Friday, June 30, 2006

Hot Cup

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Sent HP to Puduraya, but she was unable to get any bus tickets back to Kuantan. Friday night is a bad time to travel. Since it was a failed trip, we had an unoffical celebration for SK. She finally submitted her thesis to the university for senate approval. Supper at Vitya Curry House, Taman Desa. One of the few places that serve drinks in metal cups. For hot drinks, there are two cups, one tall and one stout. One should pour the piping hot drink from the tall cup into the wider-mouthed stout cup to cool. Then drink from the latter. According to my colleague, such drinking technique is only practised in certain regions. Try it out for the novelty factor! And one more interesting trivia about Indian culture -- the people there don't really take to iced drinks. You order iced coffee and you're likely given a strange look! Hot, hot drinks for a hot, hot country.

Wild Hair Skateboarder

Wild Hair Skateboarder
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Remember Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter Boy" from a couple of years back? I listened to it on my MP3 player while commuting to work the other day and for the first time , I noticed the lyrics. And you know what?

The lyrics gave me goosebumps.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bad Bunny

Happy Easter!!! (^o^)
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Had a catch-up yumcha session with CK and KK at Rabbit Cafe, Seri Petaling. I was promised by KK that it would be a nice quiet place with a great atmosphere. Well, I was had. The place was dang noisy. Two large groups were having a birthday bash. And the F&B disappointing. The ordering process was a pain. First, the variety causes your head to spin because you don't know what to have. When you DO decide, they'll tell you that this is not available, and that is not available. I was tempted to ay, "WHAT IS AVAILABLE?". I had a go at Champagne Bubble Tea. And let me tell you that a nasty blue drink came to the table tasting of bubble gum rather than champagne. I'm a sucker for weird stuff. The yam cake was also strange. Deep-fried yam paste. Golden brown on the outside, paste-like on the inside. Instead of yam, I got black-eyed peas.

Standard conversation. Exchange of niceties. Mengumpat. Talk cock. Blow our own trumpets, as Mel likes to say (some people I know love to do this). Bitch about other friends. Current events. Suddens lulls in the conversation. Several yawns. We're outta there.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mystery Solved

Hit, Miss, Hit
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My web logs indicates multiple visits from 'someone' in Arizona, Phoenix. Recently, I found out 'who' that is.

Drum roll....................... It's myself.

Bikin malu je. Found this out after a little experimentation. The number of returning visits corresponded with the number of times I load my blog. Pengz... And I thought I had a stalker from the U.S.

MEDC 2006

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Attended the Microsoft Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2006 (MDEC) on Tuesday. Arrived at the Sunway Convention Centre at 8:00am. I bloody woke up at 5:30am that morning for no inconceivable reason and forced myself to sleep till 6:30am. As usual, the Sunway Toll on the LDP was jammed. People are never on their lanes. Left wants right, right wants left. Nice. Anyway, I tried to register when I received, but they couldn't seem to find my name...

Usher: Good morning, sir! You're registered as a ..... ?
Me: Morning. Err, I think under delegate.
Usher: This way sir. What's your company name?
Me: *Censored*.
Usher: Ohhh, that would be at this line.
(My turn arrives)
cute registration girl: Good morning, sir. Your business card?
Me: Morning.
(I hand over my card, she struggles to find my record)
cute registration girl: Can you repeat your information again sir?
(I repeat myself, meanwhile another girl joins the fray)
Another cute registration girl: Sir, are you sure you paid?
Me: Emm, I'm pretty sure it's paid for. I received the reminder e-mail and everything. Perhaps you could check under unpaid for me.
cute registration girl: Yeah, your name is under unpaid. Sir, are you sure you have paid?
(Girls stare at me thinking 'BLUR'. Red in the face)
Me: Ohh. Let me come back to you on that.
(I call my boss.)
Me: Morning. Have we paid?
Boss: Morning. The cheque is with the other guy.
Me: Oh. Never mind then... I'll wait.

