Thursday, May 31, 2007


Most of the time, when people go out to eat, they look for good food. However, at times, that isn't good enough. Some people look for ambience. Others demand excellent service. Of course, a place with all three would be ideal, but at end of the day, you get what you're paying for. But then, sometimes you don't get what you're paying for. We sometimes pay top dollar for diva-esque waiters, crappy food and lousy eating conditions. Getting to the point, I recently visited a quaint little restaurant in Central Market, by the name of Precious. It is like the restaurant equivalent of a boutique hotel. The interior is filled to the brim with antiques. The feel is predominantly oriental, very woody with an eclectic mix teak furniture and buddhist pieces. They serve Baba and Nyonya cuisine and the price is just slightly above average. A word of warning though, the kitchen is quite slow, even when preparing set lunches. The taste is average. But I don't really mind, their choice of music is excellent. On the day I was there, they were playing a cover of Chinese oldies with a lounge twist. I was so enthralled that I nearly wanted to raid their music player nestled in the antique dish cabinet... If only I wasn't so famished....

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Neither Here Nor There

When Someone treats you to meal, you tend not to order too much, out of politeness. But sincere and gracious hosts would order on your behalf to avoid any awkwardness. But sometimes, this is not so. I just left such a dinner and I must say that I left a little annoyed and more than a little hungry. Oh well, I am grateful anyway. But it does not mean I cannot be a little pissed. Company tab also like this. Sigh.

Reached gullet, but not quite the lungs. Neither here nor there. Got to cook some mamee now.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the Dark

I am posting from my phone again. I am sitting in the dark, with candles all around me and the doors thrown open. No, I am not sitting naked on the floor with a pentagram around me, smearing chicken blood on my imaginary pecs. I am just sulking in the dark, waiting for the power to come back on.

Some idiotic electrician doing renovations a few houses away caused a major disruption to the power supply. Must have learned his trade out of a kemahiran hidup text book. Anyway, the TNB people are now here and are doing their job. A quick check with my neighbours reveal that most of their large electrical appliances had shorted. Fans spinning faster. Bulbs burning brighter. Like a scene from Poltergeist.

Give me light. Give me electricity. Before I start stripping off... hehe.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Reclaim my Weekends

Unruly hair
Swiped from tanakawho.
Saturdays have started to be a very sienz affair for me. Perhaps right up till August, I will have to be in the office on Saturdays. Just too see things through. To stare at a resource-hungry Gantt chart that cannot be fulfilled in the current timeline. I already have my people working on concurrent tasks. And the delivery dates are ridiculous. It's not like people can have Core 2 Duo CPUs to move things along. And yet my Project Managers keep on asking about the percentage completed. Just quote any number you like la... I couldn't be bothered.

Whenever I work on weekends, I try to get into the office as early as possible (sacrificing some sleep in time) so as to be able to clock my minimum of 5 hours and leave. Last Satuday was not different. After my boss treated me lunch at Old Town Kopitiam, Central Market, I cabut.

I had a couple of hours to kill before my appointment with my hairstylist, so I dashed off to Suria KLCC for some shopping (as opposed to Frankie's invitation for questionable activities at his Ampang abode). Well, it turned out to be window shopping. No good bargains (read: where's the 70% off?!). I left in under an hour and headed off to Snips, Plaza OUG to look for my stylist, KK.

KT, my new mei was also bored out of her skull, so she decided to tag along with me to hair salon. Preying on certain insecurities and playing the vanity card, KK managed to convinve KT do a hair treatment while waiting for me to get my hair dyed. Yes, I've officially dyed and gone to heaven. A more natural colour this time (a copper-brown kind of thing, no specifics here, colour-blind blogger), as opposed to my semi-blonde locks from the last time. I don't want anymore comments that I look like Louis Koo left out in the sun too long. Anyway, no haircut at all. He didn't want to cut. He wanted another month of hair growth. It's all starting to get quite unruly. Wonder if I can tahan looking like I have clump of grass or mop on my head. My hair turned out quite dry (can you imagine your hair clumping together, unmoving when you try to wash your hair?) after the dye so I had to recondition it. Urgh.

