Saturday, May 29, 2010

Da Ma Cai Sunday

Mizu I
Swiped from williamnyk.
On Pentecost Sunday, I was at the very last minute roped in to be a hospitality minister again. I'm beginning to think that the Liturgy Group aunty has put me in her reserve list. No untoward incidents, but my sash fell off during the walk away from the altar. That was kinda comical. But not as comical as dropping your pants. :P. Mum had hit Da Ma Cai on Saturday, so lunch was on her. We went to Mizu at Bangsar Village I. The only reason we were there was because we wanted to go to the cobbler downstairs. The sifu (he wears a size 4!) was there today and he was very professional. Hopefully he can save my favourite pair of suede Lewre shoes. After so many years, the stitching's still fine and the leather oh-so-soft! Just that the colour's a bit off now. Mizu has an open kitchen concept and the air-conditioning wasn't strong. So you can imagine that we were sweating under the lights. And since we sat near the drinks bar, it was kinda noisy too. :S. I ordered the sushi moriawase and it came with amaebi sushi. Quite rare. Price-wise, it's quite reasonable and they hire budak Form 3, so you get some underaged eye candy, if you're into that.

Mizu II

Did some grocery shopping at Village Grocer and Giant after that. By the time we reached home, it was time for our Sunday exercise session. Mum went out to jog and I went for my swim. Annoyed at the pesky kids at the pool that day. Diving down from the stainless steel hand rail at the side. It's a wonder they did not slip and break their pesky little necks. Anyway, I finished my laps and headed off. No point hanging around~ no cuties also! For dinner, it was yam porridge with pan-fried salmon steak. That concludes my report for last Sunday.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Let The Fire Fall

During a Pentecost gathering, one guy stood up to speak during a scripture discussion session.

"It is a sign of the times. The end is near. Earthquakes. Floods. Two men hugging and talking of love. Homosexuals. Lesbians. We must always be vigilant!"

A dark cloud immediately descended on my mum's face. Looks like it's still a taboo subject for her. :P. But anyway, I don't see what's wrong with two men telling each other that they love each other. Even Jesus loved his disciples!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gotta Stop

I hate to admit this, but I think I really have too many pairs of underwear. I try to rotate my collection so that none of my babies are neglected and I find that it takes me more than 2 months to see a familiar face. Some I had even forgotten about. Hehe. And I still have unworn stock in my drawers!!! And KH also contributes to my stash. And as for swim trunks, I have 5 pairs at the moment! Although its nice to get an honourable mention (that post of his really boosted the visitors to my blog!), I think really have to stop buying for now. But... before that, lemme introduce some of the newcomers! :P

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pooh Spotted In Cheras

On Saturday, did my usual wet market thing. Thank goodness the crowd was less on that day. The price of vegetables had skyrocketed, so even the wholesalers did not have much to sell. It rained, making it a cool day. After that, I accompanied SK to her TCM follow-up. Think she's making some progress with the practitioner, but his techniques are a little unconventional. The session took longer than usual, so we were late to pick up Pooh and his friend, Donchadh at Hotel Maluri. Traffic also held us up with Cheras being Cheras. Lemme reiterate, I hate Cheras. Jalan Cheras, how I hate you! Cheras signboards, HATEZ! Anyway, by the time we picked up the girls, Carpe Diem was already waiting at the restaurant-- Sim Hap Ke. SK got in touch with Junior and he recommended the place. Just 10 minutes away, provided the road is clear. But, who I am I kidding, it's Cheras we're talking about. OK, OK, no more Cheras-bashing. I've gotten it all out of my system.


Lunch was at 2:00pm. Everyone was famished. Quickly ordered their famous salt-baked clams (found it overdone and not very fresh), bucket chicken (steamed herbal chicken in a big bucket!), stir-fried kai lan, pai kuat wong and salted egg yolk calamari (too sweet to my liking). Service was fast, but food was so-so only. The bill only came to MYR100, so it's reasonable. At least the guys liked the food. Donchadh even ate straight out of the bucket! They closed at 3:00pm, so we moved to Old Taste Cafe just opposite Hotel Maluri. The white coffee was quite thick and fragrant. Donchadh drank like a camel, downing a ximut ping tea and a cham ping in record time! Actually, it was my first time meeting Donchadh and Carpe Diem. Donchadh came to know me through Pooh. He noticed that I always spammed Pooh's BF's (Si Gi Na) FB statuses, so he made friends with me to join forces. Hehe. On the other hand, Carpe Diem and I started through our blogs, then the iPhone app Words with Friends.