The conference
actually started at 9:30am. Ugh. I shouldn't have dragged myself outta bed so early. Kena tipu. In the keynote address and all the other track sessions, it's obvious that Microsoft is hawking their Windows Mobile 5.0 and Visual Studio 2005. The speakers kept on emphasising on how easy it is to use, the IDE of choice, increases productivity, yadda, yadda, yadda. But it really is quite impressive. Intellisense now inserts code snippets, 'using' statements can be automatically inserted for you, the SDKs provide much abstracted APIs... Cool stuff. However, the typical Malaysian audience doesn't quite show much enthusiasm. So, when certain features are announced (that are supposed to cause developers to jump up and down with wild abandon), the speakers themselves have to create the excitement. It's THAT simple?! I don't have to worry about the nitty-gritty external interfaces anymore?! Wow! It retreived data in 728ms?!. You get the picture.

One speaker I
have to mention-- Mel Sampat, Program Manager for Application COmpatibility at Microsoft. It's obvious he's
not Hokkien. The food was great. The talks were interesting. But I didn't get to use the hands-on lab. Not really a loss, I do zilch development for mobile equipment anyway. But with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005's emulators, anyone can do it! Oh my, I'm beginning to sound like one of their evangelists. And what's a conference without freebies? They gave away t-shirts, knapsacks, misc. SDKs, magazines and HP IPAQs!!! I'm not one of the lucky guys. :(.

And here's something interesting at the conference. You drop a mentos into the appropiate vase to indicate whether you're satisfied with the organizers. At the end of it all, there was SUMO ROBOT tournament. Little robots with sensors and servos
and Windows Mobile 5.0 programming duke it out in a cirlce, trying to push each other out. Some committed suicide, but most had assisted suicide. It was fun.

Monday, June 26, 2006


While looking through my logs today, I found that a google search for
the term "Joey Wong Pantyhose" actually returned a result to my blog.
Pengz. What kind of fetish is that?!

Secondly, I'm wondering what is 'interesting' in Arizona, Phoenix? Hmm...

Mixed, No More

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It's been years since I ate the famous pork noodles at Sun Sea Restaurant @ OUG. Some people like it because it's an amalgam of pork noodles and seafood noodles, some hate it for that same fact. Oh well, can't please 'em all. Anyway, it's been nearly two years since I tasted it. And oh boy, how it has changed. The price has increased from MYR3.00 to MYR4.00 and they have stopped putting in the 'spare parts'. No wonder the aunty was so pissed when I kept reminding her that I did not want the innards. There's none to begin with. If you want liver and intestines, extra charge le... However, they're still as busy as ever. JUst look at the big collection of multi-coloured mugs, all ready for the take-out customers. See the basin of fried pork lard and money strewn on the counter... yeah, business is still thriving.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dim Sum And Duck

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After church, SK and I went for a late breakfast. Our target: Dim Sum at Seri Petaling. The first stop was World of Dim Sum at Jalan Radin Anum, a place that my sister brought me years ago when I first came to KL to study. We had the standard fare of siew mai, ha gau, chu cheong fun. We would have ordered more, but the stuff was cold! How to eat la. The food was actually good, no MSG aftertaste, good minced meat texture, but it was cold. Ugh. Feeling unsatisfied, we headed to another shop, Pan Ki, a favourite of KK's. The Dim Sum there was piping hot. Ordered 'phoenix feet', ribs, Cha Siew Bao and Wu Kok. Unfortunately, it was way too salty for m y taste. I had to wash my mouth out with water an hour after that meal. Another 'Ugh'. I still remember the best Dim Sum I had in KL was at Shangri-la. MYR9.00 a serving! Fantastic. Crystal Jade Palace in Singapore is also another good place for Dim Sum. I hear that Yook Woo Hin at Jalan Petaling is also very good. Hmmmm.....