We finished at 7:00pm, just in time for dinner at Serdang. SOme kind of fund-raiser in conjuction with DAP Serdang Bharu's 40th Anniversary celebration. It was held in a Chinese school and it was typical opposition function. Lotsa uncles. Lotsa meat dishes (imagine downing chicken, duck, fish and pork in one sitting). Lots of politically-charged speeches in Hakka. The language is already boisterous enough and we had to endure a table just a few feet away from the speakers. Pengz. Lotsa karaoke. The food was lousy. We left just before dessert, so we ended up at Sweet Bean Station, Seri Petaling to look for our sugar high.

We were looking through the menu and I noticed KT had a wild look to her eyes. Like a kid in a candy store. Like a tai-tai with a platinum card in hand. After telling her what I wanted, I went to the little boys' room. Upon coming out, I found out that she had ordered 4 types of tong sui. *rolls eyes*. Peanut paste. Black sesame glutionous rice balls in ginger soup (the ginger soup is fabulous!), Eggdrop soup with waterchestnut and corn and boiled cola with ginger. You can see that ginger was the only recurring theme-- I was trying to settle my tummy. We left before midnight (had to pry her hands from the menu, :P) and I sent KT home before picking up mumsy and heading home myself.... So pooped. And one would think that weekends are for rest and relaxation...

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Swiped from williamnyk.
You fear me

So you should... all of you who are vile

Would you like to know how you will die!

The sacred time is near

Beware the blackness of day

Beware the man who brings the jaguar

Behold him reborn from mud and earth

For the are he takes you to will cancel the sky

And scratch out the earth

Scratch you out and end your world

He's with us now...

The above prophecy was brought to you by the freaky plague-ravaged girl from Mel Gibson's Apocalypto. For
some reason, I was drawn to this scene. Maybe it was her crazy eyes. Maybe it was the spooky way she spoke. Maybe it was the message of death of death and destruction. Maybe it was just the idea of prophecy. As interesting as the devil speaking through the puked-out Regan from The Exorcist. I won't be doing a full-fledged movie review today. Just wanted to share this small snippet from the film. It's just a whole lotta running around and dying in horrible ways. But don't get me wrong, it's still fun.

I offered the DVD to KH and refused to watch it. But whadya know, he watched on the KL-SG bus. No escaping it. Hehe. He sms-ed me,

"Ei, the movie got people running about in loincloth one. The main actor looks like Ronaldino."

Yeah, that's the one.

It wasn't so bad seeing the human sacrifice scenes and the other gore. But I for one found it very uncomfortable to watch the torture scene in Pan's Labyrinth. Wanted to turn away... Oh well, not surprising coming from someone who as a kid, hid behind the cinema seat while Jeff Goldblum's genes were being spliced with that of musca domestica. Go figure.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

That saying was once splashed on the side of my school block. I never gave it much thought. Friends came and went. Never bothered to keep in touch. They just faded into the background. No sense of loss. No sense of longing. Tells you much about the definition of friends. Or rather, it means I never had many to begin with. Friends normally disappear when things don't go well. When it's not convenient anymore. But sometimes, people do surprise us.

My father had just passed on. No more riding pillion on his motorcycle to school. A simple offer from a classmate, "Do you want to follow my car to school?". I burst out in tears.

So far, I have only a few friends I can truly count as genuine friends. I can count them on one hand, with fingers to spare. My first, JM. We knew each other since Secondary 1. We were inseparable. We had our squabbles. We had our secrets. But still, we had each other. He cared more than I could have imagined. More than I could have fathomed. Secondly, SK. She is often mentioned here. She has been a permanent fixture in my life since Lower 6. Her selfless-ness is legendary, till the point of self-destruction. I have taken her for granted. I have let my temper get in the way. I have turned my back on her, but she stays steadfast. I do not deserve her. The three of us, form a strong bond. And although my insensitiveness and closed nature (which I'm working on, thanks to KH) have kept me quite isolated from that abstract link, they have been working in my life. Thirdyly, Mel. I have known her since Uni 1 and I have shared more than few dozen cups of coffee with her. We rant. We rave. We share. We have tasted each other's sorrow. And I hope our relationship will never be called a chore to maintain.

