Some kind preserved vegetable soup. Really sour. Not bad, but the portion was so measly. Supplemented dinner with pineapple and junk food. Hehe. At the fruit stall, I was greeted by a giant poster of Christiano Ronaldo posing in white Emporio Armani underwear. The face so yiew. :P. Slept early that night... and no, I wasn't thinking of Ronaldo.. eeeehh.

Chu Chai Mee

P.S.: One of my colleagues was complaining about the lack of entertainment in BSB. He is too used to the vices in Metro Jakarta and Manila. And during lunch break one day when we finally found a bunting advertising Thai-style massage, he bolted up to the second floor only to find that it was for women only. He was so dejected. LOL. I did find some male therapists for him, as advertised at the bottom of some dark stairs, but he declined. Poor fellow. :P.

Cashew Nut Chicken Rice

Monday, June 21, 2010

Begawan V: Riverside Sunday

Water Taxis
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Well, I spent my Sunday in the office too. Breakfast was air-conditioned fried noodles. Cold! Fatty Boss picked us up in the company Innova and it was quite a ride! Nothing clears your mind like the sound of tires screeching from an emergency break. Worked and worked until lunch time when Fatty Boss came over to treat us at Fratini's. The Italian restaurant was located just beside the river where Kampong Ayer's located. One can see water taxis zipping across the river bringing the occupants to and fro. Once they alight, the occupants continue own with their own automobiles parked on the other side. It all seemed quite haphazard. Boats were anchored in the middle of the river and everyone was just going against the surf at high speed. Ordered spaghetti vongole with fish buillion. So-so. Washed it down with a glass of honey dew juice. Back to work for a couple of hours. Such a chore to get the system up. Never touched it before. Lots of guesswork. And I have to present it? Gosh.

My colleague was sick of the MSG in the roadside food, so when decided to go to Charcoal BBQ & Grill Restaurant for dinner. Ordered the 10oz ribs (downsized) with mashed potatoes and fresh garden salad. The ribs were excellent. Looks like really the best ribs in town as advertised. Succulent, tender and juicy. Yummy. However, the salad dressing was horrible. Smelled like sourish leftovers! :S. And the service was super slow... Goodness. It seemed as though each waiter could only carry one plate at a time. :S. My colleagues want to come back on our last night in Bandar Seri Begawan. Back in the room, watched "Land of the Lost". Super stupid movie, but it's still better than "Tropic Thunder". :S. Some soccer matches (I wasn't paying attention), some keripik singkong, and I called it a night.

Spaghetti Vongole

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gnome Around The World III

I'm sure you guys are getting sick of Bandar Seri Begawan already, so I'll put in a filler post. A break la katakan. Today's episode sees Gnome travelling to Angkor Wat. He's definitely fond of the topless Apsaras, the horny old bastard. Not really my choice of a holiday destination (neither are topless Apsaras). I can imagine the itinerary:

Day 1: Ruins.
Day 2: More ruins.
Day 3: Ruins with faces.
Day 4: Batu. Tanah. Pasir.

You get the picture. :P. But KH and Nic did manage to 'persuade' me to go to Borbodur in September. Ish. And hikes at Mount Merapi at 3:00am! WTF. What am I getting myself into?!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Begawan IV: Sore on a Saturday

Woke up with a dry throat. The air-conditioning and the super MSG in Brunei food must have gotten to me finally. Breakfast was fried rice again. Also laden with MSG. I drank four cups of water while waiting for the driver to arrive. At work. On a Saturday. Ugh. Was also busy playing iAssociate 2 on the iPhone. I think I'm addicted to that word association game. At the office we immediately got to work and solved several big obstacles. During lunch, we were joined by another two colleagues who brought us to a nearby mamak shop. 2 pieces of chicken kurma + bitter gourd + white rice + pulled tea only cost B$3.60. My cheapest meal in Brunei so far. Dropped by at Guardian to pick up a bottle of mouthwash. Chose a bottle with thymol and hexitidine. Really had a kick! Went back to work after lunch, but there were still some issues to iron out. Left work at around 7:00pm and had dinner at Restoran Golden Leaf again. This time round, I ordered porridge with stir fried siew pak choy, pumpkin and anchovies and some soy sauce chicken. Was surprisingly cheap at B$3.00 seeing that they gave me a lot of lauk. But... the food was cold and I had to pour some piping hot water into the porridge to warm it up. :S. Before going back to the hotel, I picked up a bottle of You C1000 Vitamin Lemon. Before bed, we had another small party in the room. Lan was busy disturbing Sim, so I just let them do their thing. Breeders. No eye see.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Begawan III: Smoke and Surprises

