Monday, November 30, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

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Here's the latest addition to my collection of knickers! (my drawers are over-occupied so some of 'em have to be squatters now!)

1) Felix the Cat from Toot (compliments of KH ***MUACKS***)

2) Dugas

3) War is Terrorism from Forbidden (compliments of KH ***MUACKS***)

Hehe. Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Benefits of Swimming

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I don't know about you, but I'm usually horny after my weekly swim. Kakaka. (Jangan fikir bukan-bukan, no woody in my trunks le, but different case if KH's in the pool too, :P). Increased blood flow? Sign of improved health? Release of feel good hormones? Or just plain horniness on my part? (likely to be psychosomatic, :P). Might be a combination of factors. Who knows?

So, are you horny after exercise or gym?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Yuen Garden Gabbing

Wu Kok
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I usually attend Mandarin mass on Sunday mornings, so it's usually off-limits to social gatherings. But this time round, mum wanted to attend a talk at the Kwang Tung Association, so we celebrated the Eucharist on Saturday evening instead, so she had Sunday morning clear. And so, seeing the wonderful opportunity, I asked Gratitude out for a dim sum breakfast at Yuen Garden, Puchong Jaya. So nice of him to say yes although it was already 3 weeks in a row for him eating there. I would have said no in a heartbeat. :P. The place was easy to find since it was so large and can be seen from Jalan Kenari. We ordered most of the classics-- siew mai, ha kau, wu kok, char siew bao, chu cheong fun, loh mai kai, fung chaw and pai kuat. However, out of those, one could taste the flour in the chu cheong fun, the char siew bao and wu kok was not fragrant enough. And come to think of it, Anton did not get to eat his egg tarts. We washed it all down with tea (茶王). Gratitude showed me the waiter that Pikey was salivating over. He really likes 'em young!

Siew Mai

Everything under the sun was discussed-- dowager management, friendship, love, psychos on the net (no doubt I am one of 'em), charity, religion... Having enough of tea, we moved over to the Old Town Kopitiam nearby to continue. The place was tastefully-decorated. It was nice sipping kopi c on their comfy sofas and having the cool breeze on our faces. However, the service was a bit sucky. Gratitude also brought me a sample of his steamed yam cake and steamed pumpkin cake. Deliciously-made with the famous variety of Klang yam. According to him, the chilli sauce tasted a bit off, but it was great anyway. Saying our goodbyes at around 1:00pm, I headed for home. Rested a while before deciding to go out for a swim at 4:00pm. Only managed 75% of my target and my freestyle still sucks. The weather was still acting up. Neither wet nor dry. Frustrated, I just swam in the light drizzle. Mum jogged in the drizzle too. Dinner was a satisfying meal of Bario rice, stir-fried snakehead slices and vegetables. The end of another weekend....

Yam + Pumpkin

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fong Lye

Twilight Kids
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On Saturday, I woke up at 6:30am to get ready to send SK and Apollo out to KLIA for their trip SG. Why am I not on that flight you may ask? Well... I'll try to arrange something in December. After sending them off, I still have to resume my wet market duties. Met up with my mum at Taman United market and we later continued on to OUG. Strangely, Taman United was a far cry from the usual hustle and bustle. On the other hand, OUG was really horrible. The whole place was jammed up more than usual. People were double-parked indiscriminately. At bottle necks, we see cars blocking the way and people not giving way-- ultimately causing deadlocks and arguments from the drivers' seats. I really cannot grasp why some people who know that people are waiting for their spot, can take all the time in their world to load and unload stuff and end up not telling people that they actually do not want to leave in the first place! Nothing special this week, just some pesky UM kids asking for "sponsorship" for their Chinese Cultural Night. Blegh. I shoo-ed 'em off.

Glass Noodles + Chives

Without much time to spare, I showered after arriving home and immediately went out to The Gardens to meet JJ, Bunny, Azzuro Hyperion and Nivlac. As Rich was around too, I invited him to join us at Fong Lye-- a Taiwanese restaurant. When it first opened, one had to queue to get in. I never bothered. Thank goodness people have finally came to their senses. I ordered the Tea Smoked Duck with Glass Noodless. The soup is quite nice with chives and minced meat, but the duck... I know it's smoked, but I could not taste the tea. Did some catching then group parted. JJ wanted to make rimless spectacles, so we went along to give our opinion. He was hoping for an 'indestructible' pair, but seriously clumsy or ganas people should not use rimless. Then, JJ shopped for a belt and we had a nice 'debate' on selecting belts. Phew! As they had to leave for Melaka, I also made a move lor.

Tea Smoked Duck

Mum had boiled some snakehead fish soup, so we had some before going for sunset mass. It was raining cats and dogs, so as expected, LDP and Federal Highway was chaotic. We did some shopping at Jusco Taman Equine after church and dinner was just more soup and half a chicken floss bun. Not much appetite these days... dunno why...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gaga over Gaga

Note: Forgive me if this a bit outdated. Album baru pun dah keluar!

