Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A fortnight ago, L2 made a lunch appointment with me. We ended up meeting at Zang Toi's West 57th Street Cafe, The Pavilion. First and foremost, I must commend L2 for his punctuality and he was kind enough to keep us updated on his location. Hard to believe, but a rare trait these days. He took some time finding the place as it's hidden inside Parkson. When I told him that it was on the same floor as the women's lingerie, he was horrified.

"Lingerie!? Where la? You know I don't walk into the women's department!"

But he finally made it and we sat down and ordered. While looking through the menu, L2 was busy commenting about the mirrors more than the food. Apparently he wants me to get him a full length Zang Toi mirror as a housewarming gift when he purchases his dream home. MYR4900. Basket. He claims that the mirror makes him look cute. For that price, it better. Everyone ordered something different. I went with the Spicy Thai Laksa (loads of chicken breast and vegetables to offset the sinful santan), whereas L2 had the Spicy Spaghetti and SK went with the club sandwich (sans all non-IBS-compliant ingredients). The food went down well with the signature fruit punch. Yummy. For dessert, I had the chocolate crepe with plenty of of applemint since everyone donated their's to me. :P.

During the course of lunch, the conversation more often than not touched on the topic of sex. For some reason, talking about the brutal and dirty facts of anal sex did not turn either of us off. But I guess SK was a bit disturbed. LOL. If not sex, then men. Apparently SK and L2 have the same taste in men. Gweilo. Hmmm. A typical tai-tai lunch date. Haha. L2 had a movie date after lunch, so we parted ways (but not before we took a glimpse who he was meeting, so kaypoh.). SK and I did some shopping at MCKY and I bought more undies at Tangs (I can't help it!).

With nothing else to do, I went to work to prepare trace files for my SQL 2008 Compatiblity Lab on Monday. The people at the training center only sent out the pre-requisites on Friday afternoon. I had a hell of a time scrambling to get things right on Friday, but it was not to be. So have to OT lo. Sienz. The required software was quite a challenge to install. Luckily it was a productive afternoon and I got what I wanted. Closed up the office and went home...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pungguk Rindukan Bulan

If you bought last Sunday Star, I'm sure you would have glanced through the acompanying edition of MStar, The Star's weekly Malay tabloid. There's this 2-page focus on our Angkasawan, Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar. The article mentions much about his impending marriage on the 10th of October. Supposedly the 'wedding of the decade', to be witnessed by 100 astronauts from 35 countries! Sounds exciting doesn't it? A good attempt to trump the Siti-Datuk K wedding. Unfortunately, if you look at the photoshoot, he doesn't look like he's on top of the world. Just read his eyes. So pained. It's as though someone stabbed his heart with a keris and twisted it for good measure.

Isn't he looking forward to spending the rest of his life with the woman he loves? Or is he pining for something else? The unreachable castle in the sky....?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Deux Bombes

While I was out from the office, two of my colleagues dropped resignation letters on my boss' flabby lap. He was caught by surprise and immediately went into crisis mode. I must admit that it was impeccable timing as there's too little butter for too much bread at the moment. According to my colleagues, the pair of them had been behaving weirdly for the past weeks. Too many phone calls that needed to be picked up in private. One after another. Apparently both had job offers already. So, Fatty ushered them into the meeting room and tried his usual spiel on them. Brainwashing and planting the seeds of doubt and false hope. They weren't too impressed. So he kept on badgering them and even used my GM as a trump card. Somehow, my GM managed to convince them to stay quite to some of my colleagues' disappointment. It would have been a good lesson for Fatty. Something to rub in his face. Something to make him scramble and wipe that smirk off his face. Heard that the main reason for wanting to leave was money. But my GM did not specifically promise them a raise either. I wonder how long the inevitable can be delayed...

Their immediate supervisor (a peer of mine) was also subjected to the Flabby Mind Meld sessions. Thank goodness I was spared. He just talked to me a bit during a drive to a meeting in KL the next day.