Sim Hap Ke

Pooh and Donchadh had a seminar ("How To Have Most Sex In The Least Amount of Time", :P) to attend, so we cut our coffee time short and headed up to their room. The hotel was recently refurbished with hypnotizing batik motifs, effectively hiding its that kind of place flavour. Very clean and the rooms were equipped with flat screen TVs. While they changed and freshened up (Pooh was so shy, no chance to peek at his nips also XD), we lounged on the bed watching "Men In Black". SK was very entertained. I made a joke about Donchadh giving Pooh a massage in exchange for herbal chicken soup and I nearly tasted his flying kick. Penang boys are ganas! Dropped the girls off at Menara PGRM for their seminar and Carpe Diem went to a business appointment. Had fun with the guys. Until my trip to Penang!

P.S.: Zeem, you've been unanimously-appointed as my offical Penang Trip Planner. Please ensure there's plenty of good food, entertainment, shopping and cute boys in the itinerary. :P

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My colleague says that I have a weird habit.

I would stir my cup with my teaspoon although all I have in it is warm water.

Is that so weird?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Curry Chicken Monday

My blue balls ended on Monday. My swimmers were finally emancipated from their prison. Such a relief! I was supposed to take the whole day off, but a surprise meeting with my GM scuttled that plan. So at noon, I came over to his house and fetched him to SK's 'Love Mansion'. Both of us were in no mood to have lunch. On arrival, we started 'rediscovering' what we had forgotten about each other. SK's balcony was open~~ I think we may have scared the neighbours. :P. Post-coitus, I headed downstairs to reheat the lunch that SK had so graciously prepared in the morning. So typical of KH to rest in the room to wait for me to holler! By that time we were famished and hungrily ate the curry chicken (so ngam, KH always takes curry chicken on Monday), herbal soup and salad. After lunch, we were in manja mode and watched a movie or two. KH fell asleep for a while... so cute to find him asleep when I called for him. Before five, we got dressed and went out to Sweet Hut at Kuchai Lama. This time round, I had their Victorian Mint Pudding. I did not really like the texture. The young owners were around that day, and one of 'em asked we thought of the food. Should have complained that they're a bit too expensive. And it rained when I sent him home...

On Tuesday, SK, KH and I met Grat at Societie, Kuchai Lama. We occupied their long couch as it was quite strategic with its privacy curtains. Grat treated us to tea and creme brulee. I ordered the Chamomile-Osmanthus, quite nice really. On the couch, KH was being naughty again. Sometimes we would just phase out of the conversation to steal some alone time. We seriously did not get much time together lo. After Grat left, we went to K3K Benta Kaya. Tried their topee and ki chang. Both were quite good. Fragrant. On the way back to KH's place, I gave him an extra long kiss as he was already flying back the next day. Stayed on his arm a little longer. Really hope that he'll be back in KL soon... Love you dear.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blue Balls

Swiped from The Ambulance.
Ever heard of Blue Balls? According to an old Kinsey sex manual that belonged to my brother, it's said to be a myth. But it's very real for me! I had 'em during my weekend with KH. We met on Saturday for JL's birthday, but only got minimal and restricted 'alone' time during the drive back. Then we met on Sunday during the swim at his place. The pool wasn't that quiet as it was father-son day at the kiddy pool! We were joking about DILFs. :P. The water did provide some cover and of course being near-naked around each other does have its effects! And so, in the end, we were feeling quite restless, jumpy and congested from the lack of 'follow-through'. :S. 'Grounding my swimmers' as Janvier likes to put it. The best solution is to reset the system. How best to reset the system? Let it ALL out! Hahahaha. Have you ever experienced it?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Eat, Swim & Eat Some More