Having said all this, this post is actually dedicated to SK who is now in Germany with JM. Seeing through whatever needs be done. Doing what I cannot accomplish. Doing what my selfish heart is incapable of. I salute her for it. I love her for it. And I hope they pull through. I can only offer my prayers. My distant voice. My keypresses on a keyboard. I hope for the best for my dear friends...

PS: KH, though we have just met, our journey just beginning, know that you're treading on the pristine land of my heart, and I thank you for opening up the horizons for me...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Devil Wears Yohji Yamamoto

Swiped from redem.
Sometimes we blog-hop all over the place that we forget how we come to end up at certain blogs in the first place. Links are usually overlapping and more often than not, we tend to forget about the point of entry. Anyway, through the wondrously chaotic and random ways of blog-hopping, I came to know a DanielH, who's really a very nice and down-to-earth person (although his blog usually showcases his bitchy side and he assures me that he is usually bitchy). When I first stumbled across his blog, he had just came back from his stint in Tokyo and I was mesmerised by his taste for all things branded and his seemingly Mariana Trench-like pockets. Since then, I had frequently visited his blog and before you know it we exchanged a few e-mails and sms-es.

Me, ever being the food critic who is never short of people lining up to treat him to meals (not voluntarily), made DanielH decide to bring me to try a wickedly-good beef soup at Starhill Gallery. He calls it the "Birdcage Restaurant" (couldn't be bothered he tells me. :P), but further analysis of the napkins on the tables revealed that it's called Luk Yu Tea House. Anyway, we had a nice lunch of Xiao Long Bao (quite good! And it didn't bocor when I picked it up this time, :P), Beef Soup (the main attraction of our visit which I found quite refreshing) and Claypot Seafood Noodles. We ordered tea and they come served in the old style tea cups that you see in wu xia flicks. Pour the hot water into the cup with the leaves. Cover it. Let it steep for a while. Pour out the tea into another cup (using the cover as a makeshift filter) lacking.

After lunch, DanielH still had time to kill, so he accompanied me to get a present for a friend at BTS. We later zipped back to Sungai Wang where he did some surveying for his work. Shopping is his favourite pasttime and it's also part of his work. So nice to find a career like that. Anyway, the man navigates Sungei Wang with uncanny ease. He navigates with purpose. Taking the corrects turns. The shortest routes. He knows the backroads. The alleys. Although I've been to Sungei Wang countless times, he has shown me a side of it that I've not seen before. I scurry behind him like Miranda Pristley's PA, while he passes by shops muttering, "Boring. Boring. Boring.". Sometimes inexplicably stopping to admire some article of clothing only rush off again. Lugging my laptop around at such dizzying speeds left a toll on me, so after our visit to Low Yatt to search for some contraband failed miserably, we parked our skinny behinds in Starbucks for some coffee and a sinfully sweet slice of Ipanema.

More talking. More bitching about life, family and friends. At the end of it, he was nice enough to send me to Seri Petaling to collect my car although he was actually rushing back home to bake a cake. A tiramisu he told me. Heh. Anyway, the whole afternoon was a real eye-opener. My little slice of fashion. We should do it again some time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Silent Treatment

Mum's at it again. The silent treatment. The best weapon in her arsenal. No banging of doors. No dumping of plates. No stomping. Just silence.

She only speaks a word.

"Yes". "No".

Or if she likes, some stinging comment.

"Do whatever you want".

It's so tiring. I try to go on like nothing's wrong. I try to talk to her. But it seems futile. I sleep.

In the morning, I ask her what's wrong, and she answers,

"You should know what's wrong. I don't want to say".

Well, so much for that. The war rages on.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Something I Don't Ming, But Want to Na

Swiped from williamnyk.
It's amazing. The stars must be out of sync. The apocalypse must be coming. Believe or not, I'm doing another movie post. My last movie at the cinema was Ghost Rider, a pitiful story with a pitiful storyline. Bad hair. Killer cleavage. I agreed to watch the movie just to entertain my colleague who's going away to Dubai for a working stint. Anyway, this time round, my trip to the cinema was really unplanned. After having dinner with my Di, my Mei and several other close bloggers at Restoran Mak Koh, Bangsar, we kinda just decided on a whim to catch a movie at MV (or perhaps to stalk some people who had plans there as well, :P). Before I continue, do allow me to turn this into a mini food post. The food at Mak Koh is nothing to shout about, but the service is quick. We ordered steamed siakap, fu yu yau mak, stewed pork with preserved vegetables, Ma Poh beancurd and fried calamari. However, the price is a little steep. But then, this is Bangsar we're talking about.