Fatty: I don't get it. Would you be willing to jump to another job for just an increment of MYR500? At least MYR1000 la. After tax and EPF, nothing would be left!

Moi: A raise nonetheless.

Fatty: I wonder if they understand. It's like building a road. We all know that the engineers get paid much more than the roadbuilders. And of course the roadbuilders have to the hard work. Nobody is gonna pay a roadbuilder the engineer's salary. That fact won't change by changing to another company.

Moi: Since the work is just as hard, might as well get paid a little more for it.

And just so happened the topic on radio was about job hopping. The DJ was empathising with the employers and lambasting that employees should not be so rash and change jobs so easily. And Fatty was going "See! See!". Luckily we had reached the venue. No need to talk about it anymore. Ugh. I wonder if there are gonna be any more bumps on the long road.......

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Rich Man's World

The Gaping Maw
Swiped from J J N.
Some two months, Fu already booked me to attend DL's birthday celebration. Apparently, he was afraid of being bored to death, so he invited SK and I to entertain him. Well, I'm glad that he did cause the whole party was one big eye opener. The party was at DL's house in Bangsar. A three-storey monstrosity that has a winding ramp up from the gate at the bottom. Luxury and antique cars greeted us at the porch. We were about to take off our shoes when one of the staff asked us to walk right in. O.o. So we nimbly stepped on to the carpeted flooring and proceed upstairs. His personal assistant bade us to sit and got us drinks. He was a bit disappointed that we declined alcohol. Catering was by Equatorial Hotel and the spread was prepared in the courtyard on the 2nd floor. A nice view of Bangsar and the swimming pool. Kekiasuan yang teramat, we were the first guests there. Sat in the living room for a while chit-chatting with the birthday boy while absorbing the luxurious-ness of the place.

In time, his friends and relatives started trickling in and we moved outside to the canopies. Before dinner started, his nephews projected a multimedia slideshow of DL's old pics and did some some dedications. Dinner was served some time after 8:00pm. Plenty to go around. Salad and mostly grilled food. Dessert and most importantly, free-flow of wine and whisky. During the dinner, we were entertained by live musicians and a Malay singer who had a penchant for Chinese songs. Got to know 2 new friends and of them happen to know one of my di's. Such a small world and with a small degree of separation. DL's brother joined us at the table and regaled us with his stories and love of the drink, but I wasn't quite interested in grown up talk that night, so SK and I moved over to the far-side of the pool watching the other guests. Quite a lot of fabulous friends DL has. All well-groomed and look well-to-do. But I guess that is to be expected.

At 10:30pm, more performances by friends and relatives. His good friend from HK plays a mean acoustic guitar. 20 years of lounge experience I heard. The cake was cut and champagne flutes were knocked together in toast. More multimedia presentations and gift-giving. DL is obviously well-loved by his nieces and nephews and godchildren. And he is proud of them. He freely showers them with kisses and hugs. By 11:30pm, SK and I were quite pooped, so we bade our goodbyes to the gracious host and showed ourselves out. The party was still going strong and the singing getting more energetic. Even DL's elderly dad was still up and giving a thumbs up. An interesting night. Something that I had never experienced before. Life can be so different for a select few. But I'm happy with mine. :). Happy birthday DL!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Pooh Strikes Back

Swiped from SamOwenson.
Mark was in town again the other day for his KL cari makan trip again (:P), so he unilaterally appointed me as his official orginiser. Rounded up some folks that he would like to see for a simple dim sum lunch at Yuen Garden, Puchong Jaya. As usual, the waiters were still as underage, but I think food quality has diminished. Won't be going back there anytime soon. SK and I were the earliest to arrive. And we were both cranky as we did not get enough sleep and had woken up early to do our weekly marketing. The waiters were as young as expected, but no cuties upstairs this time. Blegh. By 12:30pm most of the guests had arrived with the exception of Ichi. It was his first time in Puchong and he did not refer to any maps nor asked any directions before the big day.

Ichi: Erm... I'm lost. At Giant.