Dinner was at Bandar Puteri Puchong with SK and Co. again. Saw an interesting decor and furniture shop by the name of Asian Roots. Plenty of duck merchandise. Porcelein ducks, wooden ducks, duck combs, etc. They even had a sign that read Duck House. Don't get me wrong, it's no gigolo den.

PS: Sorry that this has been a food review without pictures. My HP ran out of juice...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bratty Kids, Blockhead-ed Parents

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7th Day of the 5th Lunar Month. Insects awaken. Bad Hair Day.
Note: Couldn't resist starting my post ala 'East Evil, West Poison' style. :P

Had the house to myself again this weekend with mum at camp somewhere in A'Famosa, Malacca. However, I hardly spent any time at home, mostly chilling at SK and HP's place and guess what, Jusco Taman Equine again.The only moments I had at home I spent watching DVDs that my mother would have found objectionable. I really should get a DVD-ROM for my PC. Or better yet, a decent PC. There's always something to say about Jusco. This time round, I found it really a family-oriented place. Chock-full of kid. Unruly kids. Unsupervised kids. Tearing all over the store. Like some brood of mutant insects from Starship Troopers. Running around, bumping into things, lying on the floor, shouting... Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but please keep a tight leash on them. Don't just look from afar and shake your head when your kid is trying to climb the luncheon meat display. This brings me to my story.

I was waiting in line for the ATM (the ATM's located beside the escalator). There was also a bench beside that escalator with two hyper-active kids jumping up and down on it. I ignored the little monsters. Not long after that, I noticed something from the corner of my eye, one of the little scoundrels was actually hanging off the escalator's hand rail and slowly being hoisted up to the first floor. I quickly tried to get to the budak celaka. Luckily the kid let go after ascending 2 metres or so and I barely caught the brat. He just sprang back to the bench to sit, and only after a while that the situation dawned on him, and he sobbed quietly. Turns out that the mother was lining up in front of me and she didn't even know what happened. She didn't care, she just dragged her two kids to the next store. Yikes.

Another example of this excellent parenting and child-care style can be found in my neighbourhood. I have a neighbour who loves to take his kids out for a stroll in the evenings. And you know what? He has a favourite spot. To be more specific-- a blind spot. He has a penchant to let his toddler ride his tricycle in the middle of the road, a road that happens to be a sharp turn. The father will be standing at the other end of the road and he would have to be Superman to be able to save his son in time if a vehicle came barreling down the road. I have needed to make a complete stop at least three times at that turning to wait for the idiotic father to dilly-dally and bring his son to the side of the road. Really an accident waiting to happen.

Do these people have common sense? Or they just choose to ignore it?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Pay Day

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Pay day for me, is on the 25th, which so happens falls on a Sunday this month. Anway, with banks working 5 day-weeks now, payroll transactions aren't performed on weekends anymore. Either on Friday or the following Monday. I just accessed my accounts internet banking site. Looks like it's gonna be Monday. :(.

So leceh these days, can't do banking on weekends. Even 2 Saturdays a week is better than none. We can't do everything at self-service branches. Those machines are a blessing and a curse at the same time. For those who know how to use them, they are fast and efficient. But for those who don't, they get turned away at the counter after waiting in line. The machines don't give you attitude, but they can always be under maintenance. And ATMs always run out of money when you most need it. Perasan tak?

Talking of attitude, the other day when I went to the Tiger bank to stop payment on my cheque at the branch, the stupid customer service officer had the nerve to tell me that I had to prepare a letter. F*ck that. Ingat aku bodoh, that a transaction that can be done with a click of a button on their internet banking site requires a letter from me, when I come in person to the branch, no less. Idiotic. The either ignorant (most probably lazy) customer service officer didn't even offer any alternatives. I walked over to their internet banking kiosk myself (I had qualms about using those kiosks due to fear of key loggers, but no choice at the time). She then faked concern and came over to tell me that "Oh yeah, do through the internet la". Like I needed you to tell me. You know what? It was offline. I stormed outta the branch and stopped the cheque at the obliging friend's place via the internet. Just a simple thing.... arggh.

