Thursday, December 03, 2009


Swiped from JenniPenni.
When I speak, you don't respond. I'm fine with it. Listening is good enough.

When I speak of you, the same silence greets me. I rather you not listen at all.

But will that really make me feel better? Actually, the answer is no.



nase said...

想你的天空下起雨來 沒人心疼的黑夜
臉頰兩行鹹鹹的淚水 是你哦是你
你怎麼捨得讓我的淚流向海 付出的感情永遠找不回來
你怎麼捨得讓我的愛流向海 傷心的往事一幕幕就像潮水 將我淹埋
眼角的淚水洗不去心中 一遍一遍的誓言

orange-wee said...

gambateh~ things will be fine

Little Dove said...


Day said...

If speaking does not work, sing...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, careless words might hurt more than silence ever would...

This I learnt first hand..

Just take things easy ya bro.

Janvier said...

Speaking of you to whom?

But better to let it out then to suppress it in!

Cheryl said...

apasal ni dear? hugs

nicky05 said...

What happen lol???
XOXOXO from me....

Love me by:


will, wat happen? u knw u can always talk to me by jst a ring on my phone~

be strong ok? cheers

William said...

I tried putting that chunk into babelfish and all I got was babble! I'll have to get someone to translate for me. **hugz**

That comment put a smile on my face!

Sometimes I keep silent too much. :)

Thanks L2. :)

Thanks guys. I'm OK le. An old issue. It comes back once in a while. Maybe cause of my impatience too... Should let things sit a while.

Evann said...

omg that picture ouch ouch ouch!!!

TZ said...

take it easy dude... don't be so sad :)

Bengbeng said...

i tot Nase was a banana. Will, take it easy ... take care

Gratitude said...

You are too smart to be outwitted! Stay sane ya and try to have a good weekend, else call me for some comfort food. hehe ^_^

William said...

Looks like piercing is not for you!

I'm ok. Happy even. :D

Haha. You'd be surprised.

Hehe. Thanks. What else in your repertoire?

pikey said...

Hmmm.... let's make the person talk again...

William said...

He talks, don't worry. :P

conan_cat said...

aww, this is very sad. :(

there's nothing that hurts more when you're trying to let the other party know how you feel, and they just don't want to listen. plain not want to listen.

very ouch.


William said...

Listen, but not act on it. Heh.

Takashi said...

deep meaning... and i didnt know nase can write chinese!!!

(i always thought of nase as being angmoh-ish :P)