Anyway, on with the movie review. Given the choice of 28 Weeks, Sumo-lah, The Things You Do When You Fall In Love, I stupidly chose Ming Ming. Maybe the draw of Daniel Wu was too strong. But really, he couldn't have done shit to save the movie (oh well, maybe he *could* have, but that wouldn't be quite appropiate for the masses). I so want my RM11 back. My Mei so wants her 2 hours back. My Di so wanted to sleep. Eric so wanted to see topless actors. The movie is arty with overly-creative camera work, post-production effects and endless rewind scenes. We even get the customary old black and white movie juxtaposition. According to newspapers, it's a modern kung-fu flick. In my opinion, it's bullcrap. Some stylised fight scenes. Some flaunting of the Laws of Physics. Bad dialogue. Dizzying shots. Perfect. I see some awards coming their way.

Zhou Xun plays Ming Ming and Na Na (don't ask me why, but this stupid name is even incorporated into soundtrack-- Na na na na na na na... na na na). Ming Ming is the brunette (and forever in black, like the Vampire from Underworld) with killer beads (her character has given me a new appreciation of my onyx beads) and Na Na is an orange-haired, money-grubbing girl. In both roles, Zhou Xun looks her usual self of big eyes and painfully-porcelein-like skin over a triangular face, reminding me of an alien with eyelashes. They both fall for for the same man, D, who is only interested in $5,000,000, Harbin and a stupid box owned by Brother Cat (I kid you not, but this is central to the story). The ever-effeminate Jeff Chang plays Brother Cat. I can still remember during his hey-day when he did a duet with a female singer and the funny thing was the female singer was more masculine than him. I also find that the casting is quite consistent-- actors / actresses who can't speak proper Cantonese. Blech. Here are a few quotable quotes:

"I want to tell you something. I'm not Ming Ming. I'm Na Na."

"I don't want a good guy! Good guys are everwhere!"

"5,000,000. Harbin"

"You're just a mouse. Remember that behind every mouse, there is always a cat."

In conclusion:

"$11. Ming Ming."

Don't even think about it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scarlet Dreams

Note: My skankiest post to date. Caution advised. Take with a pinch of salt.

For the past few days, I have not been getting the sleep my body deserves. Stress at work. Late nights. Naughty hands. All have led to my sleep-deprived state. In normal cases, the amount of sleep I can squeeze out of those few hours are usually not quality sleep with good REM time. However, during on of those nights, I did have a very vivid dream. I don't know if it'd due to sexual frustration (perhaps I've gotten sick of the twins) or a libido overdrive (unlikely since the testosterone levels only go downhill from here), but I had quite a skanky dream.

In the dream, I was climbing a narrow metal ladder (like the kind you see in Dr Evils's lair) in a semi-naked state (nothing was hanging loose, in case you're wondering). At one point, there was a small landing. And on that tight space was a semi-cute (why isn't there perfection in my dreams?!) person of Japanese descent lounging lazily. As I passed the fella, my attention was "grabbed" (you can make your own conclusions but let's just say that a leg was involved, :P). And get this, I dreamt that I stopped to think for a split second.....

Would KH (my Significant Other) mind?

Let's just say that that thought bubble burst as soon as it appeared. I just went down and kissed the bugger hard on the lips. And I remembered thinking to myself,

What a sloppy kisser!

Some saliva exchange and a few gropes later, I awoke from the dream. Not a wet dream, but enjoyable none-the-less. So, the million dollar question is this,

Was that considered cheating?

PS: I told KH about it and he wasn't too amused. :P

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's For Lunch?

Swiped from Triple-Y.
Every single day, my colleagues and I play a game called "Where Shall We Eat Today". Although there is an abundance of eateries in a 2-mile radius of our current site, we seem to find it very difficult to decide where to eat. There's Chinese, Indian, Malay, Middle-Eastern, Western and Punjabi food in settings ranging from hawkers, fast food joints, food courts, coffeeshops to posh restaurants. And yet we ask the question- when we are at our desks, while waiting for the lift, at the building lobby and sometimes worse, when we actually walk out aimlessly in the merciless noon day sun. I look at you, you look at me. A pathetic game. So when somebody actually comes up with a suggestion, we take as a divine command and quickly head there for fear of objections, which can range from:

1) Yerr, too far la...