PS: In case you're wondering, the pic is of the bowels of an ATM machine. No $$$ to see though.

This Used To Be My Playground

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If you're all wondering, it's not my playground. That song from Madonna just suddenly came to mind. Perhaps currently I'm feeling a little bit like the girl in the picture.

There's a whole selection of cool stuff on the playground, and she's just 'settled' for the dinosaur ride. But see the blank expression on her face? It's just not quite what she expected. Her legs are too long. She looks stuck.

What the hell am I rambling about....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Get Lost

Get Lost
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Eye-catching isn't it? Found this at F.O.S. A corrupted version of the famous phrase from Jerry Maguire.

Shut up. Just shut up.....You had me at hello. You had me at hello.

Awwww. Romantis banget sih.. *rolls eyes*. Read the monologue here. T-shirts are getting more and more interesting these days. Can't beat those ah lian prints that have bad grammar and don't mean shit. And I really hate those "I'm a sex coach, first lesson free" prints.

Anything interesting in your wardrobe?

East Evil, West Poison

Bedouin thoughts
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I finally finished both movies and I can now present my report.

Sediu Ying Hung Tsun Tsi Dung Sing Sai TsauDung che sai duk
Brigitte LinThird PrincessMu-Rong Yin / Yang
Leslie CheungHuang Yao-shiOu-yang Feng
Maggie CheungSageThe Woman @ Ou-yang Feng's sister-in-law / lover
Tony Leung Chiu WaiOu-yang FengBlind Swordsman
Tony Leung Ka FaiDuen LongHuang Yao-shi
Jacky CheungHung ChiHung Chi
Carina LauChou Po-tungPeach Blossom
Joey WongHuang Yao-shi's Sweetheart[Scenes Deleted]

It's funny how nearly the same cast from the ultra-stupid version came back to do the ultra-arty version. Somehow I found "Ashes of Time" more entertaining now. Perhaps my tolerance is higher now. Their lives are all screwed up. Intertwined with each other.
Everything in the story relates to Ou-yang Feng, a hitman agent. where to begin... Huang Yao-shi promises to marry Mu-Rong Yang's sister (Mu-Rong Yin), knowing that Mu-Rong Yin and Mu-Rong Yang are the same person (split personality). Huang Yao-shi doesn't show up.
Mu-Rong Yang gets pissed. So 'he' hires Ou-yang Feng to kill Huang Yao-shi. Mu-Rong Yin on the other hand also hires Ou-yang Feng, but to kill Mu-Rong Yang, because 'he' desires to have 'her' and 'she' loves Huang Yao-shi. At the end of whole fiasco, Mu-Rong Yin / Yang goes
nuts after molesting Ou-yang Feng in his sleep (imagining that he is Huang Yao-shi, while Ou-yang Feng imagines 'he/she' is his sister-in-law / ex-lover. Mu-Rong Yin / Yang becomes a famous swordsman / woman who practices with 'his/her' reflection. End of that thread.

Huang Yao-shi is a good friend of Ou-yang Feng. He visits him in the dessert every year to drink wine. The reason he visits him every year is because he wants to get news of Ou-yang Feng back to Ou-yang Feng's sister-in-law. With this excuse, Huang Yao-shi can see Ou-yang Feng's sister-in-law
every year, because he secretly loves her. In addition, the Blind Swordsman's wife, Peach Blossom also loves Huang Yao-shi. One year at Ou-yang Feng's place, Huang Yao-shi kills a bunch of horse thieves. They'll come back later for revenge. The same year, Ou-yang Feng's sister-in-law dies and
before croaking she gives him magic amnesia wine for Ou-yang Feng. Huang Yao-shi drank half it and ended up a hermit on Peach Blossom Island. Later, the Blind Swordsman is hired to kill the pissed horse thieves. He was killed before he could go back to visit his wife before going completely blind.
Ou-yang Feng later got Hong Chi to kill the horse thieves. Hong Chi
leaves eventually to become the Beggar Clan's leader. He leaves his business and goes back to his hometown after realizing that Huang Yao-shi will no longer visit him and that his sister-in-law / lover was dead. He swigs the last of the magic wine. He becomes the lord of the land there. Hong Chi and Ou-yang Feng duel to their deaths.