Moi: That's Bandar Puteri, not Puchong Jaya. Head out on the ramp and make a right. You should see IOI Mall on your left.

Ichi: Can I park there and walk over to Puchong Jaya.

Moi: No! (if you want to end up as roadkill)

Met Ichi, Joseph and Alan for the first time. Nice chaps. Didn't order too much dim sum. Just ended up MYR10 per person, hardly a carnivorous lunch. It took a while for our engines to get warmed up, but once it was, everything was great. And Mark was evangelising his secret Salmon Oil Sex Diet. And we all thought honey was the key. Definitely worth a try anyway. Contact Pikey if you prefer a 'fresher' and more 'natural' source of Salmon oil. Next stop was coffee at Pappa Rich at IOI Boulevard. Difficult to get to the parking. Stupid roads. Although the shop was hot (hotter still for Pikey who had his back to the grill and the steamers), we chatted there for quite a long time. Joseph and Alan had disappeared a while to 'do some banking' but rejoined us later. For some reason, Joseph was 'smitten' with SK. Haha. Another Dear in the making?

Hopefully, the next time I can make Mark a happy host and visit him in Penang. Ah, the promise of free food, lodging and sightseeing. :P.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Divide Up The Pig

"Anwar promised DPM posts to PAS and DAP says Zahrain"

Of course he promised them something! Don't tell me the BN Coalition members work for free?! No post, no perks, no contracts, no nothing? For the sake of the rakyat? Please la. Distributing the proverbial "roast pork", that's the way politics works. Tell us something we don't know.

Monday, March 22, 2010

10 Things I Wanna Doo-Wop That Thing

L2 tagged me ages ago. But the bun is finally out of the oven, although it's a bit burnt. Don't complain and just chew off the carbonized bits will ya! :P. And Janvier, i'm more receptive to memes these days... specially when inspiration runs low. :P.

1) DRAG - This is high on the list after seeing Magus' and Mother Hen's transformations. I think I can do well. My hiao-ness is quite natural and I need not shave (just my pits perhaps). Just need to find a flattering dress and a good makeup artist. Any volunteers? Hehe.

2) TASTE GEODUCK - DanielH planted this idea into my mind. KH... can I? **puppy dog eyes**

3) WAKE UP BESIDE KH EVERY MORNING - It would be great if I wake up and see KH serene face beside me every morning. I could just reach over and touch his face, give him a kiss. One drawback though, would definitely be late to work at times due to morning skanking!

4) OWN MY OWN PROPERTY - Preferably landed. But real estate prices are so obscene these days and the thought of being bogged down my a home loan is daunting. Is this where KH or a Sugar Daddy comes in?

5) BE A VOICE OVER ARTIST - I could start small, like do voice overs for episodes of Doraemon. LOL. Perhaps I can even achieve seiyuu status one day?

6) NOT NEEDING TO WORRY ABOUT $$$ - Haha. This item seems a bit inverted, but I guess in order not to worry about money, I need to get a lot of money. LOL. Wouldn't it be nice to able to focus on the more beautiful things in life?

7) START AN UNDERWEAR MUSEUM - To showcase the subtle nuances in the beauty of innerwear and its revolution across the ages. :P. Haha. Just a joke. But who knows?

8) UPDATE MY RESUME - I have put it off long enough, and thanks to LifeBook's pushy Project Manager behaviour, I finally did. But I did it needs some brushing up.

9) GET AN ENDORSEMENT FROM MY MUM REGARDING KH & I - Everyone wants their relationships to be direstui oleh ibu bapa. Although it doesn't quite matter, deep down inside, we all still yearn for some kind of acceptance. But I admit, this is extremely tricky.

10) PERFECT MY FREESTYLE - After so long, I think my freestyle has gone from bad to worse. Need a good and patient coach since my coordination sucks. Any takers?

