Saturday, March 31, 2007


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Recently, I've been hearing a lot about people voicing out their need to be pampered, protected, taken care of. They want to feel secure in the arms of their significant other. It can be said that the provider of that security and comfort has to do more "work". But I guess it depends on the person. Some people like to be the provider, some like to be the receiver. But it seems that most people I have talked to regarding this wants to be on the receiving end. Don't we all? But herein lies the catch. If everyone wants to be pampered, who'd be left to do the pampering? Where is the balance?

At the end of the day, we don't want each other to be "tired out", being tied down by too much expectations...

Frantic Friday

As usual, work is shitty, especially terrible after my long holiday in Bangkok. The wheels turn, albeit slowly and groan as they go. Decided to let it all slide and join ex-coursemates for dinner at Big Tree Stump at Imbi. We met at Borders BTS and i managed to buy a cheap copy of Dune. Jase warned me it's boring. God, i hope not as bad as LOTR. BAck to food. Great hor fun, but lousy service. heh. Later spent a little bit of time at KTZ for double-boiled wintermelon. After that, played mahjong at Jase and Madam Neos. Good service this time. Junk food and even vodka with pomegranite juice was served. I won some and lost some. Luckily didnt go through with Erics earlier dare of strip mahjong. Hehe. We were a bit high with talk of bananas and other crap. Adjourned at two and the whole group sent me home. firsthand experienced madam neos look ma, no hands driving style. We all arrived home safely in one piece. Thanks be to God. haha.

Friday, March 30, 2007

BKK Day 1: You no speak Thai?

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Alright people, here's the lo-down of my FAMILY trip to Bangkok. So no need to ask me about Sala Daeng and Patpong. :P. Anyway, I took Air Asia. The return flight ticket was about $350. It was my first time flying from LCCT (insufficient signage!) and I must say, the place is quite impressive. They were not joking about the low cost bit. Heh. The design is all quite flat. Quite shallow. The check-in counters are kind of smushed with the immigration part and let's not get started with the boarding gates. Every "gate" opens to the tarmac. It doesn't really matter which "gate". One has to walk up and down the stairs, from the fore or aft of the plane. Walking down is quite cool, reminds me of United States Presidents landing at military base somewhere in the mid-west. You pause, then wave your hand. Haha. Anyway, the flight was quite ok. Nice seats. But as usual, nothing's free on Air Asia, except the seating. Was late to take off, 6th in line!

Landing at the new Suvarnabhumi Airport, I can't help but marvel at the giant difference between it and the run-down Don Muang. Everything's in steel, glass and unfinished concrete. Very gray. Very moody. Air-conditioning and ventilation vents are everywhere, popping out of the ground like mushrooms, but it's still stuffy, unlike KLIA's perpetual ice-box conditions. After a long walk, we arrived at the immigration counters. It was SLOW. Don't know what the hold up was, but I was happy to bump into the weird guy I saw at LCCT-- he had a Power Puff Girls knapsack that was emblazoned with the words Village Idiot. Need I say more? Anyway, a farang in his fifties in the line parallel to mine was busy humping his partner's ass. Insert Ewwwww here -> (_________).

After clearing immigration and having collected our luggage, I was really shocked when I walked out to the arrival hall. It was like a circus. The amount of people packing around the barriers was amazing. Puts the scene at Soekarno-Hatta to shame. Anyway, we got a van to ferry us to our respective hotels, after much haggling and mai dai's-- my sis and bro-in-law at Baiyoke Sky, whereas your's truly was at Eastin Bangkok. Just a 7 minute walk away. Our cab driver, San Mao spoke little English. Reached the hotel in just under 40 minutes even with the rush hour and all. It's so much closer to the city than KLIA. Running on the meter, one can actually make it there in about THB200. Upon entering the city, was greeted by a very provcative Maximus Roma ad for EDT/Cologne. It runs on TV too... must see. Hehe.

Eastin Bangkok is quite an old hotel in the Pratunam area. Just outside, plenty of food and massage parlours. Everything is very woody, with lots of wood panelling, wood sculptures and gold paint. After unpacking and freshening up, we met up and went for dinner at Siam Paragon. The Foodhall Gallery came highly recommended by The Searcher. And I wasn't disappointed. Though more expensive, the food was great. We had fried snake head fish, mango and sticky rice, chicken and seafood noodle wrap, rice noodles and gravy, noodles in spicy soup and steamed seafood puree. Heavenly. We walked around a bit. Most of the shops were closed-- haute couture and famous jewellers. Good God. The department store wasn't any better too. Branded. Branded. Branded. Oh well. All very posh. Water landscaping indoors and very posh restaurants with unique themes. KL has nothing like this. Decadence. The survival of the shops there boggles the mind.