Bent Back

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Brought my mum to the Chiropractor yesterday. Complained of a stiff shoulder and neck. The doctor performed dry needling on her to loosen the muscles, and it seems that her muscles were so stiff that a few needles were bent. Scary stuff, her back had swollen areas after the whole treatment. Have to go back on Friday, hope it works.


Later had dinner downstairs, a vegetarian place called Chat Masala. As you can see, the walls had nice ethnic paintings on them. The food was OK. We had chapati, thosai and rava thosai. One complaint though - the floor is *really* slippery. Luckily they have a chiropractor upstairs. Must be some kind of synergy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Little Grasshopper

At rest
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It's been ages since I've actually seen a live grasshopper. The one I photographed is either high or half-dead as I could get really close and it wouldn't even bat an eyelid, ... compound eye membrane or whatever.

The memories of terrorizing grasshoppers as a kid all come flooding back to me:
1) Whack them with flying slippers
2) Immobilize them, then put them in the midst of scavenging kerengga who literally tear them to bits
3) Helping my bro stir fry them in a pan

Those were the days. I wonder what kids play with these days?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Stay back!

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Took this photo on the Star LRT. There's obviously something not right about these two. For some unknown reason, the girl sat with her back towards the guy. Yeah, I know the guy's face memang menyampah a bit, but she acted as though the guy's a pervert or something. And the guy kept on looking at her with an annoyed expression. I don't think they're a couple, both got off at separate stations.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Fugly HandbagCleaned the cooker head today. Such an exotic way to start a post, huh? Nothing much happened today. Sunset mass. A quick nip over to Ikano and The Curve. Just to have a look at some furniture at Harvey Norman and visit the new MJ. Saw the ugliest handbag there.

Quite quiet for Father's Day. I haven't celebrated that for 9 years now. Polishing my shoe yesterday reminded me that my late dad taught me how to do it.... Back to Mutiara Damansara. Most restaurants were empty. One table of diners at Royale Bintang was serenaded by a two violins and a cello. Too bad I couldn't get a pic. Another girl at The Curve bazaar area caught my eye. She was eating a chicken wing, but she was so intently staring at a couple that she forget about the wing in her mouth and jest let it hand there like the number '7'. Hilarious! Oh yeah, can anyone tell me what's at Cineleisure? Is it up and running?

CineleisureFinally supper at Old Klang Road. Had a fantastic Bak Kut Teh with lean meat, tail, bones, brisquette, intestine, fatty meat and shrooms. Plus a bowl of kidneys cooked in wine. I can just imagine the cholesterol...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jusco Revisited

Started the day by doing chores. Ugh. Polished shoes. Washed the grimy kitchen windows. Cleaned the fan. Then it was off to a little outdoor fun.

Last Thursday I braved the crowds at Jaya Jusco Taman Equine, and whaddya know, I was back at it on Saturday. This time with SK who needed to do some grocery shopping. Since my mum didn't get to buy the as advertised cheap sale household items, I decided to let my auntie-ness shine. I grabbed the four cheapest items that I needed.
1) Naturel Omega Blend Cooking Oil - MYR15.99
2) HL Fresh Milk - MYR3.50
3) LTK Omega-3 Eggs - MYR2.89
4) Sau Tou Abalone Instant Oat Noodles - MYR9.99 (premium MSG)

I regretted buying the milk. I regretted trying banana flavour. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT get it in that flavour. Tastes damn artificial. Kinda like liquified cheap banana cake. Ugh. The highlight of the whole trip was an appearance by Jaya Jusco's celebrity ambassador...... Siti Nurhaliza!!!! Ho hum. All the Malay shoppers flocked to center court to film her with their camera phones. Some even came with handy cams. Couldn't get a clear view, had to settle watching her through some guys swivel LCD.