P.S.: (8) is kinda a cheat entry, so I'll say that I really wanna LOSE 5 KGs, and please God let it be from my midsection!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ghey at Wedding

Last weekend, I was invited to 2 weddings, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I declined the wedding on Saturday as it was in the city center and chose the venue nearer to my place at Bt. Jalil Golf & Country Resort. However, I later found out that the wedding banquet on Saturday was quite grand as The Bankers' Club had a great night view of the city and the bride changed into 4 gowns. And you know what? She changed her hair for every gown! I was told that the transformation was so fast that it was though she plopped on wigs. Her stylist must have had some F1 pit stop experience. But it wasn't a total loss for me. The wedding that I did attend did have its own attractions. :P.

Well, the Queer Quotient (QQ) for the dinner was quite high actually. Upon arriving, my dar had pinged a young'n at the lobby. Turned out to be one the groom's relatives. Then a fabulous couple arrived with too many buttons undone and boots and scarves. But the best was the drama unfolding at my table. Two best friends and drinking buddies exhibited very Brokeback behaviour. They frequently fed each other food although they sat at different tables. I was even given the honour of watching them sensually feeding each other chocolates. Superb. On another front, a colleague of mine kept on being assaulted by a guest from another table. I think he grabbed his chest from behind 4 times. Very public. I think his pecs were bruised by the time they served dessert.

Another interesting quote from a usually quiet female colleague:

Coll 1: They're serving the roast chicken and roast duck combination platter next. I don't want the chicken. I just want the duck.

Moi: Why?

Coll 2: She doesn't eat her own kind?

Wham!! :P. I did not expect such a retort from her. Food was average. I guess after waiting the standard 90 minutes, even mediocre food would taste better. Any more Tiger weddings? Sienzzzzzzz...

Friday, March 19, 2010


My hairstylist, KK posed me this question while he was cutting my hair the other day:

"Do you know how to shut a chicken up?"

Shocking, isn't it? Haha. It turns out that his neighbour rears chickens in the backyard and his room faces the reban. And so, KK gets an earful of cockerel orchestra every morning. I gave him the simple solution of KFC-ing the chicken, but he seems to wanna do it the Gandhi way, so therein lies the problem.

He has comtemplated chloroform.

Asked me about possible poisons that can mute chickens.


"How about throwing a monitor lizard or phython into the compound?"

"I think the kids would be eaten too."

So difficult. Straightforward solutions are always the best.

I think he should just get ear plugs. Haha.

Or perhaps he can contact the authorities? But I guess they won't come for just 2 chickens. :S.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family Day

Mum had complained of pain at her elbow and the back of her heel, so I sent her Tung Shin early Saturday morning. CK and SK also tagged along. He had come down from Kajang the night before and we had a nice Japanese plum wine tasting session. Found the wine to be a little mild, so we added a bit of kick to it with Smirnoff. Goes well! Before my mum's turn, I had to endure a straight couple massaging each others' backs and giggling like nobody's business. Felt like whacking the girl with her own crutches, but that's kinda cruel. According to the orthopaedic surgeon, my mum has tennis elbow and her achilles tendon is inflamed. So he prescribed her some arcoxia and medicated plasters and cautioned her against walking on uneven roads and doing heavy lifting. SK got a consultation too for her prolonged shoulder discomfort, but unfortunately she's allergic to the muscle-relaxant. Unlucky!

Breakfast was a Restoran Woo Pin, Taman Desa. Had a big bowl of fish head noodles. After that, we headed home. Later on, mum went out for her society meeting, while SK and I went for a haircut. DanielH was available, so SK asked him to come over and collect his Suntory Beer (before it expires) and belated birthday present. Since all of us had not eaten lunch, we went to Restoran Fook Hin for a VERY LATE LUNCH. Killed two birds with one stone, treated CK nd DanielH to sweet and sour crabs (SK was craving for hai since CNY, :P), salt-chilli mantis prawn (good!), herbal soup clams, fried beancurd and vegetables. Truth be told, we have never really sat down to lunch with DanielH in a small group, so SK dubbed it as a family day-- mummy, daddy and anakz. CK's the Indonesian maid. :P.