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Learning from yesterday's experience, we got up a little later. Breakfast was more decent with fried rice and egg toast. We went directly to the server room to start installing our application. Was inexperienced with Windows Server 2008, so we hit several snags along the way. Luckily things started looking up by lunch. Had fried mee hoon at the nearby foodcourt. It was just beside a restaurant selling live lobsters for B$7.80 per 100gms. Saw some really giant lobsters! I think they were staring at me. And so funny to see them label cockles as seaham. LOL. I made a conclusion about Brunei food. Salt, sugar and MSG is used liberally. And their MSG is of premium quality. Spend a year there and you'll lose all your hair. After lunch, we chilled out at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Ordered my Today's Brew as usual. I showered myself with raw sugar after flapping a faulty packet. Sienz! I think I found sugar in my underwear. :P. Worked and worked till 7:00pm. Stopped for some kuih-muih during tea time. The client served some chunks of BLUE bricks. I did not touch those. Like eating sabun busa. :S.

On the way home, the driver stopped us at Pasar Pagoh, a night market of sorts. But it was so quiet (and devoid of the Chinese. We looked quite out of place there, macam alien). Hardly compares to Malaysia. Perhaps people stay away beause it's such a smoky affair! Plenty of hawkers selling barbequed fish and chicken. Horrible. They do not know how to control the flames. I was so tempted to drive a fire engine over and hose them all off. Wasn't interested in the food. Just bought some pulut udang for later. Upon reaching the apartment, we had our dinner at the nearby Restoran Golden Leaf. Ordered prawn noodles. Out of stock. Ordered laksa. Out of stock. Celaka. Ended up with pork ribs mee kolok. Fantastic! The noodles were fragrant with pork oil no doubt and the ribs were wonderfully done. Managed to catch the opening ceremony of the World Cup. A giant dung beetle pushing a soccer ball? Fuiyoh. Supper was the pulut udang washed down with Oishi green tea. The pulut udang was below expectations. I felt like I had been munching on ciggie buds. Ugh. Watched a bit of the World Cup match between RSA and Mexico. No excitement there. Online then tidur lo...

Mee Kolok

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Begawan II: The Office

I did not sleep well the night before. The pillow was so soft that it gave no support. My eyes were open at 5:30am and I was greeted by Lan's snoring. Tried to get back to sleep. Was a little difficult, but I managed. Lady Gaga's Telephone dragged me out from my slumber 1.5 hours later. Did my stretches and got ready for work. By 7:30am, we were at the hotel cafeteria looking for food. We were the first to arrive. Had a little bit of their super-salty and sweet fried flat noodles. Next was oranges and watermelon cut to look like mini Xmas trees. :S. I passed on the egg mayo sandwiches. It looked more like Nippon Watherbond than mayo. We took the company's shuttle van to work. There was no morning rush hour traffic. There's never any rush. So unlike my days in Metro Jakarta. The project site turned out to be the gymnasium at the top of a building transformed into a software development center. LAN cables were nailed into the parquet.

On arrival, we didn't do much. Getting coordinated seemed like a chore. The Project Management Office did not make our life easier with the seating arrangements and the network connectivity. We later found out that we needed to go over to another building to set up the demo system. And we were assigned an empty server. No OS. No nothing. Ugh. So we just spent the day setting up the groundwork. It was so boring all cooped up in the server room watching the progress indicators go. It was a slow process although it was a 2 * quad core processer with 24GB of RAM! Lunch was at Singapore Chicken Rice. I ordered the oyster sauce chicken. Ugh. I would rate it as 'edible' at most. After that, we lepak at Yayasan. Definitely of the better looking malls. More spacious with decent air-conditioning and no weird odours.

Brunei Mix

Having settled everything, my colleague and I still hung around the training center cause it was raining outside. By 4:00pm, we couldn't take it anymore and braved the rain. Halfway back, we stopped by at an Indian shop to have coffee and ordered cucur udang. Not quite what I had in mind. It came flooded with a weird gravy. Felt a bit jelak. Finally, the rain stopped and we got back. Dinner was at Restoran Sui Heng. The place still had those high-back booths like those in HK char chan teng. Ordered something unconventional-- Claypot Yam Noodles. Basically handmade noodles in a thick yam gravy. Sounds gooey right? It wasn't too bad. Did some grocery shopping and ended up back at the hotel to rot before bed...