On Sunday, I dragged my tired ass out of bed to celebrate the 9:00am English mass. After that, SK and I went to Lotus, Aman Suria for breakkie. Just a simple meal of rava dosai and teh tarik. Then I went home to change and left for SK's place for a lunch date with LifeBook and Leggie. SK was only at half capacity that day, she whipped up a giant pot of pepper pork stomach soup, stir-fried lotus root with carrots and snowpods and pan-fried salmon with shimeji mushrooms. Her pepper stomach soup was very good for a first try! (there goes my anti-innards pledge). Everyone was super sleepy after lunch. We lazed around in the living room chatting about catching the eye of rich Dato's and saving on years in the workforce. By 3:00pm, the guests left and SK and I went to KH's place for a swim. Tried on KH's pair of rejected white trunks. Not bad la, but the BF says can see skin at the back when wet. :P. Did my 15 laps and tried to jumpstart my freestyle again with the help of KH. His conclusion-- I don't kick well. And so we worked on that a bit at the poolside. He held my torso while I practised kicking. The perfect premise for something skanky to happen? Hahaha.

After my swim, I replenished myself with a sinful Seremban siew pao. Hehe. Dinner was at home with mum, who had come back with famous Ipoh delicacies such as salt-baked chicken, smoked duck and more siew bao! Goes well with porridge. I had also asked Sis to help me buy some Chin Han Guan chicken floss-lotus paste biscuits. Quite novel really. Sigh, just met KH for a while... longing for more of him. He was also was out having dinner with his family. However, with SK's help we had Monday planned out for some quality time! Yay!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Slice of Japan II

A Little Bit of Japan

This is a short continuation from my last post about goodies that SK brought back from her Japan trip. Here are some of the postcards of Japanese woodblock prints that she bought. Cool, right? Framed 'em up with the help of some IKEA ingenuity and its ready to be hung up. The woman on the far right even has one of her boobs exposed. Haha. Perhaps next time she'll buy me postcards of COAT West porn stars or something to that effect. :P

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hock Choon Me

JL's birthday was around the corner. Alex waited until the last minute to get things finalized! Many, many suggestions were thrown around. Knowing the BFF, half of the suggestions would be sampat de. But anyway, DanielH gave a very good suggestion-- Terrace at Hock Choon, Jalan Ampang. A nice cozy bungalow housing 9 restaurants. Definitely a snooty place, but the staff were not snooty at all! JL chose Japanese cuisine, so it was Fukuharu. The moment we stopped the car, we were greeted by a grinning Bangladeshi parking attendant who even opened the car door for us. In the background, one hears Pop Gemalan being piped out from IR1968, their Indonesian restaurant. Cool. KH, SK, LifeBook, Leggie and I were the first to arrive. We were shown into our room-- a glass room that housed their bar. A good choice on their part cause we are quite a boisterous group. We have had our fair share of complaints. :P.


The early bird gets the worm-- our kind waiter fed us edamame and mentai sushi (torched salmon + cheese) while we were waiting for the other fashionably late guests. Feeling bored, we left the room for some camwhoring. Hehe. Quite a lot of interesting nooks and crannies. By 8:00pm, everyone had arrived. The power couple were the last to make their entrance. Was quite shocked that the birthday boy did not show any skin! A long-sleeved shirt on JL is like a burqa! When they arrived, the manager personally came over to greet them and they got shots of tequila, on the house. We weren't on the losing end, as the power couple sponsored a bottle a sake. YES! We kampai-ed to their health.


KH and I ordered the Chef Omakase 8-course dinner and a sashimi moriawase (with salmon belly and chutoro-- as SK told the waiter, "We like it fatty!"). In the course, we were served appetizers consisting of oysters, mentai sushi, beancurd, spring roll and a deep-fried prawn. Next came a clear broth with shimeji mushrooms wrapped in beancurd skin. Then came a platter of sashimi followed by the main course (since the group ordered three Omakase sets, the chef prepared three different varieties to share-- fish, crayfish and soft-shelled crab). Another complimentary dish was the grilled erinnggi mushrooms. Great taste and texture!


As the dinner went on, it was quite natural for the camwhoring and mingling to begin. At one point, Bunny began to yawn and he was found later asleep at one corner of the room. The lights were switched off, and the singing commenced. The birthday cake was called Velvet Rouge as the main ingredient was beetroot. Very red! It tastes better than it sounds. When the lights came on, EarlyGrey's friend suddenly appeared. I thought I was seeing things. That's not the only dessert I had. The bundled dessert in the course dinner was ice cream with red bean, tangerines and a cherry. I had fun camwhoring with that cherry. The rest were busy fiddling with an elephant postcard that you can wiggle your finger through. :S.