On the way back, we walked around a bit at the Pratunam Night Market. Very pasar malam. Plenty of cheap clothes. But the quality also cheap la. Haha. Stuffy place. I bought a 6 litre bottle of water at a 7-11 near Baiyoke Sky, and upon reaching Eastin Bangkok after the 7-minute walk/lug, I saw another 7-ll right at the corner of Eastin Bangkok! Fuck! My poor legs were already taxed by then, went to sleep immediately after my shower....zzzzz

...... to be continued ......



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nasi Goreng ala William

Another filler... kakaka.

Came home and found that mum was not at home. Called mum and she had forgotten to ask me to kau tim dinner myself. Not wanting to wait for her to ta pau, I decided to cook whatever was in the fridge. Already too hungry. Luckily there was leftover rice, purple cabbage (yes KH, they do come in this colour. You'll find them in McD's foldovers), eggs, and fish slishes (thawed! Thank God!). Fried the fish and the rest I dumped into the fried rice.The final result was OK la, the presentation not exactly good la (I'm not the Delacroix of the kitchen), but it was edible. Washed it down with a glass of milk. Satisfying. Beats the time when my chicken teriyaki nearly caught fire. :P.

PS: Di, don't laugh at my cooking!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Spec Old Spec

Hi people! I'm back from Bangkok (BKK), not BangCock (BCK) as some people like to put it. No such banging going on. I will write about my trip once I can find the time to compose my thoughts in a coherent manner. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves with this filler post. Hehe.

Gotten my new spectacles from David's (thanks!) shop some weeks back. I had thought that my power had increased through a cursory check at those machines at the store-front of optical houses. However, after a thorough check by David at his shop, I had found that my power has been stable for the past 2 years. Yay! My suspicions that my power had increased was just tiredness from all the LCD-screen-staring I do all day long. Perhaps all the billberry supplements I've been taking thus far has actually done some good. Anyway, decided to get another pair as a spare and a slight change in look. Rims these days all are quite thick and in-your-face. I, however, gave all of those a pass due tp practical reasons-- heavy spectacles tire out my eyes faster. It would be nice to be like William Soo and have a matching pair for every colour combination. The one I chose is slightly heavier than my old pair since it's slightly thicker, the lense index is a bit lower and the lense is a bit bigger. However, the change was still too subtle, it being the rimless type and gray-ish metallic. Nobody noticed the change. Heh.

Can you tell the difference?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hey guys and gals. I'll be off to BKK from Wednesday till Monday. Trying to clear some of my 51 odd days of annual leave. Hehe. So no posts till then, unless I get some kind of internet connection. Toodles!


Swiped from williamnyk.
Famil tagged me ages ago and I brushed it off due to the fact that I don't have quite enough weirdness in my life. Well folks, I've finally dug and dug and found enough to publish. It's quite difficult saying what we do as weird because it has become so intrinsic, so routine. Only an outsider would find it weird. Quite impossible to figure it out by ourselves. Here goes nothing:

1) I count my bath water

Since years ago, I've always bathed using the gayung. No showers for me. No baththubs. As such, I always count the number of scoops I use. There's a pattern to it- (3) -> soap / cleanser / shampoo -> (6) -> scrub -> (8). So water-saving hor?

2) I don't like to splash my pee

If I pee into those tandas duduk, especially in public toilets, I always make sure that my stream of piss does not hit the water directly. Quietness is the key. Don't now why... Don't want to disturb the peace? Don't want to distrub the water for fear that I might wake the Kraken, or Mr Hanky?

3) Spicy stuff makes me hiccup

Do I need to elaborate further?

4) There was a space of 6 years in my life when I did not buy a single pair of shoes

Only recently did I buy a pair of casual suede shoes from Lewre. Cost me RM200, but since my shoe budget has been stagnating for 6 years, why not? My pair of leather shoes have also lasted me this long. I just changed the sole for RM25. But I think I really should get another pair, just in case it dies on me. As for sneakers, Nikalaos has been bugging me to get a pair coz he wants me to go to the gym! Soon, soon.