OMG. Save me. I'm addicted to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" music video. It's so addictive. It's so quirky. For some inexplicable reason, I find the scene where she emerges from the limo to her mansion and to the point she dances like a broken marionnette on crutches so captivating. The more I watch it, the more I draw comparisons with No Doubt's "It's My Life". Is Gwen Stefani the first to portray a murderous glam vamp in knickers and lotsa jewellery? Entahlah. Anyway, it's fun watching Lady Gaga... but I wonder how long she'll be staying around. Can she survive till Madonna's age? We'll see...

P.S.: I have a colleague that has hair like Lady Gaga (from "Disco Stick"). I feel like getting her an over-sized diamond-encrusted thunderbolt earring. :P.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday: Final Wave

Tissot I
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Surprise! Surprise! I still have more birthday gifts to blog about! If you noticed, I did not tell what KH gave me... This was because his gift was belated. But it was well worth the wait! On his last trip to KL:

KH: Come over here baby. Sit beside me over at the bed.

Moi: K.

(...KH faces me...And kisses me deeply, leaving me breathless and wanting more...)

KH: I love you.

Moi: I love you too... (...My eyes closed...It barely escapes as a whisper...)

(...KH takes both of my hands and brings them together...I find my hands cradling a box...)

(...I open my eyes and see KH smiling at me...I look down at my hands...)

Moi: OMG!

Well, maybe it didn't happen like that. Hehe. Tone it down by 75%. And reimagine it again. But it doesn't take away the OMG factor. Holy crap, KH got me Tissot Men's T-Classic PR50 2000 Chronograph! He had ordered it off Amazon some months ago I suspect when he was shopping for a watch for himself. He did show it to me at the time and asked me for my opinion. I gave him a positive comment and that was rare cause we have different tastes. He decided to get it for me because my Tommy Hilfiger watch (last year's birthday gift!) was giving me grief even after 4 attempts to fix it. It's just too sensitive, but it still ticks la. Anyway, I like the watch very much! Thanks baby!!! ***MUACCKKKS***.

Tissot II

KH and I were at Isetan, so I had the watch chain adjusted there. The saleswoman was amused when KH told her that the watch was purchased online and she began a tirade about it being authentic or not and started to compare the price. She showed indifference, but as we left, her subordinate rushed over to whisper to us.

Can you give me the website? SMS it to me, k?

My gaydar was already pinging and I was wondering if he was interested in the website or my boyfriend's number! Oh well... :P. Another surprise belated gift I received was from Apollo. He presented me with a classy stainless steel pendant with vinyl necklace from Bausch K.! It came in a very classy box. Thank you very much! And so, my 29th birthday celebration comes to a close! Thank you for watching!

Bausch K.

P.S.: Thanks for letting me jemur nyawa a bit. :P.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dowager Doldrums

According to the Ten Commandments, one should Honour Thy Father and Mother. I'm all for that really. Filial piety is something that is quite inherent in our society. As children, we try our best but I guess nobody ever said it's gonna be easy. Lemme explain to you my complex relationship with my mother. I'll use a parable. Hehe. My mother is like a an active volcano that will erupt at any time and I'm the peasant tilling the soil at the base. The soil is rich and the crops are abundant. The harvest is plenty. However, the volcano is restless. Without warning, it could erupt and spew hot lava and ash. All doom and gloom. And the poor peasant has to run for his life and have his crops burn down into nothing. When things cool down, the peasant moves back in and starts anew.

I have been living with my mother (just her and me) for many-many years now. The rest of my siblings have always been away from home. I have been trained to the point that I can smell the "sulphur". She is "difficult" at times, but I have learned to handle that. I have trained myself to be patient with her. I have learned her style of reasoning (part of it anyway). I know how she likes things done. I tell myself not to react instinctively. To ignore. To smile. To smoothen my voice. To say it in a better way. To the point that sometimes, I find myself a bit fake. But what to do, that is the price of "peace" at home. I cannot live in an environment of simmering tempers, cold wars and walking on egg shells. So in order to make myself happy, I have to keep her happy. Oft times I give in. Is parental love like this? This post doesn't sound quite right. But it is what I feel sometimes. I really wish for peace. Sometimes I feel that she is giving herself too much pressure. She says she has let go regarding a lot of things, but I know it is not true. Sigh. I wonder how she sees me? What is a son to do? Ryan and Gratitude friends tell me to put my foot down, but I just can't do it at times....

P.S.: How she's having a "drama" with my sister... >_<"

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Swiped from LAU.
Note: This is a follow-up from my visit to DiGi's Customer Service Center at BTS

Whenever you call DiGi's helpline, you get this:

Dear valued customers, thank you for your continuous support!

I'm beginning to wonder why I supported them since my uni days. Let me walk you through their IVR (not "Interactive Voice Response", but "I Very Riled"):


{Stupid welcome message. A total waste of time.}

Press 1 for information on your account
Press 2 for reload
Press 3 for service change
Press 4 for product information and to speak to customer service team


Please hold the line.

To listen to the next announcement in current language, press 1.
Press 2 to listen in Tamil.
Or press 3 to listen to Bahasa Indonesia.