Post-dinner, DanielH asked for coffee with Bailey's (he had a bottle stashed in his car, for emergency use in case the engine oil runs low). The restaurant waived the corkage and whipped up a whole bunch of spiked lattes. For the heck of it, they were kind enough to let us try six shooters of rum and Bailey's for free. Hehe. Next, the gifts were opened. SK, KH, Bunny, Froggy and I got JL a Sigg bottle. Most of us left for home after that, but some went for KTV! Hebat. Can be described as one of the best parties of 2010 so far. Food was great, the company was great and everybody had fun. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poke Me

On Saturday morning, mum, sis and my BIL left for Ipoh to go on a JJCM trip. When I awoke, the house was already empty. I took my Iswara Skyline (as my colleagues affectionately call it-- a Skyline converted into an Iswara, I kid you not, :P) for an overdue oil change. SK picked me up from the mechanic's and we headed out to Citrus Park for a haircut. I was the first customer of the day. Found out that my shampoo girl got married on April's Fool! Was waiting for Grat to arrive, but we finished early and he was running late, so we burned some time with my stylist. Did a lot gossiping and FB-ing. By noon, we headed off to Kuchai Lama for our appointment.

Lunch was at Kam Hin. Never tried the dim sum there. Supposedly famous. My verdict-- mediocre at best. The wu kok had a nice filling, but the skin failed. The siew mai was super big! Yummy to sink your teeth into. The har kaw failed due to the skin. They have issues with their translucent dim sum skin. The chu cheong fun also could not make it. Flour taste. I spitted out a modern variety with sticky pak choy filling. Geli!. The porridge? Tasted like plain porridge with added condiments mixed in at the last minute. But I did enjoy one scallop dim sum. That was perfect. But not enough of a saving grace. But still, Grat bought lunch, so I can't complain. LOL.

After lunch, Grat brought us to the recommended TCM practitioner at one of the old shops opposite Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park. Took us some time to spot in between the rows of mechanics and warehouses. It was just half a shop and devoid of patients. Not a good sign hor? We walked in anyway as Grat assured us that the guy's good. Taking off our shoes, we walked past the giant acupuncture statue (the poor fella had a pair of red gauze stapled to his pubes) into the therapy room. SK gave a long account of her medical history and the fella raised his eyebrows. He started work by turning her legs into pincushions. He then placed a heating pad on her tummy and his assistant later came out with two big sticks of incense. She would place the incense near the needles. We emerged from the room smelling like chimneys. He then proceeded to sit in front of his laptop. Then he heard lots of bells and whistles. Was he playing FB games?! LOL. According to SK, he did manage to improve the bloodflow in her legs. Nearly 70% of the muscle and nerve pains disappeared. Hopefully the effect would last for a few days more.

To thank Grat, we stopped by at Sweet Hut to cool down. My first time there also. So many varieties, but most of the stuff there contains milk. So it was kinda difficult for SK. I ordered their famous coconut jelly. Quite expensive but since the stuff is quite novel, I can overlook that. The coconut juice is congealed into a refreshing jelly right inside the shell. Upon serving, they pour in some ice-blended coconut milk and topped it off with some fruits. Finishing the sweet stuff, one can enjoy the natural coconut flesh! Another appointment at night with the BFF, so SK and I left for home to rest up a bit. Thanks again to Grat!

P.S.: Queers at the dim sum place. Queers at the Pappa Rich nearby. Queers on the road. Kuchai Lama is a happening place!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


My last blood profile was done about two years ago and so after marketing one Saturday, I marched myself into Pathlab. The process was painless as the phlebotomist was very skilled. However, I was a bit shocked that she handled blood without any latex gloves on. Errr... She touched the blood-soaked cotton with her bare hands hor... Anyway, I came back on Friday to collect the results and boy were they shocking! The total cholesterol was out the roof!!! Even higher than my mother's! So sad. Luckily, my HDL is high, but then, so is my LDL. Looks like I have to start making some adjustments. It's not like I eat unhealthily to begin with... sigh. Gonna increase my fiber intake wth oats and try to reduce overall fats. No more egg yolks and internal organs. KH tells me to take some nuts too. And of course exercise. Need to fit in more cardio. This would be challenging. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Evil, Thy Name is Barney