5) I hiccup after ingesting food that is too spicy

I have no explanation for this. Same thing with my shaking hands.

6) Mee Hoon + Ketchup

I don't know why, but I feel that fried mee hoon goes very well with ketchup. Lots of it.

Encore) I write the number 8 from the bottom up

Sesat. Blame it on my kindy or Std 1 teacher. Hehe.

The end.

I need more weirdness in my life.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mahjong Monk

Jase, my unofficial adik angkat (every anak bongsu's wish, I think, to have a little bro) was nice enough to teach me mahjong the other day. He and his housemate Mdm. Neo (kakakaka) introduced me to the world 3-person mahjong. She was obviously bored out of her skull and her hands were itching to play (I suspect she wakes up in the middle of the night to polish the mahjong set and talks to them, lol). I was slow to absorb the rules of the game and it does require some shrewd thinking. All the possible combinations to win. The gears in my head were really groaning, trying hard to turn... Since young, I hated all games academic in nature. Never took up chess. In the case of computer games, I frown upon strategy games, preferring instead beat-'em-ups and shoot-'em-ups. Give me instant gratification. Cheat codes? Bring 'em on! Being the mahjong virgin, I had beginner's luck, winning a couple of rounds, much to Mdm Neo's irritation and Jase's delight.

As a token of thanks for his introducing me to the sordid world of mahjong (without liberating any hard-earned cash from my wallet), I took the cute fella' to Ho Boh for Lei Cha. He also reiterated my opinion that the soup is a little bit not ommmph and mentioned the one at his hometown is much better. So I'm now waiting for an invitation to Ipoh for some JJCM, as in Robb's food posts. *hint hint*

Ever the upmarket mall rat, I forcefully introduced Jase (I-know-One-U-like-the-back-of-my-hand) to the eye-opening shopping experience at IOI Mall. The kid wasn't impressed at all. Since he decided not to blog about it, I'll do the honours of preserving it for posterity here. The trip there kinda reminded me why I don't shop there often. Parking fees. Crappy shops. Jams. Well, we just spent about an hour there and quickly made a run for it. I dropped Jase back home, but my afternoon had not ended.

I went swimming only to find that my remaining 4 lessons had been forfeited. There was this fine print that the lessons should be finished in 3 months, but it was never enforced the last time I enrolled. If I wanted to keep the lessons, I would have to enroll for another half a dozen lessons, ala prepaid reload la. But I think I'll just let the lessons burn. I have supposedly graduated, with the breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke under my belt. Finished the last session with some tips on how to improve my form and some water-treading. A one-month hiatus from the pool really took it's toll. I'm practically stiff all over.

After the swim, I picked mum up from her trip to Cameron Highlands. We swung over to Kuchai Lama Food Court for dinner. I regrettably ordered a Herbal Duck Rice Vermicelli dish that really sucked shit. And the woman at the stall, pengz!

Woman: Where you sit?

Me: In front of Mee Yoke Lam.

Woman: What number is that?

Me: There is no number on the table. Can you see the stall? At the centre there. The table is just smack-dab in front of it.

Woman: Front where? Facing in or out?

Me: Out.

Woman: That one is table 1 la!

Me: How the hell I know what shit table number is that?! THe drinks person tell me like that I mar tell you lor.

Maybe I was more polite, but I had a real fake grin that any stupid b*tch would know that I'm pissed at her. Heh. Reached home around 9pm and found a pack of moist chocolate cake on the table! It was really good. My sister has been bitten by the baking bug again. Emmm... marble cakes... Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Wheel Of Fortune
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Note: I adapted this from a job e-mail I received from

Age: 17-25 years

Gender: Preferrably male with pleasant demeanour.

Experience: None required. Training will be provided. However, those with deskjob exposure will be an added advantage.

Job: _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Reminds me of hangman and Wheel of Fortune. Let the games begin!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Me, Tarzan

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Note: Back to regular programming. Thanks for the support, guys and gals.

Every year or so, SK, FK and I hop onto the PLUS highway, heading due north. We get off at the Linggi, Pedas exit. From there onwards we follow a short trunk road to the sleepy town of Linggi where you can get a haircut for less then $5 and not give a damn if your front door's not locked. Only 45 minutes from Port Dickson. Specific destination-- Kg. Tarzan. Definitely not the home of Tarzan & Jane, but I'm sure there's an Ah Chan living somewhere among the fruit orchards (durians aplenty and dragon fruits even) and fishing holes. The reason we go there is because it's the hometown of a friend, CK. It seems that everytime we come, he would have an extra niece (his sister conveniently dumps her children with her mother everytime she gets knocked up while she works in Sinapore with her husband). Currently 2 rascals are there with 1 on the way. Pity the old woman.