Please press 1 to check your PUK number, to request or change your TPIN number.
Press 2 for mobile number portabilty inquiries.
Press 3 for DiGi's latest promotions, products and services.


Press 1 for information on what's hot.
Press 2 for DiGi's prepaid products and services.
Press 3 for Digi's prepaid rewards.
Press 0 to speak to our friendly DiGi consultant.
Press * to go back to the previous menu.


{Empty promises!}

The idiots have promised to call me back in 24 hours for the third time now (all I got so far was a lousy SMS saying that the case is being attended to, DUH!). How hard is it to tell me what is taking them so long to register my credit card? Ugh! Did you guys notice that they have hidden the option to speak to their customer service consultant? Terrible right? Can I shoot a YCF for every day that they deprive me of decent customer service???!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Thai Odyssey

Remember the Thai Odyssey voucher I got as a birthday present last September? from EarlGrey and Daemon? I'm sure you don't. Saje tanya. Haha. Anyway, since it has a validity of 3 months, I decided to quickly use it when I had the time. So, last Sunday, SK and I went out to MV at 11:00am. Upon reaching the place at P2, the friendly transgender customer service personnel at the counter scrutinized my voucher and declared that I had come to the wrong place. I should go upstairs to L2. Without asking further, I did so. Upon reaching the branch at L2, I was greeted by another friendly trans-gender customer service personnel (I suspect she's a Malay pretending to be Thai). She squinted at my voucher and told me to come back at 12:10pm as all the rooms were full. So, SK and I went around aimlessly, trying to kill time. At about noon, SK decided to go for the Malaysian Association for the Blind massage next door while waiting for me to finish. When I got back to shop, the girl asked to see my voucher again.

Angelina: Errrr.... sorry sir. This is actually for downstairs, P2. You cannot do it here.

Moi: What?! I came from downstairs!

Angelina: (making a call) Sorry sir... you have to go downstairs.

Moi: Go up, go down. How many times ah?

Angelina: Sorry sir. I booked a 1:00pm appointment for you there.

Moi: (stink lines coming out of my head)......

It was so boring waiting for time to pass. I took some random pics and went downstairs. The friendly trans-gender customer service personnel admitted that her she looked wrongly and apologized profusely. Must be the dark interior! She quickly ushered me to the side. Even 3 cups of their tea couldn't really console me, but what the heck, I was there to enjoy the massage. I calmed myself down and proceeded to the Thai traditional massage session. Had to change into their over-sized pyjamas first. Never tried it before. And I must say that it really helped soothe the muscles that we normally do not notice.

She really hit the spot with the rigorous stretching. She nicely stretched my glutes that were kinda sore from the bed sport the other day. :P. By the time the massage was finished, it was already 2:00pm and we were famished. Lunch was at al-Esfan. Just a simple meal of fried noodles and fried chicken. Lifebook and Leumas couldn't make it, so we just walked around a bit more before leaving for KH's place. We sat around at his condo's pool-side. The weather was nice, but I did not bring my trunks, so I borrowed his old white BODS trunks to restart my swimming routine. Asked SK to camwhore us a little (definitely not Polo Boys material). Hehe. Just managed 10 laps before the rained started pouring. Then we went upstairs to chat a bit more and see my in-laws.

By 6:00pm, we left KH's place to buy some groceries at Central Hypermarket and have Dui Dui Mee (it's just some pan mee, hehe) for dinner. My mother was supposed to arrive at 11:30pm that night, but her flight was delayed. Flights out of Kuching are always delayed for some reason. Well, since she would only come in at an ungodly hour, we arranged to have my car at her friend's place so that she could drive home in the morning. So, SK and I had a quick supper at al-Madinah at Taman Esplanad before heading home to zzz....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pioneer Di's Birthday

Cakes Galore
Swiped from williamnyk.
The next morning, I was sniffling like nobody' business. A common symptom after a hard night's work and lack of sleep. :P. By 10:30am we were out to Puduraya for KH to buy his bus tickets. Immediately after, we rushed to Jase's belated birthday lunch at Zipangu, Shangri-La. I failed miserably as the event planner-- bad response, though it was delayed by a week. Ended up only KH, SK, Takashi and I attended. As usual, I gorged on the fantastic spread of sashimi and other seafood. But this time round, I was kinda disappointed by the quality of the salmon and raw oysters (look dehydrated!). Before leaving the hotel, we went around cam-whoring again. We ended up at the bakery there-- Boulangerie. A quirky place of stacked chocolates, pretzels, giant lollipops and dildo-shaped candy and manned by a Queen of a waitress:

Welcome to Shangri-La Booooooulangerieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... How may I help you?

She said that all in one breath. Amazing. And another great quote from her (overheard):

Itulah beza di antara Lelaki, Perempuan dan Pondan!