Of all the evils in the world, my sister had to expose little Cyan to Barney! The purple dinosaur touted as a "valuable resource to child educationists all over the world". I really have no idea how this purple menace who looks like it had one too many botched collagen implants managed to gain popularity. The kid watches the video at least twice a day. He gets so excited and rocks left and right whenever he hears the theme song. Then he'll find a comfy spot on the sofa and watch it. To him, Barney is gong long, dinosaur in mandarin. And when he sees Baby Bob (a slutty, green female triceratops with way too much mascara), he'll go "Who this? Who this?". Whatever the case, Barney helps us keep Cyan out of our hair for a while. Have to admit that... I on the other hand grew up watching Sesame Street and TV Pendidikan. The younger generation may have been exposed to Teletubbies, Pork Chop and what not. Which children's show did you grow up with?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Did We First Meet?

My little chat with Janvier over lunch the other day got me thinking how my friendships with the BFF started. I don't have the full details but I can remember some bits and pieces. For KH, itu sudah story la. Mentioned it several times already, here and there. Back in those days, KH was known as The Godfather. Why you ask? It's because he was the biggest 'social-slut' back then. He kinda knew everyone. And he was the person who introduced me to the pioneer group of the BFF. It happened on 2007/01/01. So easy to remember, right? At Siam Square, BTS. I wonder if that Thai joint is still in business.

At that lunch party, I met Alex, Apollo, QueerRant, Clay, Harv and Bunny for the very first time. I hope I did not leave anyone out. It was a culture shock for me. I was so naive back then and QueerRant's flamboyant character nearly made me wanna bolt for the LRT station. Kidding la. Hehe. And I still remember KH putting both his arms on my shoulders in front of the GSC ticketing office in BTS and that nearly caused me to freak out ("Get your hands offa me!"). I guess he was already making his move back then. LOL.

DanielH and I met over lunch at Luk Yu Tea House. His treat. Wonderful. Still the most unique person I've met over the years. It's also one of the more unforgettable meet-ups as he brought for a roller-coaster fashion ride at the BB area.

Another person I distinctively remember how I met is Junior. Met him during a YKLS thingy in 2007. I remember picking him up from Jalan Bangkung. He was squatting by the side of the drain.... LOL. After going through the post, it seems that I also met Bibik, Chester, Ry and Joel for the first time on that day too! Oh well. My failing memory...

Think I'll stop here for now. :)

P.S.: Janvier, I still don't remember the first time I met you!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everyday is Mothers Day

Pic by SKOn Mothers Day, we did not do anything specific as a cake (a delicious Green Tea from RT Bakery) was aleady cut on the 5th. The whole thing kinda got mixed up.

1st of May - Mum's early birthday celebration.
5th of May - Mum's exact birthday, but we celebrated Mothers Day instead.

So come the 9th of May, what does one do? Celebrate again of course! LOL. Went to mass as usual, but with the special blessing for mothers of course. On that day, I was at the last minute roped in to become a hospitality minister again. Aih. Made some mistakes as the liturgy was a little different, but anyhow quite ok la. At least this time round I wasn't wearing my eye-catching deep-V chili red top! For lunch, we wanted to go to Delicious. Not keen to jam at MV, so we headed to BVI. Little did we know that it was actually D'Lish and not Delicious. The same group, but heck of a different menu. Took some time to order as what I wanted wasn't available. Ended up ordering Spaghetti Arrabiata and a Spanish Fritatta (the waitress was useless enough that she did not know what it was, but let me tell you that it's a giant omelette with lamb sausages). We ended up sending the Arrabiata back cause it really did not fit the description. Where the f*ck are the capers and anchovies?! You see how well lunch went?