Her mother is thrilled everytime we visit. She would prepare us a grand lunch. We suspect the reason for this is because she secretly hopes that 1 of the girls in the group is her future daughter-in-law! But I know for a fact that of all the girls he has brought home to mum-sy, the only 1 that stands the best chance is SK (sorry dear, it's the truth). Speaks Hokkien. Cooks. Good with the kids. Hoho. Wide, child-bearing hips. Haha. Even the kids call her Ah Kim (Hokkien for Aunt). Anyway, lemme get to the food. This time round, CK's mother whipped up sambal fresh water prawns (feshly-caught by CK's dad at the local river), stir-friend kailan stems with water chestnut, stewed pork belly meat, fried sishamo (feshly-caught by CK's dad at the locak beach), fried bean curd with thai sauce, stir-fried sausages and capsicum and spicy pork brisquette and kidney soup (Yum!). The food was fantastic!

After lunch, we cam-whored with the rowdy kids for a bit. They both wore really adorable cheongsam's. The 4-year old one, with a giant tear at the back of her cheongsam declared that she would marry me. And when asked why, she answered:

He got no friend ma...

Great. A sympathy bride. Looks like I can harvest her in about 12 years. Can't wait to go back next year.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

After the Storm

After the Storm
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How often is it that we knock into someone at the mall and we instinctively say, "I'm sorry", without even making a conscious, sometimes even neglecting the slightest of eye contact. How sincere is that apology. Or is it just something that has been drummed into our putty-like minds when we were young. Perhaps just a facade, a defence mechanism we use to shut the wronged party up, to avoid persecution. But then, it might not always work. Sometimes even after delivering the sincerest of apologies, with eyes full of regret, the wronged party glares at us, signalling that "sorry" is really a sorry sight indeed. "Sorry no cure" so to speak. But in such cases, it can't be helped. We have done our part, and if they do not want to grant the absolution, we can only pray they will in the future to release that grudge.

I forgive you and please forgive me.

In love it is quite a different story. I have once discussed with KH that in love, one does not need to say I'm sorry. He disagreed with me. Somehow or rather, it seems the appropiate thing to do achieve a sense of closure on the matter. To make the wrong right again. However, in love, to talk of right and wrong is quite an exercise in futility. Who is to say who has wronged who. Do we not put ourselves in the situation? Do we not see the signs and chose to ignore them? Do we not make the promise that we would not pursue the matter? Do we not say "I love you no matter what"? There is no objectivity in the matter. There is only emotion. Raw emotion. And more often that not, it defies exlanation.

Grant both of us the wisdom.

As such, external parties look at things with rational eyes, whereas the participants in a relationship have rose-tinted vision so to speak. And how easy that rose tint turns blood red when things go awry. When tensions mount; when expectations are not met; when the bubble bursts; when reality sets in. Observers would give seemingly sound advice, but to the participants, they make no sense. As such, trying to apply logic into love can spell disaster. That is why sometimes, the worst harm can come from the best intentions. But the human soul is unpredictable... We can only make a conjecture on the actions of others. We can justify, we can accuse, but at the end of the day, we end up with more questions than answers.

Whatever the reason, whatever the motive- thank you for bringing things to the light.

I remember something from a book I read ages ago- Beth Yap's Crocodile Fury and a phrase goes something like this:

"...Grandmother said that unfinished business always comes back. It will follow a woman through her wet and dry seasons. And when you least expect it, it pays you back tenfold..."

I have now come to see the truth in this. I fear it. Something so far back in the mind. A passing shadow. A dream. A nightmare made real. But still, we must face it and prevail.

We shall get through this.

On a final note:

No wind is blowing, it is but the hearts of men that is in turmoil.

A good lesson to learn. And my heart is at peace now. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Venice of the Heart

Have you ever felt that your head is occupied by a piece of stone?

Is it brain freeze?

Is it writers' block?

Is it the mind going blank?

Is it futility?

Do you get that sinking feeling in your heart at times?

Is it indigestion?

Is it heart congestion?

Is it the blues?

Is it longing?