SK left the shop with pretzels and giant macaroons! They're so super sweet and artificial-looking. Blegh. Settling that, we sent KH back to his home and proceeded to church for the sunset mass. SK was supposed to watch Rhthmic Roots with LifeBook, but the traffic on LDP and Federal Highway was horrible due to the rain. Deciding not to brave the jams, we found our way to Old Klang Road to have teochew porridge at Restoran Peng Wah. Having warmed our bellies, we went along the road window shopping for electrical appliances for SK's new place (rented). Luckily, I managed to see KH again that night. Coffee, eggs, sausages and tong sui at Hailam Kopitiam, Kuchai Lama.


Sitting there with KH was fun enough. Being silly with each other. I think SK is already numb to our antics. We were there until closing time. Just had a little time to snuggle with KH in the backseat before the car arrived at his condo. Good night baby...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Comes Early II: Food Fix

Morning came and we stayed in bed till late. It's great waking up beside KH's warm body and getting a morning kiss (and woody, :P). It was too cold to leave each others' embrace and go down for a morning swim! So we skipped that and made the best of the luxurious stay in Parkroyal, had a small bite of breakfast and coffee (Nescafe Gold 3-in-1 from YKLS the night before). The boyfie was for some inexplicable reason singing "月光光" from yesterday's performance! Creepy! Since our appointment with Apollo and SK was at 1:00pm, we wandered around Bukit Bintang for a bit and KH managed to shop at F.O.S. Not too long after, KH was getting a bit cranky and tired (too exhausted? LOL), so we went to Crystal Jade to wait for the rest. Feeling hungry from our "earlier activities", we ordered up a storm of cold chicken marinated with wine, fried rice with prawn, chicken and ham, steamed pork dumplings with chives and xiao long bao. Halfway through, Apollo and SK arrived. Lunch was settled within the hour and our next stop was Sungei Wang to visit Apollo's friend's fashion boutique, My Closet. He was supposed to check out some man-bags there, but SK was the one who ended up shopping there (This is a very common scenario with her!). It was fun seeing her play dress up and the designer himself was amused to see her mutilate his creations. Hahaha. Queer eye for the straight girl (but Janvier may contest that). Over there, Rich (congratulations on graduating from your make-up course!) joined us and we went over to Pavilion.

We were supposed to watch "2012", but the tickets were sold out. No other movie appealed, so we walked around aimlessly instead. And for some unknown reason, Tangs gave MYR50 worth of vouchers to SK, and so, she did MORE shopping. It was difficult for her to decide what to get. It's such a bore when you're forced to buy something. LOL. We left just in time to join the Friday jam. At about six plus, we arrived at Bao Xiang, Puchong Jaya for dinner. Unfortunately, Gratitude couldn't join us due to work commitments. We ordered five varieties of meat-- cartilage, belly meat, stomach, intestines and lean meat. Ate to our hearts' content and cam-whored after. Later in the night, we gathered at my place for a round of Choya, mamee, sunflower seeds and cashew nuts. As the plum wine went to our heads, we started telling funny stories and gossiping. Hehe. By midnight, we were back in bed and all over each other...

Bao Xiang

Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Comes Early I: Moaning in the Room, Singing on the Roof

Swiped from edith.
Thanks to Dato' Tony Fernandes, mum and her friends flew off to Kuching for a short trip with her friends on Thursday morning. And so, recognizing a golden opportunity, KH also arranged a trip back to KL on the same day. As I sent mum off at the departure hall in LCCT, SK and I had a long breakfast at Coffee Bean. After an hour or so, I went to the arrival hall to welcome KH into my arms. Everyone had a very early morning, so we all headed home to rest first. Later, SK brought us out to lunch at Restoran Goon Wah as KH was complaining that I did not bring him on makan-makan trips in KL. Hehe. She then fetched us to Suria KLCC as I needed to pick up some makeup for a Mel. There wasn't quite anything to do there, so we took the PUTRA LRT to Dang Wangi and had a long walk to Bt. Nanas Monorail. KH was complaining about the "interchange" as we needed to walk about 10 minutes (that's KL public transportation for you). Luckily for us, 100% of the walkway is now covered as it was raining cats and dogs. From there on, we stopped at Berjaya Times Square and I settled some stuff at the DiGi Service Center. Feeling tired from all the walking, we stopped for a Banana Royale at Baskin Robbins. KH was sulking a bit from the fact that I had to take a couple of office calls... Hehe. Sorry baby.

Hu Tong

Finally, we headed over to Parkroyal to check into our room for the night. It was a complimentary stay from one of the travel memberships that I was psyched into getting. As the place was over-booked, they upgraded us to a room with 2 queen-sized beds. From our room, we could see Sungei Wang, Berjaya Times Square and the monorail zipping by (but not quite low enough that passangers can see us shagging). After freshening up, we went to Lot 10's latest food court, Hu Tong for dinner. YTL invited 10 famous hawkers from around town to set up ship there. I had the beef noodles from Soong Kee. MYR5.80 for about the same portion, just that they are really stingy with the soup. And after years of doing things manually, the old uncle had to struggle with a POS system. CKT was at MYR7.00, but it was nothing to shout about. Super oily. A quirky female tourist from Hong Kong kept on asking us about the food that we were eating and giggling at the same time. >_0".