DanielH made a few calls to locate some decent tong sui shops in Serdang, but seems that there isn't, so we went to Capri Dessert at Seri Petaling. The journey there left DanielH konked out in the car. :S. And that made SK feel like getting a baby seat for her car. I ordered the bittergourd honey smoothie and we had a long chat right up till dinner time. We made our goodbyes and proceeded home. Mum went to Kota Damansara for a drinking session of her own, so SK whipped up a simple dinner of soba with chicken breast, seaweed and bonito flakes. Completely-drained!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Slice of Japan

Swiped from williamnyk.
Here's a little slice of Japan that SK brought back with her. She even smuggled two boxes of sushi in her handbag. :S. Quite an interesting variety.


A cute piggy cellphone charm that she got from FOODEX 2010 for herself (so cute, had to take a pic!); strawberry and green tea daifuku; edamame snacks (tastes weird); A framed-up Japanese doll she got for my mum;


Sake (drunken party); More sake (drunken orgy); Illy Coffee Powder (caffeine high!); Meiji Milk Chocolates (yummy!);

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cut For Service

Here are some updates about the credit card tax. Good news if you're a Citibank customer. In order to reduce the exodus of its customer base, Citibank has started to offset a fraction of the credit card tax for 2010. They're willing to absorb it all if you do a little something for them. You scratch my back, and I'll scratch your's. Here's the deal:

Call to cancel your card.

Their staff will call you to ascertain the reason of cancellation.

Do tell them it's due to the oppressive credit card tax.

They'll offer you a promotion where they'll rebate you 10% of your credit card charges in the promotion period. The maximum rebate is MYR30.

If you're a cheapskate and decide that you do not want to pay the remaining MYR20 as well, then you can register 2 extra auto-billing accounts for a total cash reward of MYR20.

Voila! The tax has been waived.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knicker Karnival

It's been quite some time since I update my underwear drawer, so I present to you the latest additions to my HUGE FAMILY:

This time round it's more cartoon-y. Representative of a more light-hearted mood I guess. For actual pics of guys IN UNDERWEAR, do visit SimonLover or Takashi's blog. Hehe.

P.S.: Only fresh and unworn undies were used in this shoot. :P

Friday, March 12, 2010

No Left Turn and No Right Turn

What do you call someone who can't differentiate between left and right? Leave a comment if you do. Heck, leave a comment if you don't! LOL.

Why do I ask? It's because one of my juniors at work has such a condition. On the phone the other day:

Colleague: Wei, how do I get to the office?

Moi: From Puchong direction, turn right at the junction. At the hospital, turn left. Go up the the hill then turn right before the tall building. The office is just down the road. On your left.

Colleague: Errr... What left? What right?

Moi: Shit, I forgot. Turn driver side at the juction, then turn passenger side.......

Colleague: Ooooooooooooooo...

She managed to find her way. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Momiji Around The World I

It has been more than 3 years since my last "Gnome Around the World" entry. I suddenly got my interest back (most probably due to the better capabilities of my G11) and I'm introducing a new member to the team-- Silly-Billy of House Momiji. I left her in her box for months and decided to let her take a breath of fresh air. Don't worry, Gnome is still with us. You'll see more of him in the later series. In the title pic, we see Silly-Billy at the Vintage Luna Park, Sydney.

Silly-Billy in Angkor Wat

This is Silly-Billy at Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The beautiful scenery is compliments of CK.

Silly-Billy in Stockholm

Lastly, we see our globe-trekking Momiji in Stockholm's Old Town. I don't remember where I got that postcard from.

Until next time, folks!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday, March 08, 2010


Speeding Car
Swiped from mikeyjay.
About a week ago, I sent SK to the airport to catch her flight to Japan. We had allocated two hours. In usual circumstances, it would only take a little over half an over to get to KLIA from my place. And the good thing is, I do not need to pay a single cent of toll. However, that night was a very unlucky night for me. Firstly, 5 minutes away from the KLIA terminal, I missed a turning. The signboard was located at the fork and it was small and peeling. Typical. That stupid mistake cost me 30 minutes. I had to drive all the way to the MEX exit to make a U-turn. So rushed. I drove at break-neck speeds. I don't understand why it's so difficult to turn back to the airport. If you don't have the time, so mistakes can really make you miss your flight. But, there was a silver lining. Due to the lateness, SK was bumped up to Business Class because Economy was overbooked. That made her 7-hour journey much more enjoyable.