Is this post going anywhere?

Truth. Pain. Lies. Pain.

Either way. Betrayal.

Monday, March 12, 2007


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As promised, this is the prequel to my CGM post. During the day, I was actually gallavanting in Bentong. The Catholic commnunity there arranged a big Chap Goh Mei celebration at a school hall there. My mum, SK and I took a chartered bus there with 30 others. We arrived after an hour or so. As with Tangkak, I was most impressed with the size of the town. Many were already there, pouring out of other buses from KL and the east coast. Just as the bus stopped, most of the passangers scrambled down to use the loo. Due to the lack of signage, it was chaos. Toilets had turned unisex, with auntie's running around in them while the men eased themselves at the urinals! Pengz.

Nothing much was going on in the hall, mostly people mingling, looking at some exhibiton booths and having breakfast. Some people were trying to solve "lantern riddles". Hate those IQ questions and riddles. Chinese ones are even more absurd. Others were watching the local lion dance troupe practise. The hall is big but really stuffy. Not much ventilation and the huge crowd wasn't helping the situation. Mass started at 11.00am and it was presided over by 5 priests. After that, an opening ceremony with lots of confetti, 3 roast pigs and a giant lou sang. Meals were then distributed-- yummy fried noodles with curry chicken and fried fishballs. The entertainment for the day was mostly group singing (no dance routine, but original song and lyrics with hand gestures - eeekkk!!!), a guitar solo that's very Jesse Cook meets Gypsy Kings meets Six-Finger Qin Demon (handy fingerwork and guitar-thumping. Impressive!), lion dance (typical), stupid jokes (courtesy of two moronic emcees) and a guest appearance by Yu Di. Yu Di's a singer from the 70s and 80s who now sings oldies for a living. If you caught NTV7's Superstar singing contest a couple of years back, you'd remember her as one of the judges. Think of her as Malaysian Idol's Fauziah Latiff.

The performances dragged on into the afternoon and it was getting really stuffy by then, but food was still being passed around-- roasted pork, blueberry cakes and the lou sang from before. Most of the people left after lunch was served. We headed home at around 3.30pm. By the time we reached KL, it was raining and the traffic was really crappy. MRR2 was really backed up and we had to take a detour. Whereever we turned to, the roads were also congested. Sao. Reached PJ at around 5.30pm and I rushed back to prepare for dinner (refer to the sequel). That concludes my CGM post.

No citrus personals being cast in or rescued from the Lake of Singlehood. My boat has left for shore.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Invasion from the Land of Smiles

What does it mean when strangers smile at you on the LRT?

1) They want to pass on some joy into your otherwise bleak day.
2) There's a booger hanging from your nose.
3) Your fly is open.
4) Someone is wearing an "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt beside you.
5) You simply attract weirdos.

Well, I'm asking because I was recently on the receiving end of some unwanted but "flattering" attention (in a weird sorta way) from some strangers at the Ampang Park LRT station the other day. Frankie had walked me to
the station after standing in line to buy a Spicy Beef Foldover from McD (yes folks, the perfect way to spend lunchtime with your friends). As I walked down to the station, I noticed 2 Thai nationals there waiting as well. Obvious tourists with backpacks and floppy hats. Eary 30s perhaps. One was short (henceforth referred as shorty) and the other one was taller and dark (henceforth referred as darky. too bad I didn't snap a photo). So, I was leaning on the wall waiting for the train when I noticed shorty looking at me and smiling. I ignored him. He kept babbling to darky in Thai and continued staring and smiling coyly.

He knew I had noticed. I just curled my lips into a faint smile and continued staring into space. They moved closer and closer, but still a respectable distance. Then, the train arrived. I moved in first at stood at the edge of the seats with one hand on the metal pole. The dynamic duo followed suit with shorty holding the pole slightly below my hand. More smiles. As the train hurtled onwards, shorty brazenly moved his hand closer to mine and starting tickling the side of my palm. Alarm bells!. I stared at him with the politest smile (doing my best for VNY2007?!) I could muster and shook my head. He just senyum kambing and retreated. Darky just laughed. But he continued in a bit. Darky made gestures with his fist, telling me to knock some sense into shorty, but I just buat dek.