Having had our fill, we walked around at the new Isetan Food Market. It's just like Cold Storage, only more Jap. At 8:30pm, we headed up to the spanking new Actor's Studio on the 8th floor to catch YKLS' Rhthmic Roots. No clear signage. But past the parking corridor and corrugated zinc walls, one is welcomed into another world. We immediately went to the front desk to collect our tickets. It took us fifteen minutes because cute little Janvier decided to address the tickets under my chinese name. That evil man. The performance was a solid 45-minutes. Zero narration. I had to guess what they were singing most of the time as I did not buy the programme book. It was cute seeing Janvier and The Chief on stage. The last YKLS performance I saw was 2 years ago and I think that was the first time I met Joery, Azzuro Hyperion and Bibik Nyonya. This year's show was a bit weird with Great Easter Life agents prowling the front desk and Nescafe Gold hampers being given away via lucky draw at the end of it.

Lot 10 Makeover

At the end of the show, we just met Janvier and The Chief briefly to congratulate them. Before leaving, we explored the rooftop briefly-- Celebrity Fitness (PLU central), Rootz (a club that seems to attract many women in slinky dresses and high heels) and Teeq (Zang Toi's latest restaurant). KH and I had a nasi lemak supper at a mamak shop behind Sungei Wang before heading back for a warm soak in the tub. The water washed away fatigue and we melted into each others' arms. It had been too long...

P.S.: The idiots at DiGi still owe me!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Colours of the Wind

Bouncy Ball
Swiped from Stuart Zero.
Racist comments from “one or two Umno leaders” should be ignored because the majority of members in the party are not racists, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The Umno president stressed that the party’s policies had always been fair, inclusive, democratic and open.

The problem has been acknowledged. The persons have been identified. So why stop at that? Why have a law if you're not gonna enforce it?

At the end of the day, I feel that Umno needs those leaders to make sure that they can satisfy all of their grassroots. Some like racists. Some don't. Of course, the President would have to appear statesman-like, speaking for the masses, but he'll still need "those" people to help him say what he can't say. He'll "chide" them. Ask you to ignore them so that the party can stay "racist-inclusive"? A usual situation:

The good news always comes from the Prime Minister. The bad news, that's left to his deputy.


Friday, November 13, 2009


Swiped from Shamsiye.
Ever since my system went live some months back, the senior management have been pushing for some interfaces to other systems. The thing is, after attending several discussions, it is quite clear that the business aspect of the interface seems to be ridden with obstacles. For obvious reasons, everyone wants to protect their turf, hence, the less impact the better. Well, the customer project manager for my system is a very shrewd woman (lets call her Mother). Her background in consultancy firms, bulldozer strategies and buddy-buddy relationship with the COO make her a force to be reckoned with. This story takes place after around three or four meetings with the other system (lets just call them Vendor X). The ball had fallen back into my court:

Mother: From the last meeting, it was said that Vendor X cannot interface to the Host, hence we shall look for alternative's at our end.

(........... lots of ding-dong ............)

(........... no conclusion on which point to interface ............)

(........... no conclusion of how much data to exchange ............)

Vendor X: (an Indian with an annoying British slang) I think, you're not ready to talk to us. You don't even know what you want. After you're done. Then call us in. I think it is a waste of time.

(........... shocked ...............)

Mother: (with flint in her voice) In that case, IT please take note that Vendor X should continue to explore interfacing to the Host. I think that they shouldn't go through us to get the information. Do whatever research you need. The system is there. Get the data. I think that is the right approach.

(........... chaos and panicky chattering at Vendor X's end ...............)

(........... my skinny boss smiles at me and I knowingly smile back at him ...............)

(........... the ball is back in their court, hehe ...........)

Lesson: Gajah lawan gajah, kancil mati di tengah. The mousedeer should stay out of the way when elephants are fighting .. or it might end up splattered in the middle....

(Keep your mouth shut and stay out of the way when titans clash)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, my letter has finally been published in the October 2009 issue of Men's Health. As requested by Little Dove and the rest, here it is. Truth be told, the monsoon had me out of the swimming pool for a month now!!! Must swim today!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Close One Eye

The AG Report has come and will be gone again soon... Until next year when the Government can flaunt the fact that public funds are blatantly being "wasted" (I guess something does not go to "waste" if it accidentally falls into someone's pocket) and the Government basically implies that:

1) there's nothing that YOU can do about it (unless you vote their ass out)

2) there's nothing solid that THEY will do about it (everyone's gotta eat, right?)

Insulting, right? And don't forget that there may be cases of "honest mistakes". Everyone makes mistakes right? Yeah. I call that incompetence. And so, we hear in the papers that the Government can take:

They are: surcharge under the Financial Procedure Act 1957; disciplinary action under Chapter D of the General Orders Public Officer Regulations (Conduct and Discipline) 1993; civil or criminal action and investigations by police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

End of the day, I think they'll just go for disciplinary action against the small-fry. A slap on the wrist. And even that isn't very convincing.