OldtownOur stay there ended with coffee at Oldtown Kopitiam. Tried their Xi Mut (pantyhose!) Milk Tea. Blech. Horrible. Prefer the one at Jalan Petaling branch. Reached home around four to watch a VCD I got from Speedy, Tung Zhe Sai Tuk. Fantastic comedy. I'll watch the Wong Kar Wai version later (Ashes of Time). I watched the art house version years ago at the cinema. It's the only movie I've been to where half the audience walked out, while the rest just boo-ed and laughed out loud at the arty-farty scenes. Still can't believe I bought two versions of the same story. I end the post with the psychadelic interior of Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Groovy neon green prints. And they have the mosaic pillars I mentioned in my previous post!

Wong Kok

Friday, June 16, 2006


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Some extra posts today since I'm completely cut off from the internet on weekends.

Just some updates about work. I've given a very good opportunity to try something new. Many new things actually. I know there's a stick, but the carrot is still quite vague. I know this sounds cryptic, as Zemien likes to say, but it is a mystery to me as well. I'm just playing along hoping that it'll pay off. However, it does entail some major role change on my part. Kinda like being thrown in the deep end of the pool after spending so long in the kiddy pool.

Sink or swim?
(Literally, I can't swim. :P. Been thinking of getting lessons for ages)

Perhaps I've been in my comfort zone for too long. I can't help but think I've been put up to the altar.

We'll see, we'll see.


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Berkshire Hathaway Holdings' stock is up to USD3,060.00 today. Yikes. But this pales in comparison to its price in the 90s-- a whopping USD80,000.00. One can scarcely believe.

Warren Buffet. Bukan manusia ke?

New Toilet

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Aeon Seri Kembangan openend on Thursday after much anticipation. It is the first decent shopping mall in Bandar Putra Permai. I knew it would be a nightmare to go there on the opening day , but you know what, I went anyway.

It's not like I have never been to Jaya Jusco before.
It's not like there aren't better malls around.
It's not like I didn't know that the roads are jammed and the parking would be hell.

My sister, mum and I braved the crowds anyway. We parked nearly 1km away and walked in. You can see how bad the jam was yesterdays night through the picture I snapped. A snail's pace. I can't believe we walked that far. A serious case of sua-ku-ness. Or norak as they say in Indonesia.

But I must say that Aeon Seri Kembangan has a bright future ahead of it. It's quite nice really, reminiscent of Alamanda Putrajaya. Most of the tenants are from the established franchises and it does not have the cheap feeling to it, like South City Plaza.

After braving the crowds and the horrible traffic, we walked away with just one dustbin and a T-shirt. It was soooo worth it.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Keratin Basil

Keratin Basil
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My colleagues and I had lunch at Bangkok Expresso the other day. From the same chain as Amarin. Pricey stuff and the service was so-so. But the Hot Basil Chicken Rice that my colleague ate took the cake.

Just look hard enough in the photo and you can see the hair in the midst of the hot basil leaves (they look like tea leaves here). Even more shocking is my colleagues response to it.

No need to replace la. They'll most probably just remove the hair and give me the same thing.

Is service *that* bad that we won't even bother?


I have been cheated. I have no say in my future direction. Secrecy prevails...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My company is abuzz with talks of organizational changes. Everyone is worried about how they will fit in into the new structure. Instant
messages are flying back and forth, pouring in from many channels. Rumours aplenty. I'm going back for a meeting tomorrow morning.

D-Day. Opportunity is knocking.