I removed my hand from the pole and typed an sms with one hand telling KH of my little encounter and holding on to lunch with the other. But knowing the sharp corners that Putra trains have to manoeuver, I had to hold onto to the pole again with my phone in hand this time. Shorty was quick to glance at my phone, thinking I had typed a message for him. Damn perasan, man. I shook my head again. This time, shorty introduced himself as a tourist visiting KL for 3 days and told me that he was leaving on the day itself. Told me he was heading to the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. I just made some polite conversation. No skanky exchange. We all got off at Masjid Jamek, but I ditched them in the crowd.

KH told me this adds value to me. But I wonder, is it a plus to get hit on by strange men on public transport!?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ultra HK

Swiped from williamnyk.
Recently, I received an e-mail from Samsung Fun Club (SFC) stating that I had won the "Tony" Prize of their "Ultra Honour" contest. Don't jump around pulling your hair yet, I didn't win an Ultra Edition Samsung phone. The contest featured 3 of their spokespersons, and all you had to do was take an "Ultra Personality" test and write a little something at the end (I forget). The prizes are awarded according to the personality you matched:

1) Rizalman - A Rizalman T-Shirt.

2) Bernard Chauly - An autographed Bernard Chauly postcard (is he famous?).

3) Tony - Samsung Premiums (who?).

Being the smart one as always, KH translated Samsung Premiums as "Samsung marketing freebies". I got the following:

1) A really cool Ultra Edition paper bag.

2) An aluminium CD holder.

3) A business card holder.

4) A SFC keychain.

5) A SFC handphone strap.

6) A note holder.

7) A notepad.

8) A thermos.

Gifts. Gifts and MORE gifts. Just seem to get enough of 'em. Even small baubles and trinkets are welcome. I have quite a collection really on my mirror cabinet. And recently, my sister came back from her HK trip bearing more gifts:

1) A reversible sling bag. (kewl!)

2) A Camoufla Monkey solar flash plate (a keychain that flashes in the presence of light).

FK also went to HK Disneyland and got me a Steamboat Willie pen! Bwahaha. Oh yeah, SK's stuff from her Vietnam trip too!

Practically giggling with joy. And it's not even Christmas!

Last but definitely not least, KH came bearing gifts from Singapore too:

1) A Monkey Head T-shirt (says it reminds him of me. Monkey genes.)

2) An intricate aluminium keychain

Anyone who has seen my room will agree that my chest of drawers is already overflowing with trinkets. But some are very close to my heart. Gifts that are borne out of much love and thought.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Janji Joni

Janji Joni
Swiped from pohoncemara.
I recently organised a small ex-coursemate gathering and of the 7 that were contacted, only 3 turned up. The rest responded very late only to disappoint. It's so very annoying. Yes is Yes. No is No. Don't leave people hanging. Sigh. I am very thankful to Egg for being the easiest to deal with:

Egg: I would like to join. What time? Place?

Me: Sunday. Melaka Street Restaurant, SS2. 7:00pm.

Egg: OK, no problem. See you there.

Here are a few examples of pengz friends:

YC: Err... is the gathering still on?

Me: Sunday. Melareet Restaurant, SS2. 7:00pm.

YC: Har! Not in shopping mall ar..?

Me: No.

YC: I see la if my bf want to come along.

Me: Means you can come la, but just want your bf to come along?

YC: Err.. nvm. Just ignore me.

Me: Can do. (&^%$#$@)

Another keeper:

Trumpet: Err... is the gathering still on?

Me: Sunday. Melaka Street Restaurant, SS2. 7:00pm.

Trumpet: Who else is coming?

Me: So far only me, KK and Egg has confirmed.

Trumpet: Keep me posted.

(she deferred her confirmation right up till Sunday and still no answer)

Me: You coming or not?

Trumpet: I have temankan my friend from overseas. She's going back today.

Grrrr.... I doubt her friend just appeared at her doorstep without any warning. Could have just told me that she couldn't make it. Haiyeh.

Janji Joni... as Mel so aptly put it.

Annoyances aside, we had a great dinner. Good food. Good laughs. Some nice gossiping and cam-whoring. Talked about career, friends, social life, love life (or the lack of it), lewd jokes and basically fluff. After dinner, we went off to SS2 Food Court for some dessert. At 10pm, I had to bid adieu as Clay and Dave were waiting at Island Cafe. A nice insight into Dave's wardrobe and vanity that night. And the overly-helpful sales staff incident. He never fails to surprise. Clay helped me to buy a hard cover illustrated copy of Angels & Demons at RM39 at the MPH Warehouse Sale. Murah giler. I left before midnight, so couldn't catch Eric who was speeding back from JB.