And on the way back, I couldn't find the Dengkil way home, so I ended up on MEX again. I was worried for the whole journey cause I was running low on petrol too. It was a smooth journey until I reached my exit at Bukit Jalil. At the turning, an MPV in front me drove erratically and suddenly made a complete stop at mid-turn! I was totally caught off guard. I swerved the car and barely missed it. My driver side mirror scratched its side and my bumper made contact with its tires. I parked to the side of the road while the MPV stayed where it was. In the car was an elderly couple. Septuagenarians. Turns out that the old man was unsure of the road and he stopped the car to take an incoming phone call! >________________________<". Considering both of us suffered only minor cosmetic damage, we waved each other off. I've been having bad luck on the road these days. Sigh.

Note: MEX = Maju Expressway = KL-Putrajaya Highway. Dunno why they need so many names.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Computer Problems

Note: Strong language ahead. Children below 5 should be accompanied by a guardian.

Citibank Online is nuts. It doesn't let me log in although I key in the correct password.

Information not recognized

F*ck you. (pardon my French)

Information not recognized

F*ck you.

Information not recognized

F*ck you.

Three subsequent "failed" attempts and my account isn't locked. How cool is that? This is my third time encountering such a situation. During the last two times, I reset the password with my ATM pin. At first, I thought that perhaps I was forgetful, but this time I documented the password well and no way it's my mistake.

And so, I did some testing. During the password reset, I purposely keyed in my known password as the new password. And you know what I get?

You new password cannot be same as the current password

F*ck you.

And when I present these facts to their support staff, they treat me like an idiot. I have 7 years of IT testing experience you idiots! Stop giving me lame-ass generic answers. After several strongly-worded replies, they finally relented and asked me to contact their technical support for a walkthrough. You know what? The extension doesn't exist.

F*ck you.

Sigh. Finally, I called their customer service and complained. Turns out that their cyptic Information not recognized message can also mean that you account is locked. Greeeeeeatttttttttt. I just bloody reset the password. I will get them yet!!!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Good Riddance!

Former Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin had this to say when he left PKR:

“In line with democracy, we should embrace differences in opinions but I am surprised why undue pressure is put on those criticising the Pakatan Rakyat leaders,” he said, advising former PKR comrades to fight with clear conscience and stick to their principles.

Let's see him criticise the Barisan Nasional Chairman then. LOL. I'm sure the whip would crack even faster.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

23. A Patchwork of Suneo

Swiped from williamnyk.
About one year ago I did a meme about the 25 facts of Suneo. Now it's 23. I'll try my best not to repeat anything. If all else fails, I'll just resort to creative writing.

- I'm a food processor. I can dump a piece of chicken or an unshelled prawn in my mouth and spit out the unedible parts. I strip meat of bones and even cartilege is not spared. I bloody love the stuff. Sometimes, I down prawn shells as well.

- My mum cut my hair for more than 20 years before I settled on my current stylist. I had saved a fortune on haircuts, only to squander it all later in life. Hahaha. Ever since that day, I've also not used a comb!

- My childhood best friends were a Punjabi boy and two Chindian sisters. I used to play imaginary games with the lot of 'em, but girls tended to be more emo, so I spent time with the boy more. We usually walked around and talked for hours and hours. I lost contact with all of them.

- I only started going for tuition in Form 5. I took Physics, Chemistry and Bahasa Malaysia. Thanks to Mr. Wong, Mr. Hiew and En. Razak. It paid off.

- I like to listen to Oldies. I have a soft spot for the Chinese Folk variety. I had goosebumps listening to the renditions in "I Have A Date With Spring". Bring me to RedBox and I'll no doubt select some Theresa Teng songs. :P.