2) Aiyoh, so hot... go nearby la...

3) I ban that place ler... so salty.

4) Nothing to eat one there.

5) So late where got place to sit wor...

But there are certain rules as well. The person who vetoes the suggestion must provide an alternative. As simple as that. At times, it can be so annoying. So time consuming. So tiring. It's so tempting to just roll some dice. Throw a dart. Shake a magic lunch menu 8 ball. Just go ta pau at the office cafetria. But still, we continue to play this game, day in, day out. That's why sometimes I think that it's sometimes better not to have a choice. But that's just the fickle libran side of me talking. Hehe.

So, what's for lunch today?

And, is the waiter / waitress cute?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stale Bread

Stale Bread
Swiped from mekuno.
Warning: This is a REALLY stale post. Immune-suppressed individuals should take extreme caution and consult your healthcare professional. I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I though this too late to post ages ago, so I left it in my archives. However, I'm feeling a little nostalgic.... (and desperate) about the old days, of how it used to be... so here.

When two thirds of the Unholy Trinity get together with the
Orginiser for dinner, one would expect an overwhelming reponse. However, it seems that the magic doesn't work that way. Perhaps we're missing David's magic touch. Alex's exclusive appearance failed to reel in the crowds of adoring peers in, or perhaps we went wrong somewhere. With just the three of us, it kinda ended up as a committee meeting. All was not lost as it turned out to be quite the "fancy and quiet" affair that Alex was looking for. Of course , our kind of "fancy" is open to intrepretation. After meeting up the two at MPH, at the history section (looking for the biography of Tun Dr Ismail?!) we were off to dinner. We may be the executive layer of the glamourous world of orginising, however, we are not spared the curse of indecisiveness and fickleness. The failure to reach a consensus when one is hungry can be quite an experience. Anyway, we hopped from Madam Kwan to Chilli's and finally San Francisco Steakhouse.

My first time there. Mel's bro-in-law loves it there. But after my experience, I can't fathom why. It's has quite a large floorspace, nearly as big as Tai Thong Spring Valley. The interior is pleasant enough with much wine lining the walls. The same cannot be said about the service and the food though. Don't get me wrong, the staff are friendly enough, but behind their fake smiles and pleasant demeanour, hides very heinous intent to fleece the customer. Firstly, they told us that they did not have any sky juice and that we'd have to settle for bottled water. However, we later found a table beside us being served ice water from a jug. Secondly, they keep on trying to persuade you to order the expensive stuff. Never really caring about what you want to have and never give any helpful hints as to what there is to order. You go for beer, they will ply you wine. Choose steak, and they'll push roast beef (pre-prepared dish) on you. Get you to order garlic bread, without telling you that the main dishes actually come with a wholemeal bun. And not revealing that they have dinner sets that are really relatively economical.

An example of a helpful waitress / waiter:

Kam Lun Tai (old shop opposite UDA Ocean): "You all order so much for what?! You think you can finish ah? Enough."

Crystal Jade (Ngee Ann City): "The amount that you've ordered should be quite enough for 5 persons."

The cara penyampaian may have been different, but the intent is sincere and helpful. Help the customer make the right decision. Don't just try to lead them to order your "Today's Special", expensive dishes and what not. I wouldn't mind coming back again to such places.

Anyway, the whole night, we picked at our food (not that good) and slowly sipped our beer. Conversation was very much confined to human behavioural science and psycho-analysis. In layman's terms, mengumpat and bad-mouthing people. Haha. Some reminiscing about the old TV shows and cartoons that we used to love so much, but have now forgotten. Some fluff. Some fluffing.

"I remember that I had to wait for my mum to finish watching Oshin before I get to watch Heathcliff!"

"Why wasn't Miss Piggy ever on Sesame Street?!"

"(Humming the theme from Sailormoon)"

"My little pony and friends........"