1) Transfer to another department. (Who knows? In a year, the fella will be transferred back in to a higher post even).

2) Freeze of promotions (What? For six months?)

I guess if they really investigate... one thing will lead to another and the whole public service will collapse. That's no good, huh? Whatever the case, at least give us the mamat who approved the MYR40k laptop!

Monday, November 09, 2009


In case you did not know, November 1st is All Souls' Day. It is a Catholic Qing Ming of sorts, where Catholics commemorate the departed. And so, each year, my family converges in Teluk Intan, Perak to visit my late-dad's grave at the St. Anthony Church Cemetery. We departed from KL at 6:30am, with little Cyan obviously grumpy from being disturbed from his usual long slumber. The kid was quite restless, climbing from front to back. at times like this, one wishes that Woodwards Gripe Water still contained alcohol. One swig for the baby, another for the poor mum. Stopping at Bidor, we had breakfast at the market and mum bought some flowers, fruits and roast pork. Had the worst-tasting Anson Chu Cheong Fun there..! Such a rip-off. My sister and brother-in-law declared that it tasted of roaches. LOL. But the char siew pao was sedapz. Only MYR1.20. Mana nak cari?!. In Teluk Intan, we also stopped at the wet market also to get whatever we missed. It rained during half of the journey, so the weather was nice and cool. From past experience, it was usually sweltering! The cemetery was nicely-maintained with weeds removed by the cemetery caretakers in preparation for the blessing of
the graves.


And so, we cleaned off the wax from last year and put the flowers and dad's favourite food (definitely not something Catholic, but mum does it for sentimental reasons... offerings can come in so many forms) on the grave. After a dozen years, the grave looks brand new. There are no cracks and the stones do not look weathered. Dad's face is clearly burned into the porcelein plaque. We all offer our prayers and little Cyan goes "Amen, Amen". so adorable, right? After that, we put mass offerings and went off to buy more local delicacies! Every year we stop at Sin Joo Heong to buy heong peanh, sa ki ma, kacang tumbuk and Sitiawan mee suah. And with each passing year, the woman at the counter looks older and older. I wonder if she thinks the same of me.


After that, we went to visit my mum's younger brother who has a flourishing business selling bread, mantou and fat kou at the local market. So as usual, he was busy at work. It's fun seeing how they knead the dough and steam the buns. Well, their youngest cousin is quite grown up now. Tall and kinda muscular thanks to his lion dance troupe thing. Kinda twinky this cousin of mine, but his attitude is a real put-off. What to do? In angsty phase of not wanting to talk. Can't even get a decent sentence out of his mouth. And there's a recent addition to the family-- a shih tzu. Very well-behaved. Hardly barks. Cyan had a ball with him. Had a simple lunch there and when we left, the car was full of bread and stuff!


The last stop was at my paternal aunt's place. At the wet market, we had heard from a distant relative that my third paternal cousin brother had separated from his wife and they had both moved back to the old house... So shocking. My 3 nephews are now living with their mum. We did not bring the matter up. And they did not say anything. The conversation just revolved on the settling of the legal matters that have arisen from the death of both of the family patriarchs. No awkwardness, but I guess it was just a silent acknowledgement. After saying our goodbyes, we went looking for Anson Chu Cheong Fun again. Unfortunately, the famous shop was closed on a Saturday afternoon. Sienz. Giving up, we headed for home. For dinner we stopped at Restoran Yu Mi, smack dab beside the paddy fields at Sekinchan. Great food-- we ordered chilli steamed fish, sweet and sour crabs, stewed pork with yam and stir-fried cabbage. It rained again on the way back and by the time we reached, it was already 9pm.

Until next year....

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Market Dress Up

Out to Market
Swiped from williamnyk.
For ages now, I've been waking up at 7:15am on Saturdays to send my mum to the wet market. Our first stop at Taman United, where she'll buy poultry, seafood, pork and vegetables. Most of the time in that particular order. Later, we'll go to the market at OUG. A really horrible place. Packed with people. Full of cars. No parking. Over there, she'll buy more vegetables, fruits, eggs and other groceries at the Chinese medicine hall (Chinaman's Carrefour-- can you imagine that they sell Gardenia at sub-market price?!). At both markets, one can see that people in KL really know how to dress up (or down). Either they're wearing their most horrible pyjamas or they look like they're at a ball! From some sudden surge of confidence, many women come out to the market with the clothes that they went to bed in. The straight man would be thrilled if they wore negligees and teddies, but the reality is that its most probably an oversized T (that has seen better days) and unflattering shorts (or my personal favourite-- bicycle shorts with the damning crease right down their crotch! >_<").

On the other extreme, I never fail to spot some women wearing something that is more suitable for a cocktail party at a hotel. Long, slinky evening dresses with crystal trims and not to mention matching strappy sandals. They carry their shopping baskets like an LV tote. And their hair seem not a strand out of place. Another woman I saw at the Nasi Lemak stall was wearing a classy number that showed off her cleavage to good effect, and I was standing fifty metres away! Sometimes, they would have daughters tagging along. Definitely less flashy, in tight baby Ts and mini hot pants, walking as though they need to wiggle cocaine-filled condoms out of their asses. Definitely eye-catching. So, if you wanna go to the market, wear something comfortable, but please make sure it is presentable because it still is a public place...