What's the buzz, tell me what's happening,
What's the buzz, tell me what's happening,
What's the buzz, tell me what's happening...
-- excerpt from Jesus Christ, Superstar


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DBKL officer: Ei, Lanun, dilarang menjual VCD/CD cetak rompak!

Pirate: OK lor. I jual DVD cetak rompak.

In anticipation of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


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You have someone you don't like living with you?

Just get a bottle of Licin-Licin from your neighbourhood grocery store and mix one cap-full into half a pail of water. Mop the intended area throughly. Let it dry. Then place a rug over it. Stay clear of the area, or you might just slip and break your neck.

Disclaimer: The contents of this post are for entertainment reasons and do not expressly represent the opinions of the author. Have fun!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ice Breakers

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Another gem from my Saturday trip to Sungei Wang Plaza. Hidden between travel agencies. An introduction agency. A marriage broker.
Aptly named ICE BREAKERS. I love their tagline of "Why Stay Single!". Like it's a choice we all actively make. It claims to be the the nation's biggest professional multiracial introduction agency. Source unknown.

Here are several reasons to use their services:
1) Our co. is working towards ISO9000
- I'm only aware of ISO9001:2000. At least you'll rest assured that they'll not mess up your profile and pair you with a babboon.
2) More than 20 yrs in introduction service
- Backed by a long history!
3)Choice of friendship, companionship, marriage and language exchange
- friendship = one night stand? companionship = live-in partner? language exchange = can anyone enlighten me?
4) We are affordable
- 'Affordable' for desperate people most probably equals big bucks
5) More than 20,000 members, wider choice of selection
- Just log on to and and you'll see how unimpressive that figure is.
6) Genuine clientele
- Genuinely desperate.
7) Safe, all members are screened
- Weed out the whackos or the disease-ridden?
8) Written agreement, assured introductions
- Once an introduction is set up, one must go on pain of death
9) Strictly private & confidential
- They won't sell your info to MCA's Cupid Club.
10) Preview of potential matches
- Basically let you scratch off the one's you don't wanna bang
11) Widely featured in TV, Astro, Newspapers, etc.
- In the classifieds, I'm certain. On TV?! Never seen them.
12) Outdoor service for the shy, busy people
- Why outdoor I wonder?
13) Open 7 days a week
- Yay!
14) Nationwide services covering Penang, Ipoh, Seremban, Malacca, Johor, Singapore, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, etc.
- I'm glad my hometown was mentioned.
15) Affiliated with more than 15 countries
- I'm certain Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand is high on that list
16) Voted as the best Matchmaking Agency
- Source unknown. The Academy Awards for Matchmakers?
17) Friendly, well trained team of ladies to serve you
- They won't laugh in your face, but will discreetly giggle in the back room.

I wonder if they provide services for the alternative lifestyle?
THAT would really make them the best. Heh.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Saturday marked the second KTV session of my life's history. I marked the first one at RedBox Ria, Sogo. Interestingly, it coincided with my official 3rd anniversary at my company. Yeah, It's my first job and I'm still there, and people wonder why I've not left. But that's for another post. Back to the present.

RedBox, Sungei Wang Paza had the honour of being my second. FK, SK, Soon, CK, MY and I flocked there by 11:00 am to enjoy the lunch special. Just pay for the lunch and you get to sing free for 3 hours. Standard RedBox premises, but the room reeked of stale ciggies and citrus deodarant. Blech. Our playlist was quite diverse, ranging from dangdut to Chinese oldies to the ubiquotous Chinese pop. Sad as it may seem, but the highlight of the whole session was the threesome, rousing rendition of Theresa Teng's "Don't Pick the Roadside Wild Flowers"! I had a blast introducing them to Inul Daratista's "Goyang Inul" and other classics like "Gantengnya Pacarku". Culture shock for most. I must say that most of the old English song's don't have any decent music videos. Annie Lennox's "No More I Love You's" was a shocker with a hooker as the main attraction. Since we're dwelling on the issue of cheapo karaoke MV's, I must say that the one I saw at Endah Parade the other day takes the cake. Sing along to a bikini-clad woman applying liberal amounts of sun tan lotion on her thighs and bosom.