P.S.: Brunei observation-- so many goldsmith shops and all without security guards!
P.P.S.: I nearly laughed my head off when found out that Lan was showering with feminine wash!!! When I told him (I couldn't stop laughing), he said that he refilled the bottle without knowing what it was. :P

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle!

Tien Yin I
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Note: I interrupt my Begawan arc for this update. Got ahead of myself. Hehe.

Last Sunday was my uncle's 66th birthday celebration, so mum, sis, BIL, Cyan and I headed for Bagan Sungai Burung after Sunday Mass. We arrived at about 5:00pm and I must say that I was surpised to find that village roads were now tarred. The whole porch was crawling with grandkids and the place was strewn with rubbish. No matter how many times I see it, I can never really get used to it. The celebration was at a nearby restaurant-- Tien Yin. It was easy to spot the place cause loud chink techno was already playing. The stage was set and the entertainer (a skinny uncle in an oversized chinese suit) was busy choosing his songs. We chose a table far away from the speakers and waited for the rest of the guests to arrive. Upon sitting, mum was already busy gossiping. Guess what? Five days ago, my uncle's Vietnamese mail order bride had just arrived. 34 years old. Fuiyoh. That orang tua...

Food was below expectations. Nearly every dish was spicy. Perhaps his new wife likes it that way. Had yee mee, curry fish head (the only highlight of the night), roast duck (very salty), tomyam prawns, hot sauce fish, vegetables with cashew nuts, spicy claypot chicken and to cap it all off, ais krim potong and longevity peaches (super dry). All night long, my uncle's friends sang KTV, but one squat fellow with thick gold chains even went on stage to do a sexy dance:

"I don't know how to sing, but I sure know how to dance! Woooooo! (attempting to channel Shakira while some China doll sings 'shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture')"

Disgusting. He reminds me of Soifon's lieutenant. When the all the food was finished and the birthday song sung in every possible dialect, we adjourned to my uncle's house to get some fresh seafood! The whole porch was swarming with mosquito-like insects. Wave your hand and you hit at least seven. Left quickly with one big ice box of fishes, crabs and prawns. Hehe. The drive home felt shorter with me counting all the Agro Bank branches along the way. Reached home at about 11:00am and slept soundly...

Tien Yin II

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Begawan I: Time Warp

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I woke up early on Wednesday to do some last minute packing and had a breakfast of fried noodles with mum. At around 10:30am, the taxi driver came over and I hugged mum and Cyan goodbye. The ride to LCCT seemed quite short with me fiddling on the iPhone for 40 minutes. The check-in queue for AK266 to Bandar Seri Begawan was quite long. Everyone had loads of luggage to check-in. The Bruneians seemed intent to bring back a BIG slice of Kuala Lumpur to their home country. Lovely. While waiting for my colleagues, I had a cup of brewed coffee at a coffee shop near the boarding gates. Boarding was a breeze as our company got express boarding for us. Two cuties on board, and one happened to be a colleague. Wohooo... The flight was uneventful. The food was expectedly horrible. I had pre-booked Asian Fried Rice with Chicken Satay. Horrible. Please avoid it all costs. I felt like I was eating sand. Even the chicken was more moist. :S. I finished it anyway and flushed it down with a gulp of their 100ml mineral water. Sooo.. pitiful.

On arrival, we found no high-rise buildings. 10 floors max? My colleague commented that the airport looks like the one in Seam Reap. From the roads, I got the feel Singapore. Then it turned to a feel of Ipoh and Seremban. Every shop had Jawi in their signboards. McDonalds. HSBC. Chinese shops. Wonder if it's a ruling. The driver sent us to Abdul Razak Service Apartments. I dunno how to describe it. It looks kinda like Hotel Malaya-- you know, that kind of place. No door cards. You get a key attached to a giant tag. :S. It's connected to a plaza that houses the Soon Lee Mega Mart. Think of it like Fajar, The Store and Ocean in small towns. Brings back memories of my childhood. It even smells the same. At the department store, you see 'happening' brands like Cheetah and Encode. Lan and I shared a room. Quite a small room with two single beds, but the air-conditioning's really responsive. Too bad the blankets weren't toasty enough.