P.S.: No spy cam pic of the women, but I did catch a PLU couple doing their marketing. No unsightly plastic bags, but a fashionista canvas carry-all. Tight T. Tank top. I like. :P.

Marketing or Shopping?

Friday, November 06, 2009

Steamboat Soiree

Swiped from ewinee.
Note: Forgive the staleness factor. I blame it on Acer. :P

The first time Anton extended an invitation to me was for BKT on National Day. But I had to take a raincheck on that. So, when Anton asked me out again, I tried my best to make it. It was steamboat at Yuen, Sunway. I wasn't exactly keen on that venue (the owner's cute son doesn't exactly causes my heart to flutter), but it's the gathering that counts I guess. Was a great chance to finally meet Anton, TZ and Bong in person. Pikey was the earliest to arrive, booking us a table on the first floor. By 6:30pm, Anton arrived and we decided to begin without the rest. By the time TZ and Bong had arrived, I was already at 80% capacity. No real crowd on the Friday night. Must be exam season for students or something. Can you imagine that there was no need to elbow someone to get some grilled chicken wings? That cut down the enjoyment for some people I guess. There were actually 3 birthday celebrations going on and the singing was going on one after another. Some tables even felt left out and sang too. Crazy.

During the course of the dinner, we touched on many subjects and eventually the subject of blogger feuds came up. Well, it's no secret that I'm part of the BFF, and I'm quite amused that the BFF has its fair share of detractors and "enemies" so to speak. I'm not quite sure what happened in the past for the BFF to be labeled as pretentious snobs, but the whole situation is quite transparent to me. I guess when we start slinging mud, it becomes something we love to do. I love to hate you. Or something like that. Perceptions would be skewed to fit our perceptions. I'm not here to set the record straight or anything (I feel that it's none of my business), but I'll just say that if people don't click, then I guess they just don't click. Time to move on.

Anton, Pikey and I were busy pinging our dars and we came back with several results. Pikey had his striped-shirt guy to oogle at and Anton was daringly letting loose "electricity" from his eyes to a "squeaky-clean" cutie (who Pikey describes as has "a Jap porn star" look) beside our table. After dinner, we rushed over to PappaRich, OKR after Grandma Twilight requested that Pikey and I have an audience with him. Grandma was so happy to see my face instead of the back of my head that he treated me to a cup of hot milk tea. Michi was there too. I got to experience firsthand his firebrand style. Drop his name for a 10% discount PappaRich! However, I left after half an hour or so because I needed my beauty sleep for the wet market the next day. Until next time...

P.S.: Anton said that I look smaller in person. Damn. The camera adds 20lbs!
P.P.S.: I survived the dinner without any cross-contamination from the gang's daring style of eating half-cooked oysters! It's like eating fugu!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Swiped from Abd Hadi.
When I was in secondary school, Mahathir was still in power. He had his iron grip on the country and we all were under the thrall of his Vision 2020. And because of that propaganda, me and my classmates had to write tonnes of essays on that topic. And we were constantly trying to squeeze that term into our writings to gain some imaginary brownie points. Much later, Badawi came along and but there wasn't a buzzword. I think the late Endon's batik even outshined her husband. Fast forward to the present and we have Najip's 1Malaysia. I'm guessing that students are facing the same thing that I did. 1Malaysia this, 1Malaysia that. Even people in the corporate world and media are trying to outdo each other incorporating that phrase into advertisements and products. So sienz. So boring. So kiss-ass.

Jelaskan kesan kemelesetan ekonomi terhadap kemerosotan sahsiah di kalangan belia di negara kita. Karangan anda seharusnya tidak kurang daripada 500 patah perkataan dan mengandungi sekurang-kurangnya 5 ayat yang menggunakan frasa "1Malaysia".

Good luck!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Celebration #4

Sassed Up
Swiped from *love.charmmy.
Note: Forgive the staleness factor. I blame it on Acer. :P

Yes folks, this is an account of the 4th celebration of my birthday this year. Don't groan yet, it should be the last for 2009. Hehe. A week in advance, Mel booked my time for a nice night out on a Friday. I was so sick and tired of my Fatty Boss' face that I used it as an excuse to leave the office at 5:30pm sharp. Because the appointment was at 6:30pm, I had some time to kill at Midvalley Megamall. Managed to meet up Apollo there although it was his day off, so we had a quick chat. Dinner was at Delicious and we ordered the duck curry with lychees (weird, but recommended) and the Thai-style steamed seabass. Mel dressed up for me, wearing a brown dress that showed off her boobs nicely (I would have preferred more cleavage, but it's wasted on me anyway, hehe) and even had makeup on. We did our whole attention-grabbing kopi susu BF-GF routine and even managed to camwhore a little (I brought my camera sans the CF card, but luckily Mel carried a SE Cybershot handphone).