Anyway, we topped it all off with a Peach Pie ala Mode. The pie was amazing. Layers and layers of almond flakes with buttery crust. To burn it off (perhaps 1%, :P), we did some shopping at the Village Grocer next door. I remember that it used to be Cold Storage. So many interesting choices of groceries. Walked over to BVII, but did not buy anything. Paid MYR7.50 for parking! :'(. When we got home, we immediately changed to go out again. Mum went jogging, whereas I went swimming. We later met up at Taman Bukit Jalil, where Sis was there with Cyan too. The little tyke didn't want to go home! Dinner was at a BKT place in Taman Equine. Cooled off with some lychee shaved ice from the 100 Yen Shop. Watched some TVB serials and later munched on some salmon-avacado california rolls that we bought from BVI earlier. Argh. I think I negated my earlier swim. :P.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goodies from the Dead

Stormies prayers
Swiped from JDTX63.
MYR1,000,000,000 for flood mitigaton in Sibu.

MYR50,000 for 363 FELDA settlers each.

Money is being poured out generously at by-elections. Pray that your elected representative croaks.

From the same Sibu flood mitigation article:
"Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, said that education was a sensitive issue that should be kept separate from politics."

Goodness. If this was the case, then MCA would have nothing to talk about during rallies.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Alcohol at Amcorp

It had been some time since my last lunch break with Janvier. I still remember that he was just starting out with The Chief. At that time, I was attending some training course in Petaling Jaya, so he recommended that we meet up at Amcorp Mall's Ume Tei. I still remember being shocked that he ordered sake. After the lunch, I boarded the LRT back to the office and I remember being a little lightheaded. Fast-forward to 2010, SK and I had another lunch with him at the same restaurant. But this time, the main point was to have sake during lunch. LOL. So we sat down to chirashi don, salmon battayaki (you ordered this the last time too!) and mixed sashimi. The cuts of the fish was quite thick and the price reasonable. The chawanmushi was also very smooth and flavourful but it looked really 'tanned'! We finished two bottles of sake and talked till the lunch crowd left. Back in the office, I felt sleepy... either from the alcohol or the sushi rice!!!

Back at the office, it was a colleague's last day after spending four years with the company. We tried to get her to cry again like she did the day before, but it turns out that another colleague cried instead. No wonder she quietly went back to her cubicle. Wishing her all the best in her new workplace! Hopefully things have finally stabilized over at my side. It's not about trimming the fat, when in actual fact, its one of choice cuts that left. Oh well...

P.S.: Bloody expensive parking at Amcorp Mall. And so messy too. I would rather park at The Pavilion!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Just Shoot Me

About the shooting of Aminulrasyid:

"There is a danger that the Attorney General may be influenced by public pressure in deciding to prosecute the Police Officers on duty due to public pressure instead of basing on the facts of the investigations. This is similar to instances whereby innocent victims were penalized or made scapegoats for a crime they did not commit due to mounting public pressure."

I don't think the AG has ever been pressured by public perception. There should be more pressure from the powers-that-be. But anyway, just look at the Kugan case. If emotions did not run high, his death would have gone unpunished. The truth never revealed with their so-called 'investigations' and 'autopsies'. People feel that the system does not protect them, hence some 'sensitive' things must put in the spotlight so that justice can prevail. Well, at least some times.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Note: A bit of a mix up, this comes before yesterday's post. :P

On Sunday afternoon after mass, Sis, my BIL and Cyan joined us for lunch. They had planned to watch Aniu's Ice Kacang Puppy Love at Tropicana City Mall, so we agreed that the lunch venue be there as well. After walking around a bit, we settled on Santini. A restaurant under the San Francisco Steakhouse family. Three of 'em in a row sharing the same kitchen-- Western, Italian and Thai. The food at Santini is reasonably-priced and quite yummy. We ordered some set lunches at only MYR14.90. One gets one main, bottomless fizzy drink and a choice of coffee, soup or salad. Of all that we tried, the Capellini Salmon with Cream was the best. The brocolli soup kinda got a bit bitter when cold. Their lava cake is also superb. At MYR18 you get chocolate of high quality. However, their chocolate gelato was a super let down. Tasted like Kings. So many ice crystals inside. Ish.


At the end of lunch, and 5 refills of iced orange juice later, my BIL complained that his back problem had worsened (he pulled a muscle palying badminton the night before). Hence, he gave us his movie tickets. Rushed up to buy an extra ticket. Luckily they had one seat right behind the original two seats. I did not have much expectation for the movie. Turned out to be OK for a directorial debut. I think I only laughed twice during the movie, but then, it isn't a comedy. A small town love story. I like the cinematography and art direction. The choose a beautiful location. Tronoh if I'm not mistaken. A really small town. Several cameos, but I was kinda surprised that one's face gets to be on the billboard for a 20 second appearance.