Dinner was at Jollibee. A famous fast food franchise from the Phillipines. Ordered the Tocino set. Basically rice with stewed chicken and a fried egg. Time passed very slowly. Molasses slow. We sat there after dinner and I looked at my watch. 6:15pm. Talked and talked. And I looked at my watch again. I thought my Tissot was shot. Saw some Chinese cuties in the vicinity. All is not lost. Ironed some shirts and watched "The Mummy III" on HBO. Later, with a packet of keripik singkong, we chatted with the other colleagues about love and life. Dozed off by midnight...

Red Hot

I have been taking notice of this DJ from RED FM... from his recent pictures in The Star, he does look kinda cute to me! A bit nerdy, but so fresh-faced and fair. A nice smile too! Too bad there aren't many of his pictures on the internet. Perhaps SimonLover can dig up some more. Perhaps he'll even find a skanky pic or two. LOL. Have not listened to his voice over the radio yet. But got to admit, this pic on their website doesn't quite do him justice. Makes him look really thin. What do you guys think?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sow Your Wild Oats

Xavier suddenly added Bunny and I on group chat late one night. The conversation started with a "999" clip about gay activities in Taman Miharja. It was quite entertaining about how they were going on about the subject. The usual gay-bashing. Adds my love for the term aktiviti songsang. Sounds cool. Hahaha. Then out of the blue, he started on how Bunny and I should enjoy our youth by going to saunas and having strings of ONS although our age is only 1 year apart. Somehow, all that doesn't really appeal to me. I know the argument is to sow your oats when you're young and settle down later. We're only young once and we will never quite reclaim that feeling of invincibility and physical prowess. Of course, the riskier it is, the more pleasure we derive from it, and so, one must also be level-headed about all this hedonism. Having said all this, I still don't think that I'm wasting my youth (not that I have much left). I started late in the circle (came out at 27) and I'm not like a friend of mine who went on a sex rampage to make up for lost time. KH has taught me that from love, the intimacy is magnified. But its not like I have wanton sexcapades with random men to compare with. But I'm happy with the idea of a monogamous relationship. I do not crave for meet ups and whatnots (although KH often encourages me to have a happy ending masasage!). I do not feel at ease with such encounters.

On a final note:

"If not sex, how about taking some naked photos of yourselves?"

Wakaka. That's not a bad idea. Preserve pictures of you in your prime. For posterity? For Fridae more like it. Hahaha. But I have no sexy body to begin with! Aih. OK la. Case closed.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Hi guys and girls! I'll be flying to Brunei tomorrow for a business trip and won't be back till next Thursday. Hate meeting clients. Blegh. Hopefully all will go well and the preparations that were done are sufficient. But I am still uneasy because I'm bringing a product that I am hardly familiar with. Hopefully my colleagues can cover for me. I don't know if I'll have the time to go to Miri or perhaps meet up some of KH's friends who have just relocated there this month. See how things go lo! Wish me luck!

Monday, June 07, 2010

One Headlight

Spot the Difference

There are actually two differences. But I'm not sure if you can detect it from the picture. Let the games begin!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dreaming Of You

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The biggest qualm about being in an LDR is always the lack of physical intimacy.

"Goodness! What do you do for sex?!"

"Kan tahan mehhhhhhh???"

"I'd go crazy if I didn't get to see my BF for so long"

These are just a few from the myriad of responses that I get from people. Well, I'm definitely no Shaolin monk and neither am I asexual. It's very usual to get horny and of course one needs to have a healthy outlet for those urges. The obvious choice is of course to sleep around spank one's salami. And of course one can throw in the occasional phone sex or sexting. But not everyone can appreciate moaning over the phone. So in such a state of drought (as Leggie and Grat like to put it), would you think that I regularly get sex dreams about KH? My bestie in Germany once said:

"Of course you don't get sex dreams about KH! He's your BF!"

LOL. In a way, it's kind of true. The Dreaming is the realm of infinite possibilities. Why dream of your BF when you can shag every cute hunk that your mind can conjure up? (not that KH is not a hunk in my book, :P) After going through so many porns and skanky pictures, at least one face or chiselled body would have stuck in one's subconscious. Hehe. To be honest, I've not had many skanky dreams about the BF. I can count it with one hand. But to be fair, I've not had many skanky dreams either. But last week, I had a very vivid dream about KH and my mother! Yes, you heard it, the Dowager.

.......... dream sequence ............ ripple in ............

KH and I were in a room. And there was a third person there. Not a cutie. Mum was pacing outside my room and doing her chores. I could her footsteps. There was no fear of her walking in on us. And KH suddenly came onto me. [Insert your skanky thoughts here]. The other person just watched.