- I'm a heavy SMS user. I send no less than 15 sms-es a day to KH. And I also like to sampat with other peeps who would entertain me. And this would sometimes result in thumbaches (I text with one hand, I find using two hands so uncool).

- Having sex in the morning is the perfect way to start my day. In my opinion, it feels so much better in the morning. A morning kiss, a morning woody and you're ready to go! It's scientifically-proven you know? Mens Health says that testosterone levels peak in the morning. ^_^. But sometimes, I end up with the sniffles. Oh well.

- I have never had a tooth filling and I'm working hard to keep it that way! But the funny thing is that my teeth are quite yellow. During primary school, a dentist once remarked, "Merokok ah?". :P

- 4 sites dominate my browser tabs - GMail, Google Reader, Flickr and Facebook. And of course some misc. skank sites, but that's for some other post.

- I hate the "aroma" from RotiBoy, St. Cinnamon, Bread Talk and Lovely Lace. It makes me gag! It turns me off!

- I never use a nail file. The sensation freaks me out.

- When I came out to SK, she wasn't surprised. She already confirmed the fact the day that she saw KH with me. Amazing. Her Gaydar is the strongest in centuries. Is she the Prophecised One?

- It feels weird calling KH by his real name. I've gotten so used to using "Baby". Sometimes I slip up and use that term of endearment in public.

- Call me old-fashioned or conservative or possessive, but it really irks me when I hear about open relationships, polyamory and its ilk. I can't even accept KH going for any Happy Ending massages!

- When I sleep, I only require my blanket. The pillow is optional. Clothes are optional. Don't think of it as Linus Syndrome. It's not that bad, k? FYI, I use a patchwork quilt blanket.

- I am a Mang Zang King. Just ask KH and SK. My temper can flare all of a sudden and unfortunately it usually only burns the people who love me the dearest. I'm bad. :(.

- I have very sensitive skin. It all changed during my adolescence. Must be the hormones. Manhandle me and my skin will break out in rashes. So be gentle, k?

- I'm a very messy person. The desk at my cubicle has papers strewn all over. I usually have a "working heap". My colleague once remarked that my desk looks like it was hit by a cyclone.

- I have a long scar on my left foot from when I was a kid. According to mum, dad backed into me with the car. My tricycle and I was dragged under and my foot got scraped by the sand. Since they couldn't tie me down, I jumped around a lot and the wound didn't heal properly and turned into a big scar.

- Ever since I discovered Japanese porn, I have never looked back. So what if their dicks are masked? It turns me on anyway. :P. But SimonLover is trying to convert me with Brent Corrigan. Yet to check him (Brent, not Simon. :P) out.

- I have never smoked before, but I think I had ingested enough second hand smoke from my working stint in Jakarta. Everyday I was bombarded by Gudang Garam clove ciggies. I don't think I will ever kiss a smoker. But that doesn't mean I won't do other things... :P

- When I was a kid, I was a little felon. I stole some cute-sy erasers and a pack of Crazy Eights from the neighbourhood stationery shop. I still have that pack of playing cards. :P. "I direct the jury's attention to Exhibit A..."

- I've only clubbed once in my life, in Play, Singapore. Although it was smoke-free, it didn't really appeal to me (but naked torsos on the podium do, :P). I did dance a little after the alcohol kicked in and I must say it's quite cool kissing your BF in the dazzling lights.

There. Anything new?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Three Musketeers

On Maulidur Rasul, Pikey and Bear organized a YTF lunch with SK and I. And due to some scheduling problems, Pikey decided to collapse his meet-up with Nicky05, Jino and Edw into the same appointment. Killed two queers with one Prada man-bag. A plus point as I had not met new faces in quite some time. Lunch was at Puchong Yong Tau Fu. They recently opened a branch near my place, so we decided to try. Due to the fact that the fellas were not familiar with the Equine-Serdang area (very impressed that Nicky05 came all the way from KL area), lunch was delayed for an hour. I nearly fainted and SK had half turned on her bitch mode. Haha. But luckily there were no casualties. As we sat down to lunch, my ice-breaking (interrogation) began. Turns out that all three of them were still studying. Immediately felt old. Jino and Edw make a cute couple and Nicky05 looked adorably nervous. The food wasn't as nice as expected and the fried beancurd skin had visibly shrunk. So sad. Since SK and I "blamed" Pikey for delay, he picked up the lunch tab. Thanks ya!

