Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Right of Way

Swiped from PedjaP.
Ever since the road connecting Jalan Mega Mendung and Taman Esplanad was opened, the numbers of cars that ply that road have increased at least two-fold. Your's truly uses it to cut from OKR to Bukit Jalil. However, that road is quite narrow (due to the infamous road shoulder that was built and teared away and built again by DBKL over the years) and ridden with potholes and traffic lights, making it a Hell to use, especially on Thursday-- night market day. And so, being an ex-resident of OUG, I know shortcuts through the housing area to avoid that jam during rush hour. I usually cut through Taman United to get to Jalan Hujan Emas, a road that is kinda parallel to Jalan Mega Mendung. It's one long, straight road that is full of crossroads. In this month alone, I had two close shaves with motorcyclists on that road. Never in my long years had I encountered such idiotic people on that road.

During the first near-accident, I was approaching a junction with an Alphard that was waiting for me to go past. Little did I expect, a stupid motocyclist just zipped out from the side. I slammed on the brakes but I did not stop in time. Luckily the motorcyclists realized that he overshot the junction and stopped just in time. If not, terbanglah dia. The latest incident happened during a heavy downpour. It was at another junction and I was slowing down because an Iswara zipped across the road in front of me. In my mind I was thinking if there were any more idiot motorcyclists. As I drove though that junction, an IDIOT motoyclist did speed into my vector. He was so fast that by the time I had noticed, the side of the bumper had already banged into his rear wheel. God smiled on us-- the motorcycle just wobbled and he did not fall off. Both of us stopped at the roadside and by the time I got out to inspect the damage, he had already left the scene.

Unfortunately, SK's car's bumper was scratched and the bracket got busted in. :(. DBKL should really put more stop signs and speed bumps. Everyone thinks that it's a "straight road". A "straight road" to the afterlife if you don't stop and look left, look right! Drive safely people.


Bravebear said...

Driving can be a rollercoaster ride...

nicky05 said...

Be careful wo "IF" next time ....heheheh..XD

Alex said...

Malaysia is a dangerous place for drivers! Always beware even though you thought you know the place....

Little Dove said...

Motorcyclists can become very irritating on the road. The car horn comes into heavy play during encounters with these people. I call it defensive driving. It happened to me too, car got damaged. Sad for SK's car. :(

Takashi said...

dont u wish u ran over him?

SJ said...

i just passed my driving

A smile from SJ =)

William said...

Up and down? It's more left and right. :P

Too many "if"s!

Yeah, sometimes cannot avoid it!

I had no time to horn. :(

I would hate to have to scrape his remains off the tires.

Drive safely!

conan_cat said...

aiks, thats why i so scared of motorcylists on the road, some of them really drive like the road is theirs, gah! yeah, careful driving, especially raining!

p/s: eh u at OUG area?? @__o whr u stay now oh? i stay at oug for the first 8 years of my life then sri petaling for the next 15 xD

William said...

Motorcyclists drive as though the traffic laws do not apply to them. Hehe, I stay at Puncak Jalil. Near your place also la.

Bengbeng said...

you live in a jungle. take care willian. oso merry xmas william from suneo hehehehehehehe