"Do you remember the somersault and corkscrew volleyball smashes of a Japanase serial?"

"Teletubbies freak me out!"

If that wasn't enough, the music played in the restaurant took leap back into 50s, 60s and 70s, causing Alex to go into a very nostalgic mood. We all sang along to the oldies that we knew. I don't know if it was the beer, but we sure had fun. And it triggered a need for KTV. Shall we?

Be sure to fluff before you get to bed tonight...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eye on Mum

collage xenri
Swiped from williamnyk.
In the past, Mother's Day has always been a simple affair, because my mother's birthday is always celebrated about a week before it. So we kind of kill two birds with one stone. And we get to avoid the crowds because past experiences have not been pretty. Overcrowding in restaurants. Mixed up orders. 5 course dinners ending up as 2 course dinners because the remaining 3 dishes somehow fail to show up before all the food is wiped off the table by overly-hungry and irate diners. Rude waitresses (Don't know why so many people!? No need money ar?!). However, this year, we actually celebrated Mother's Day since my brother couldn't make it to her birthday celebration due to weddings and full moon celebrations in Singapore.

Although earlier deciding not go Japanese again this year (sis and bro-in-law really not keen because basically, sashimi, wasabi, miso and sushi rice do not agree with them, so what else is left?), we still ended up in Xenri, Old Klang Road. Not that I'm complaining. I can never get enough of their premium sashimi, freshly flown in daily. We ended up ordering the Mini Kaiseki Set (a scaled down version of a Japanese course dinner, prepared with ingredients du jour), the Xenri Bento, the Unagi Zen, phoenix roll, Dobin Mushi (soup that comes in a tea pot), seafood fried rice (to satisfy the bro-in-law's pallette) and chicken katsu-don (way too sweet). The staff (very loyal people or more possibly well-paid as they are the same faces I saw since a couple of years ago) are attentive as usual and we had a great time.

Dinner ended quite early at 8:30pm, so we decided to lepak some more before calling it a night. And believe it or not, we went to Eye on Malaysia at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. No crowd. No ridiculously long queue. Plenty of tourism billboards dotting the garden paths which to me are quite an eyesore. And for unknown reasons, there's no shortage of peddlers selling spinning lights like some kind of lala concert. Just as we arrived, we were 'entertained' with a cheesy laser show. More tourism VMY2007 propaganda. Quiet for a saturday night really. Mostly families and couples (the windows aren't tinted enough for smooching in case you're wondering) parting with their money to get an unspectacular view of KL. We forked out RM100 for a private gondola. Seven revolutions and by the third, I was already begging to get off. It's so boring. You won't feel the height. If you're looking for thrills (or have a death wish), take the Genting Skyway. And the skyline is nothing to shout about. Oh well. If you want a good view, take the cable car at Langkawi.

My sister and bro-in-law were already getting hungry since they practically ate nothing during dinner, so we stopped at Kinrara Curry House, Seri Petaling before heading home. Had our fill of pulled tea, roti canai, mee goreng and fried chicken... No cake this year. No card. Still, a celebration to remember. I love you mum...

collage eye on malaysia

Monday, May 14, 2007

Art of War

For those of you who know me personally (for those of you who have a glimpse of my personal life through my cryptic posts, I salute thee for sensing the problems that I'm in, or if you don't get what write at times, that's cool too as ignorance is bliss. We have enough of our own shit.), you would know that these past couple couple of weeks have been a bit tumultuous for me and my mum in terms of our relationship. Our disagreement on the way I live one part of my life is a bone of contentment between us. And the problem is not made easier by the fact that we live under the same roof. Be it as it may, we have reached a stalemate for the time being. But I like to see it as the calm before the storm. As Leggie asked the other day:

Leggie: So, how's the war going?

Me: What war?

Leggie: The War of the Worlds.

Me: Oh. THAT. I'm still placing my troops. And she's doing the same.