We got home in time to send my brother to the budget terminal. By the time we got home, it was time for dinner. Stopped at the nearby food court, Restoran Chew Yang for some chicken satay, claypot loh shi fun, stewed pork and soup noodles. A non-stop Sunday! Luckily I'm on replacement leave on Monday!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Exam Rewards

Sat for my exam again on Monday (replacement leave for Labour Day. :)) and I passed with flying colours. Hehe. The questions did not quite repeat, but still I managed. I have now officially upgraded to a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer for .NET Framework 3.5. Does that mean I get paid more? No. :(. SK waited for me at a nearby cafe and after I broke the good news to her, we immediately headed for The Gardens for some shopping. I had my eyes set on a pair of Democrata shoes, but it turns out that they're too narrow at the toe. That wasn't a problem, as its neighbour brand immediately caught my eye. Tried on a pair of J Shoes and liked it on the spot. Much cheaper and that is good seeing how I had thrown MYR300 down the drain last week.

Next stop, Braun Buffel. SK stopped to buy a beautiful dark maroon wallet for KH. Much better than the boring black.

Moi: Why are you buying the wallet?

SK: Haiyah. I paiseh he bought the VS for me ma...

Moi: Then why you ask him to buy for you in the first place? I buy for you. You buy for me. What's the point?

SK: Everyone happy lo.

Haha. Quite hard to argue with that logic. Hehe. Buy a wallet and you get two bottles of mineral water free. How... rewarding. I would have preferred 10% off.

Then we headed back to Robinsons to shop for a friend's birthday in May. We managed to reverse out my previous shoe bill and combine the purchases to get an extra MYR30 voucher and two free potpourri boxes. Bought some nail products for mum with that. Having finished our shopping list, we headed to Restoran Ah Loy for tea time as we were both feeling hungry (the porridge for lunch had been digested!). Ordered some YTF and economy noodles doused with thick curry gravy. Lovely. That concludes my day out!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mum's Early Birthday Celebration

Swiped from williamnyk.
Mum's birthday is on the 5th of May. Since that is on a Wednesday, we had the choice of doing it on the weekend before or after the 5th. I advised my brother to come back on the Labour Day weekend since the following weekend is Mothers Day, so you can imagine the chaos at F&B outlets. I dunno about other mothers, but my mum is a difficult woman to shop for. Every year we have to crack our heads to think of the perfect gift. This year round, we got her a watch since her Maurice Lacroix is already quite old. With that determined, it's still a challenge to get the right watch. Knowing my mother, she has two requirements for watches:
1) Must be light
2) Must be bling

And so, we decided on a gold Skaagen steel mesh watch with crystal and mother of pearl from Tangs. I tested it with my own wrist, as mum and I have a similar construction and size. Haha. Squarish wrists. With that buy, we got 10% cash rebate and some vouchers. Disposed off the vouchers by buying a black umbrella with a long, slim handle. So dainty with its black lace trim and white stripes. Unfortunately it was defective. I had to go back to get it exchanged some days later. That's Malaysian quality for you.


At first, I planned dinner at Restoran Fook Hin in Serdang, but at the last minute, we went to Restoran HY Tian at Taman Equine due to the heavy rain. Luckily we arrived early, as by 7:00pm, customers were already lining up and eyeing us hungrily. The restaurant is made up of around 7 combined shoplots. The interior is super-oriental with Chinese character wallpaper and every sort of gaudy porcelain. At both ends are stages-- one with a giant painting of Chinese peonies and the other with two mandarin ducks on steroids. The food was quite good, but with all the extra charges, the price became not so attractive.

Dinner was braised beancurd with gourd, steamed scallops with garlic sauce, steamed ngan chong, stewed pork with pumpkin (interesting) and stir-fried lotus root with snow pods and macadamia nuts (love the mixed texture). Throughout dnner, the customer turnover was high with many people bringing in Secret Recipe cakes and liquor (even saw a bottle of Cordon Bleu!). If this is these are the early birds for Mothers Day, I cannot imagine how it will be on the actual day. :S.