Next, we moved to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for some drinks on SK. Easier to talk there and the atmosphere had relaxed a bit. Pikey and Bear wasn't to be found for a long time, so we suspected that they went for a quickie in the toilet. I noticed that Jino and Edw are quite lovey-dovey. Edw would cling to Jino and Jino would whisper parts of the conversation to him in case he missed anything. Jino is the strong, silent type. I managed to ask him about his ubiquitous quote. Go read about it in his meme post. Nicky05 on the other hand.... if you stare at him, he would shy away I guess. Did I look too "wolfy" on that day? LOL. Soft-spoken. A bit nervous. Afraid to be the center of attention. Bwahaha. Couple that with some bangs, u got yourself a cute anak ikan. The conversation was quite wild. Nearly everything under the sun. Bear was kinda quiet, but I guess it's because his eyes boh eng. All in all it was a good first meeting.

P.S.: Nicky05, next time I'll bring you the ________, ok? LOL

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Text Whore

Swiped from cecilgene.
I miss receiving SMS-es from KH on my DiGi line.

It's not that he doesn't text me. He regularly does. But it's on my Starhub line.

If it's on my DiGi line, it means that he's standing on the same ground as I am.

It means that he's home. It means that I can hold him.

Miss you, baby.

Monday, March 01, 2010

LNY VII: How Many Queers Can You Fit Into A Japanese Restaurant

Do you know the answer to the question above? Well, the answer is 14 (16 even if I include the other two queers at the table behind us), if you exclude SK. LOL. For the first time, I organized a BFF birthday party for SK. She's always present at BFF gatherings, kinda like a permanent fixture, and yet it took three years for this to happen. I'm such a bad DEAR. Hehe. The initial plan was for a small, intimate gathering of friends and Dears, but in the end, the turnout was quite good! Nihon-Kai didn't make good their promise on giving us a room, so we ended up on a LONG table in the common area. For the comfort of their other guests, it would have been wise to give us a room. Hehe. Since they did not, they got to enjoy our fabulous-ness up close and personal. LifeBook was the earliest to arrive. He deserves an award befitting such a good gor! The rest slowly trickled in and by 8:00pm, most had arrived. The event was graced by KH & I, Janvier & The Chief, Bunny (he wore a muscle-T that showed off his physique and armpits quite well, XD), Apollo and Ken (the first time I'd seen his other half in years), LifeBook, The Jaylex Foundation (Dear3 and Dear4 respectively), Takashi, CK, DanielH and last but not least Froggie (Dear7).

KH and I came in matching shirts (not pulling a Bear and Salmon, k!) that SK and I had spotted at Philosophy Men. I liked LifeBook's comment that the shirts "were different, but the same". Mine was striped, KH's was checkered, but of a matching colour scheme. :D. However, KH and Apollo came in the exact same cropped pants. Talk about hitting the jackpot. Hehe. The food was quick to arrive, cheap and nice. Along the way, lots of chatting, sampat, camwhoring and such. The usual. SK had a great time taking pics with Alex. He was more accomodating on that night. Must be because it was her birthday. Normally he would make a sad, forced face. However, he even let her grab his pecs this time. :P. There's hope for Brian yet! LifeBook was so sweet, treating SK to dinner and buying her a sashimi moriawase as her 'birthday cake'! After the gift-opening session, we moved to the Pappa Rich nearby. SK bought everyone a round of drinks and even fed Bunny supper! More chattering and camwhoring and we finally called it a night. Most of us retired to our beds, while some went on to MP to check out the "fresh veggies" there. A good party indeed!