.......... dream sequence ............ ripple out ............

Weird? It was very enjoyable, but it wasn't a wet dream lo. Could feel each touch. Whooo. Man, I need to get laid.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Steaming for Dinner

Char Siew
Swiped from williamnyk.
On Sunday, I had my favourite char siew wantan noodles at Aman Suria right after church. I was extra grateful during mass that day because I bumped into three cute guys at the cafeteria. Tall and Korean-looking. Totally yummy. Back to the other 'meat'. Business was extra good that day, so the delicious sausages were sold out (sayur pun habis!). So we just made with the deliciously thick and juicy char siew. After lunch, we went home to rest for a while before my swim. Mum on the other ponteng and went to a friend's house in Seri Petaling. After my swim, we stopped over for a while and had some home-grown corn (she turned her bungalow into a farm, :S). Her friend recommended that we have dinner at Harbour Steamboat in Seri Petaling. It was a good recommendation, but we had to wait for an hour before we were seated (and the waitress had the nerve to say, "Have to wait very long hor?"). Thank goodness I had the iPhone to fiddle with. And I also spotted two cute queers in restaurant so I guess it wasn't so bad. Hehe.

The restaurant's ala-carte. We ordered their cheapest soup base-- papaya and white fungus. Weird? It's actually nice. And every pot of comes with a giant chunk of pork bones. We ordered vegetables and some of their handmade fishballs, prawnballs and mushroom-porkballs. I was very impressed with the prawnballs. Excellent taste and texture. I can say that it even beats most dim sum har kao. The interior's completely covered with scribblings from their satisfied customers. And I must say that the wall's fully-covered. I won't wanna write on it, I rather splash red paint. In case you wanna try out the place, do came VERY EARLY and make a booking.

Friday, June 04, 2010

LRT Celebrities: iPhone Edition I

LRT Celebrity
Swiped from williamnyk.
For my loyal viewers, this is the inaugural edition of LRT Celebrities: iPhone Edition. Expect clearer shots and better quality with the spy pics taken via my iNyk! Today's edition is woman (Sis A) who is having a loud conversation with her sister. She was taking the LRT to Bt. Jalil to catch a bus back up to Perak. On her right~ the woman who has her legs WIDE OPEN is her sister who lives in KL (Sis B).

Sis A: Aiyeh... dunno how leh. Should I break up with him or not? Break up also die. Don't break up also die...

Sis B: Haiyah... how old is the guy ah?

Sis A: 48 years old dy lo... You know la, I also no money ma. My job is a dead end job le. 6-days a week... sigh.

Sis B: You come to KL la... I recommend you work at massage parlour! Eh, how about your husband le? How to settle?

Sis A: That fella say wanna divorce. I where got money! Stay with my BF first le!

They kept going on and on. Ever since Puduraya closed for construction, the LRT rides had been getting more and more interesting. One kid from Perak also talked to me the other day:

Kid: This train goes to Sri Petaling right?

Moi: Yes.

Kid: The bus station is near the station ah?

Moi: For that you should get off at Bt. Jalil.

Kid: OOOOO. Thanks for telling me. You still studying ah? (oish... so flattered!)

Moi: Working for years lo! What you doing here in KL?

Kid: Oohhhh... trying to learn up some skills lo. I wanna learn how to fix handphones.

Moi: Got such a course one ah?

Kid: Got! 6 months. What do you work as?

Moi: Computers.

Kid: Then same like me lo.

Moi: Err... in a way.

Kid: Thanks for showing the way wor leng zai! (syok again)


Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Gathering of the Greek Gods (Kononnya)

Saturday was marked by the usual marketing routine. Many people were out of town for the long weekend, so that explains the lull in the usual bustling market. We finished up pretty quickly and headed to Carrefour at Endah Parade to raid their promo salmon steaks. Together with two other women, we waited around for them to slice up another fish. Half of it was snapped up in half a minute. Thinking back, Carrefour Sri Petaling is just a sad, faded shadow of its heyday seven years ago. It used to be super crowded and very happening. Now, the whole complex is kinda like an overripe zit waiting to be popped. Breakfast was upstairs at Uncle Chong's Kopitiam. Decent curry mee but lousy service. Fully manned by migrant workers. Did some chores at home. Mopped the floor. Hanged up a painting. Lunch was late and light. Soba with nori, bonito flakes and some tororo konbu. Had a short nap after that while the rain raged outside.