Back home, we cut the special cake that SK had bought. Custom-made at a premium. I was shocked. Haha. But that's SK for you. Very generous and sincere. Really cute. It's shaped like a hat with purple ribbons and stars and it even has glitter on it. Marzipan over a SUPER butter cake. Too rich for me. Some camwhoring, gift-opening and it's a wrap! Happy Birthday Mum!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Nat is an ex-colleague of mine from India. Several years ago, my company hired him as a contract staff and we worked together on of my past projects. Some time back, my company terminated his contract and he also moved on to another company. Back in those days, he was quite a good companion, exposing me to much Indian culture. Some days, I would introduce him to local, Japanese and Korean food and on others, he would bring me for chapati and my favourite chickpea curry. Even after he left, he would ping me on GTalk and send me occasional SMS-es. I was invited to his wedding, housewarming and etc, but I never made it. So when he invited me to his daughter's first birthday party, I really couldn't refuse.

Nat: Come for my daughter's birthday party on Labour Day! Block out that date for me. Come after 5:00pm.

moi: Erm, my mum's birthday celebration is only on that night. Can I come for lunch instead?

Nat: Come. Come. Your presence is a blessing for my daughter!

So accommodating. Amazing! And so, I brought along SK as my navigator to Bandar Sungai Long for a simple lunch with his family. Luckily we found his place without too much hassle (but it still took us two short stops to ask for directions). Quite a nice place. Big built-up area and extensive renovation for just MYR320k. His daugther Devi is quite a cheerful kid. Smiling and laughing all the way. No fear of strangers at all! Took an immediate liking to me and SK. We sat down to lunch with Nat, his Astronomer father and brother. His wife Shar whipped up a nice meal of Dry Curry Chicken with Eggs and Yoghurt (it was her first time cooking it and it was fabulous. Gotta get the recipe!), Mango dhaal and sambar. Topped it all off with some crispy pappadum.

Rediscovered my non-existant Indian roots by eating with my fingers. Such a long time since I did that. Devi went running around the dining table but she would periodically stop by to ask for a bite of pappadum from my plate. After we had all eaten, Shar blended some rice and dhaal for Devi. Practically had to force feed her. Her poor mother has to do it 3 times a day unless she cooks something different every day. What a demanding customer! But give her plain water, and she'll drink and drink and drink. Must have been a camel in one of her past lives! By 3:00pm, SK and I made our exit to let the parents rest (and let the baby butchko @ sleep!) a while and prepare for the festivities at night. The whole family came out to send us off. Nat was obviously happy that I could make it. All the best to the young family!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sore Loser

KH recently asked me to install Words With Friends on the iPhone. It's actually Scrabble la. Quite addictive really. Currently, I'm simultaneously playing SK, KH, Janvier and KH's wife in Singapore. At every red light, I'd be thinking of double letter scores and triple word scores. Quite a nice way to survive the rush hour jams. So far, KH has beaten me twice with big margins! Hmph. Always running up tonnes of points with weird words and uncanny placements. Somehow it doesn't feel so bad losing to a friend (Janvier is a demon at these things). It's not that I want KH to purposely let me win, but I was hoping for a little more face from him! Cis.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Exam Blues

Last Wednesday evening, I finished up my studying and quickly registered for my Microsoft exam for Thursday morning. I arrived at the venue early, but there was so error with the system, causing the exam paper to not be downloaded until an hour later. Little did I know that it was a bad sign. I failed that exam! I passed the first section with 960 points, but failed the last section with only 560 points. I need a minimum of 700 points on both sections! Ugh. T_T. The worse thing is that during the registration, I did not apply the Second Shot Voucher-- basically a backup plan to retake my exam free of charge in case I fail it the first time. That's MYR300 down the drain. :(. Sigh. I could have bought a pair of shoes with that money!!! So, I did more preparations and will be taking the exam again (with the Second Shot Voucher!). Wish me luck people!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Jolin Quote Unquote

Remember Jolin? She surprised me over cofee the other day (BTW, she treated. Brownie points!):

"Oooo... I like to go to The Pavilion. So many gays le! All very leng zai one!"

"But I think I better not see so much. Later cannot find BF. :P"


P.S.: SK, please take note. :P