After dinner, I accompanied Mel for some makeup shopping. She had to buy lipstick for her mother-in-law's friend and was shopping for some gel-based eyeliner. Our first stop was at MAC and later at Bobbi Brown. Makeup artists have the cutest of names-- Mango and June Tea. Ex-waitresses? My recommendation-- get the Blactrack eyeliner from MAC. So much easier to apply.

Mel: B ah... how does this eyeliner make me look.... nice or not?

Moi: Errr.... nice ah... (luckily KH does not need to buy makeup, :P)

We walked around some more and ran into a handbag happy hour at Jusco. I immediately shied away, but Mel just dived into the feeding frenzy and escaped with an MYR30 handbag. Feeling tired, we sat down at Coffee Bean for coffee and brownies. I tried their nut ice-blended and I was truly disappointed by the lack of coffee. We had a nice talk about old times and current events in our lives.

Bday Prezzie Wave 4

I walked Mel back to her car and she passed my present-- Esprit Connect EDT and a card! I have used it and I must say that the fragrance is to my liking. Thanks again! As it was still early, I joined SK, Apollo and Pikey at a Chinese dessert shop in SS2 (crazy traffic that night!). I ordered their lotus seed ice and regretted it. I was already feeling nauseated from the Coffee Bean, and the evaporated milk in it did not quite help the situation. We were kinda high that night, with the conversation focusing on Pikey's anti-BJ orthodontics and "sheep and fences" (put your mind in dirty mode here).

P.S.: The next day, after my colleague's wedding banquet at Overseas (Jaya One) (mediocre food), I managed to meet up with JJ who was in town for a conjugal visit. He gave me a birthday card and it was perfect because it coincided with my lunar calendar birthday on 1st day of the 9th month. It's also the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (brings back so much memories of my childhood fear of lion dances, mediums in trances and putting my hands in bowling woks of oil!). However, according to the lunar calendar, I'm now 30! Boohoo!
P.P.S: I also got a pair of white Aussiebum Wonder Jock briefs from Ryan! WooHoo!!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Acer finally called to say that my lappie has been given clean bill of health. Time to go collect it and pay the huge hospital bill. Hopefully the technician did not find any stray porn or erotic pictures lying around. Now I can continue my Flickr-ing and blogging of my stale posts (birthday celebration posts are still pending.... and it's already November!!!). Hehe. Long overdue since the photos that I require are inside the lappie. I kinda miss it. It has been an awkward two weeks trying to work using SK's laptop. But still, it's definitely better than using my old PentiumIII 600GHz. Can't wait to be reunited with my lappie....

Monday, November 02, 2009

Cukai Diutamakan

Recently our DEAR PM announced "goodies" during the 2010 Budget and also the infamous credit card tax. He said that the rakyat should take into consideration the substantial savings before commenting about the "small" credit card tax. MYR50 per card cannot pay meh?! Heh. Let's do some calculation. I normally don't like to use my brain, but I'll make an exception today.

Let's refer to Borang BE 2008. The scenario is a middle-class wager earner with MYR4000 a month.

C16 - Penggajian48,000
D1 - Individu dan saudara tanggungan-8,000
D8 - Pembelian buku-1,000
D12 - Insurans Nyawa & KWSP-6000
D13 - Insurans Pendidikan & Perubatan-1,000
E1 - Pendapatan Bercukai32,000
E2a - Cukai ke atas 20,000 pertama475
E2b - Cukai ke atas baki 12,000 (@ 7%)840
E4 - Rebat Cukai Individu-350
E9 - Jumlah Cukai Yang Dikenakan965

Now let's look at the projected Borang BE 2009 for the same scenario. An extra MYR2000 of deductions. Lets see how big an impact it gives...

C16 - Penggajian48,000
D1 - Individu dan saudara tanggungan-9,000
D8 - Pembelian buku-1,000
D12 - Insurans Nyawa & KWSP-7000
D13 - Insurans Pendidikan & Perubatan-1,000
E1 - Pendapatan Bercukai30,000
E2a - Cukai ke atas 20,000 pertama475
E2b - Cukai ke atas baki 10,000 (@ 7%)700
E4 - Rebat Cukai Individu-350
E9 - Jumlah Cukai Yang Dikenakan825

You see the difference now? You would pay less MYR140 in taxes. It actually quite substantial savings. But, when you use that to offset the stupid credit card tax... then it really is negligible. Conservatively, a person would be holding a minimum of 2 credit cards, a VISA and a MASTERCARD. Hence, you need to pay MYR100 of credit card tax, leaving you with only MYR40 in savings. The government is ever generous hor? And my calculation is based on a good scenario where one actually purchases MYR1000 in books and maxed out the life insurance and EPF deductions. Heck, I even put in MYR1000 for the medical insurance when I know that not many people purchase that. My oh my. The 1% tax rate cut for people with MYR100,000 and above taxable income?! Heck, most of us would just be stuck below Category H (this example uses Category E at 7%) of the tax schedule. Insincere betul.

Sudah potong?