At night, we had Apollo's birthday party at Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve lined up. A big turnout. Kinda snowballed. We did not get proper service from the staff until their ang moh manager noticed our predicament. Can you imagine the nerve of their staff only preparing a table for thirteen when the reservation was confirmed for fifteen? Apollo, SK, Carpe Diem, LifeBook, Leggie and I shared a baby pork ribs (more like baby dinosaur, size and taste-wise), aglio-olio spaghetti (al dente, great tase), pork knuckles (not as as nice or genuine as the one at Deustches Haus) and sausage platter. And to wash it all down, some Hoegaarden. Had the chance to meet Apollo's softspoken friend, Adri. Plus, got to meet up with JJ to catch up. Apollo is a very difficult person to shop for. In his wishlist, once can see bungalows and cars. So we got him the cheapest thing-- a pair of Birkenstocks.

We wanted to adjourn to some tong sui place after dinner, but it was closed. So, JL and I went to Dome to get him a slice of Tiramisu (Apollo could not get the cake right). Sang the song. And made him pull the embedded candle out of the cake using his teeth. DanielH, Jascorporeal and Aaron left early for more late night entertainment while the rest of us scattered. Some headed home. Some headed for a coffee fix at Dome, while SK, JJ, Bunny and I headed to Lotus for some tandoori chicken. The LDP was very em teng wah that night. Two accidents at separate stretches at separate times. Like its not jammed enough during weekdays. Reached home at 1:00am... showered, talked to KH and fell asleep...

P.S.: Carpe Diem's CIMB Credit Card secured a 15% discount on all mains at Bavarian Bierhaus!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Too Much Yang

All of my female colleagues have either resigned or had been transferred out, leaving only guys in my team. An imbalance has occurred. Now, my colleagues like to touch each other, tweaking each other's nipples and caressing thighs... even at the public food court. I am... shocked and amused at the same time. Hehehehe. WAKAKAKAKAKA. Straight men. Hah!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Swiped from williamnyk.
Early on Wesak morning, mum, SK and I went out to K3K Benta Kaya for breakfast. Why there you may ask? Cause they gave me a coupon for a free topee (round bread toast with butter and kaya, very crispy and light) on my next visit. Clever marketing. Just to redeem that, I spent MYR33 on breakfast. Ordered some of their noodles and I must say they all sucked. Don't bother. Just eat their toast. Their other mains suck big time. Having had my fill of noodles and nasi kunyit, we made a beeline for the wet market to get some fruits. Mum wanted to visit our ex-neighbour in OUG. Her MIL is now bedridden after a stroke. When we got there, she was not at home. After some futile attempts to communicate with her new Cambodian maid, we just went in to wait. My ex-neighbour came home not long after we arrived. Turns out that her MIL had been warded in UMMC due to bed sores and complications from her diabetic condition. So we had a long talk with her regarding her hardships. The poor old woman is left with her widowed daughther-in-law while her own children do not lift a finger. Sad case.

At around 1:30pm, we left and headed for lunch (my tummy was not interested in food!). Ended up at a nearby vegetarian restaurant serving extremely cheap food. An apt meal for Wesak (but I already devoured rendang chicken earlier! :P). Brown rice with three dishes only costs MYR2.50 inclusive of tea. A self-service concept, even the children know how to clear the table after eating. The sun beat down relentlessly and we decided to go The Gardens to cool off. Did not buy much at first. Just wandered around Isetan and Robinsons. Then we sat down to the tea time promotion at Austn Chase. Ordered two coffees and a swiss chocolate cake for just MYR16.90. The chocolate goes very well with the coffee! As the coffee joint was just opposite Pasaya, we mentioned Leggie's obsession about their grossly-priced cushions. And speak of the devil, he and Carpe Diem appeared before us! They were both shopping for Apollo's birthday present.


On that day, Coach was having a clearance sale. People were lining up to go in. Mum and SK braved the crowds while I waited outside. In a very short time, I received a message from SK saying that mum found something that she wanted to buy! Wah.... I approached the entrance and I saw that the guard had denied entry to two women who wanted to get in. I walked up to the guard and told him, "I need to go in to pay!". Wakaka. It worked. Well, mum bought a signature handbag and she paid for it herself la from her 4D winnings! With a designer paper bag in hand, one would like to walk around some more. LOL. We then stopped over at Isetan again, and mum and SK both got a pair of Lewres. That oncluded their shopping spree. I think mum nearly maxed out her credit card. Hehe. I on the other hand, only bought a pair on non-slip shoe strings...