That's how I spent the 2nd half of CGM. Will post the prequel later. Hehe.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Curtains and Cendol

Swiped from williamnyk.
A little bit more of my CNY recap. It's still not Chap Goh Mei yet (go throw
bananas into Tasik Taman Jaya
), so I'm allowed. For years and years, CNY would always involve a trip to Teluk Intan. However, instead of north, we headed south this year. For winter. No. To visit my nomadic uncle in Tangkak. So early CNY2, my mum, my bro and I got up early and drove down the PLUS highway. Reached it in under 2 hours and thank God there are no trunk roads to ply. The exit is near enough the town. QUite an impressive place really. I expected just one main road, but it actually has several. Banks aplenty. 7-11s aplenty. Even has a thriving textile business. Food is bloody cheap. RM2.00 can get you a big bowl of curry noodles. And when I paid RM1.00 for a dhosa, I got RM0.40 change (was a little stunned). My uncle met us for breakfast and later brought us to where he crashes. He actually lives above some shoplots in a makeshift temple. He's the caretaker- makes sure the oil lamps don't go out and that the incense stays lit.

After some small talk, we left for town. My mum wanted to visit the textile shops..... argghhhh. It's quite peculiar, all the shops congregate at the same area. So much competition. And they all look the same. Same architecture. Same layout. Makes me wonder whether they're all owned by the people. The ground floor usually sells the cheap stuff. Baju kurung material, tudung, bedsheets (Single Bedsheet = Cadar Bujang = Bachelor Bedsheet = Semen resistant material?!) etc. Horrendous patterns. Flowers. Loud colours. But then, whatever sells. Most of the salesgirls would be Malay. Upstairs is where the curtain cloths are. Usually manned by the Chinese staff. The lady bosses. Prices are quite ridiculous. The price tag says RM24. But in reality, it can go right down to RM12. Goodness. We spent a couple of hours there, and mum left with several pieces of curtain and table cloths.

Since Tangkak is not far from Melaka, we decided to give my sister a visit. We exited at Ayer Keroh and headed down to Bukit Baru. The jam was horrible. No thanks to the stupid zoo and other attractions located near the highway exit and the obsene number of traffic lights along the way. The crawl extended all the way to Bukit Baru. Upon reaching my sister's mother-in-laws coffee shop, we were greeted by........(drumroll)....... Malaysia's Largest Inflatable God of Prosperity. (Cymbals). Not impressed? Oh well. Neither was I. The coffeeshop was teeming with customers (it was 4:00pm!). The increased price seemed to be no deterrent. Seeing that we arrived, my sister's in-laws were quick to serve up their famous chicken rice and spicy dry pan mee. Yummy!

My sister and her husband used us as an excuse to escape the hustle and bustle of the shop by driving us into Melaka town to see the sights. First stop-- the Stadhyust (typo kot?). Huge crowd there. Ho-hum. People taking photos with an albino phython. I was more interested in the tastelessly-decorated trishaws and a paragon lala mui who was being photographed by her boyfriend. Soon after that, we left for Jonker Street. It was my first time there and I was impressed. Many shutterbugs around to capture the old world taste of Jonker. We stopped at Hainan Lao for very good Cendol, Curry Noodles and fried stuffed beancurds. Emmm... A myriad of interesting shops around selling creative crafts and quaint cafes with special themes. One Restoran Famosa even has an opulent Forbidden City interior decoration. Let's say just two notches below Curse of the Golden Flower. And that's saying a lot. Just pay RM15 to have your photo taken as the Ching Emperor. After that, we headed over to Plaza Pahlawan to do some shopping. Left for dinner with the in-laws without buying a thing. We left at around 10:00pm. By the time we reached home.. bateri habis, but it was definitely fun. Melaka is quite a town.



Thursday, March 01, 2007

Between the Lines

Swiped from williamnyk.
I am who I am. Not the tacky Michael Wong song, but accepting someone for who they are- all their virtues and shortcomings.
Light of my Life. Not some buthane commercial, but shedding light into someone's soul, drawing out their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Vis-a-vis. Face to face. Heart to heart. A genuine connection.
Kind. One of a kind. My kind of person. A heart overflowing with kindness, gentleness, sincerity and patience.

Heaven on Earth. Make the best of what we have now. Treasure it. Our own little heaven on earth.