It's not like I have to portray my mother an an enemy general, but it's a game we have to play, I guess. It's not a war that I want to win. I don not want to crush the opposing forces like bugs in dust. I do not want to pillage and conquer. I just want the whole issue to play out over the table of peace. And given time, I'm sure it's not just a dream.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Shampoo Down Under

Dove 3 Day
Swiped from williamnyk.
Note: I'm running out of ammo... so you get this cheapo filler post. :)

Behold the Dove Moisturethrapy Cream Shampoo sample pack. It features a limp tulip being brought back to life in just 3 days by soaking it in Dove Moisturethrapy Cream Shampoo. It's supposedly formulated with 1/4 intensive milk emmolients to repair dry and damaged hair. As far as I know, I banned Dove longed ago because it doesn't work for me. But that's not what I want to talk about. I just want to comment about the ad. Somehow, it just looks like their peddling some phyto-viagra that'll perk up your 'plants' in 3 days. Whatcha waiting for? Shampoo the nether regions for a 'bouncier' and 'fuller' effect with Dove Moisturetherapy Cream.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I am not very close to my brother.

He left home to study at boarding school when he was 12 and only returned 5 years later to take his STPM. After that, he left home again to further his studies in Singapore. Upon graduating he worked in the Lion City because he had a bond to fulfill and even after he had no more obligations to the Singapore Government, he staued on, because he had grown to like the place.

The brother I knew was quite transformed from all his years there, turning into what Mel described as "salsa-dancing and wine-guzzling". Everytime he comes back, he will supply me with music, comic books, novels and stuff. Although we do not talk much about feelings, hopes, dreams and ambitions, we chat well about more trivial matters. Still, he plays his role as my big brother and takes care of me, even plies me with SGD (yes!).

Well, yesterday, I felt closer to my brother more than ever. I actually opened up to him and told him something that I had been carrying with me for many years. And he answered me such:

"I'm cool with that. No problem."

That's my brother for you. :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not so Izzi

Swiped from williamnyk.

Some time back, Jase and I had dinner at Izzi Pizza, Bukit Bintang. Believe it or not, their headquarters is in Jakarta and I have been to their branch in Bursa Efek Jakarta (the equivalent to Bursa Saham Malaysia). That was around 3 years ago and I must say that the only thing I remembered about it was thin crust pizzas with excellent pepperoni. Anyway, the reason we went there was because of the rumoured 50% discount. However, the promotion is only valid for orders above $100 and payment must be via Citibank or Standard Chartered credit cards. Well, our bill came around to $50 and I stupidly just paid even after the waitress told us about the promotion details. We could have ordered another $50 worth of food and would not have paid an extra cent (well, perhaps a bit).

Stupido. Stupido. Stupido.

Baga. Baga. Baga.

With that experience under my belt, I went there again last Saturday to celebrate my mum's birthday. This time round, I had a better look at the place. The interior is quite cozy with luminous mosaic tiles, plenty of reading material within easy reach, flat screen TVs, art and couches. However, the lighting is quite bad because they use spot lights and if you happen to be sitting underneath one, be prepared for an uncomfortable dining experience. And coupled with their lousy air-conditioning, you better order something with lotsa ice. This time round, 5 persons, $190 worth of orders. Fettucine, Prawn & Chilli Linguine, Cambodian Chicken Rice (sedap and pedas!), Fried Rice, Marinara Pizza (thumbs up! the Quattro Formaggi is also recommended for cheese lovers), Chicken & Pasta (thumbs down!), Cheese Dough Balls (lousy starter, go for the bruschetta or chicken wings instead) and Mixed Salad. And if you dine there, do take advantage of their free jockey parking service and spare yourself the ridiculous parking rates at Bukit Bintang.

After dinner, we adjourned home to blow out the customary birthday cake. Never ordering the same cake twice, this year I went for Riche Montana's Puzzi. It's basically a box sweetcakes with different toppings. It all looks so bloody cute, but I must say that most of 'em taste bloody same except for the chocolate and hazelnut variant. Happy Birthday, mum...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BKK Detour 2: Blue Cherry & ATMs

Blue Cherry
Swiped from williamnyk.
This photo was taken at Partunam City Complex. It's basically one of the many malls that are filled to the brim with clothing wholesalers. It caught my eye because of it's motto. You can't see it clearly due to the light, so I'll type it out here:

Blue Cherry: We make you come first

Oh, yes please!

The next photo was taken at one of the side entrances of Indra Square. It's quite weird in my opinion because the modems and the uninterrupted power supply for the ATM machine is out in the open. The former sitting on top of the machine, the latter at the back, all within easy reach. It's so weird, any kid can just come along and take it out of commission. Talk about banking security.


