Monday, February 02, 2009


I snapped at KH again yesterday. Perhaps I'm less patient with him.
Perhaps I expect the unexpected of him and that's not fair. I've
noticed he's always been understanding but of course even the Buddha
has a temper. Sorry baby, I don't want these things to come between
us. I want to give you my best.



JD Cole said...


hope u're doing fine =)

TZ said...

Dude, chill chill .... hope you r okay...

*Anton* said...

To be mindful and acknowledge is a good start. ^_^


Cheryl said...

u tend to loose patience with the one u loves, pity us le... :P

dont worry, u r always forgiven D EAR.

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

I hope everything goes on fine. But then again, lovers also tend to quarrel among themselves, and then get back to normal after some reconciliations. Like my parents years ago. Air dicincang takkan putus.

Ban said...

Hmmm. *thinks back to how much I argued with ex last time* It's bound to happen sometimes.

Legolas said...

Arguments are normal in relationships. But when you argue to much over the same issue, it has to be settled or else it'll never end. Work on it together.

Twilight Zone said...

Buddha has temper?? LOL.. Buddha got no attachment so no temper. Learn to be like them and William will become Buddha!

Ardo Wonder said...

Anger Management Class!

Jaded_Jeremy said...

There are always two sides to a coin.

Takashi said...

and there i wonder where jase got his "snapping" from...


cheryl: nicely said.. i wonder how true is that statement? i mean, i believe it now....

William said...

@JDC: @TZ:
I'm ok la. Didn't go to bed angry. :)

Yes, I'm william, and I'm a snapper. :P

Nowadays MUCH better ody. lol

Chong tau ta kau, chong mei woh?


A phrase only ma... :P

You a facilitator? :P

What coin? :P

Betul ke ni? :P

*Anton* said...

Red snapper? saw many of the carcasses at Tesco last week. hehehe