Monday, May 07, 2007


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Unlike some people I know (ok la, Cynikeel, :P), I have not posted a movie post in ages. As Bunny would testify, my forte is food posts. However, I've decided to try my hand at movie posts again. I did not go to the cinema (lama aku tak pergi, sapo nak belanja ni?), but I recently bought a DVD that is quite noteworthy to share here. The title is Gohatto. I just picked it up on a whim and since it was on sale at $5 (not pirated, but got it at a shop at Summit USJ that's clearing old stock), it was quite a no-brainer. As you would have guessed, it's Japanese. But most importantly, it has Beat Takashi in it. I can add it to my collection of Izo, Zatoichi and Battle Royale.

As with all Jap movies, it's always a bit weird. Pace-wise. Storyline-wise. But therein lies the attraction for me. I had no expectations for it whatsoever. I asked my mum to read me the summary on the back of the DVD (banana, tak tahu baca cina) and she just said a whole lotta killing in feudal Japan and harumph-ed (she still nags me about the stupidity and violence of Izo). I bought it anyway. Well, the story is quite interesting and has a gay slant to it. Actually, the gay slant quite important to the story.

It's about a Kano, the son of a merchant who joins the Shinsengumi (a military outfit) and causes havoc in the ranks due to his girlish looks and flowing locks. It's interesting to note that the movie portrays feudal Japan as quite accepting towards homosexuality and the subtitles is quite cute about it by putting men who love men as being so inclined. Anyway, there's sex, love, jealousy, treachery and killing. The ending's quite confusing and I still don't know what to make of it.

So, if you're inclined towards off-beat period Japananese movies, give Gohatto a go.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


The throes of anguish which visit us in the dark of the night are often symptoms of a struggle for change that has already begun.

--- The Comfort Book. Wise, Robert L.

I think it has already begun. I think I can feel it. Slowly, but surely, it has begun. And it feels good.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thinking of You

Sensing my despair, KH employed the help of a mutual friend to pass me a card. A simple card, yet full of meaning for me.

He understands me.
I cling to the hand he offers me.
He eases my pain.
I feel his strength in me.
He wipes away each bitter tear.
He lends me his a sympathetic ear.
He thinks of me in these trying times.
And I think of him.

His words give me comfort in this storm I am going through. And I am glad he feels my love for him and in return, he showers me with his love tenfold. I can only hope that what we have will last, but I will work hard to keep the flame burning. I will not so easily give up. I want to see this through.

We want to see this throug.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


closet door
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Kiros. God's time. You can ask for whatever you want from God, tell him all your needs, demand that you get a sign... but God will just keep quiet. The world will go on, life will go on... you will still toil and wait for your deliverance. But when the time comes, and we are not ready, we get swept along in the torrent of chaos and order. As much as we plan things, as much we design, things don't always go our way. But we can always hope.

Some things we keep close to our hearts. Our deepest darkest secret. Our hopes and fears. Forever waiting and waiting to release it. We rehearse it. We build up the courage to say. But we falter. We stumble. We sputter. We stammer. But sometimes, when we least expect it, the contents of our hearts are tumbled out without warning. We are caught unaware. We stare in disbelief. But realization comes, and we catch this wave of honesty, we steel ourselves, our courage returns.

The truth shall set you free and yet that truth carries with it a heavy price. This is my cross to carry. I do not want to burden others with it. But no man is an island and if others must bear the weight of this cross as well, so be it. Though it pains me to see those around me suffer for it, I accept it. I embrace it. Be it a fresh wound with searing pain or a dull pain that you carry throughout the day, I accept it.

Tears come unbidden to my eyes. They pool at the bottom of my heart. I have not cried so since the day my father died. Since the day searched my soul and tried to be what I aren't. I need to be held. I long to be held. But it is the voice from afar that I have right now. Insubstantial, but the voice of comfort no less. Though I can't feel. Can't touch. My support. My rock. It will have to wait. My reassurance. My deliverance. My KH.

Kiros. God's time.

PS: Thank you for all the kind words of support and encouragement. Special thanks to SK and Mel. *hugs*.