Originally uploaded by williamnyk.

Another interesting thing about RedBox Sungei Wang that I must mention is that the urinal's feature an innovative design that I have not seen elsewehere.

A splash-proof feature. Makes you feel like your're taking a leak into an aquarium. Perhaps I'll post it to Alex's blog.

After our 3 hours were up, we adjourned to Coffee Bean for some chit-chat. FK's treat. I made a scene by spilling my mocha latte all over the table while trying to catch a fly with a PE cup. Luckily, the other customers quickly lost interest after Masked Rider came on stage to battle an evil tentacle-headed (read bad rasta hairdo) monster hell-bent on terrorizing gym bunnies. Gawd.

Later accompanied SK to get her orthotic sandals at Birkenstock. Bapak mahal. MYR349 for a pair of leather sandals!! But then, some people buy branded sneakers for jalan-jalan at that price too. So I guess the price is justified? As we were leaving, we saw Cleopatra lounging outside Starhill Gallery.
Complete with fan-wielding slaves. Some kind of publicity stunt. Couldn't get a clear shot.

Oh well, another fun-filled day.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Deja Vu

This post was triggered after reading Zemien's post.
It's all very strange. I noticed that I keep having the same conversation over the span of a couple of years. It's always the same flow. A message will come out of the blue from Yahoo! IM (my alternate profile, for, eh-hem, 'forays' into chat rooms). It goes a little something like this.

XXX: Hi, my name XXX.
XXX: Are you there? I guess you're not there. nvm.
Me: Yeah, I'm here.
XXX: a/s/l
Me: 25/M/Malaysia
XXX: I'm shy to ask you this. (blushing emoticon)
Me: ?
XXX: I'm horny. You mind cybering with me?
Me: Uhhh. I'm at the office. Some other time perhaps.
XXX: Oh, come on...
Me: Really, no.
XXX: Well, your loss.
XXX: If you change your mind, check out my profile at YYY
(And of course the profile has some link to some questionable porn site.)

I think I've had this conversation at least thrice. With some minor variations of course.


100 Days 100 Roids
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My blog has reached the milestone of 100 hits. Yay!

I'm pathetic.

Gawd. The next milestone is 900 hits away...

Minasan! Kite kite. Don't shy, shy. Come see, see.

Your patronage is much appreciated.


This is the first time I've received such crap. I'm sooooo tempted to
help out Afshin. The grammatical errors add a pinch of realism to the
e-mail. Smooth....





I know that this letter through which I may be seeking for your fund
transfer and investment assistance abroad will be read with great
surprise, Please don't be because I have just made up my mind to keep
searching till I find the best personnel for my proposal, Actually we
might have not known each other but I am trying to believe in research
and negotiations to finally get things in shape for my family.

My name is Afshin Reza from Iran working here in Ministry of
Petroleum, I am writing you today due to the great danger in which is
looming every were on our nation today, The unsafe government and its
policies, high restrictions on citizen, finance and investment, On
behalf of my other colleague in the office (MOP)I have decided to
request for your \Company assistance as regards to the transfer of the
above stated amount($25 million USD) in to a favorable hand and
account abroad. This fund arose from the over-invoicing of various
contracts awarded in my ministry which has been under my management
and control to certain foreign contractors long ago. We have just been
mandated by the Head of service of the ministry to scrutinize all
payments made to certain foreign contractors, Having this in mind, We
have decided to seek for an outsider to assist on the transfer and
safeguarding of the said fund abroad as soon as possible, Here in
Iran, Code of Conduct of the Federal civil service makes it impossible
for perso
nnel like us to personally run a foreign account abroad

I am therefore seeking for your assistance based on an agreement which
will be been made within our selves as soon as I receive a letter of
interest for my fund transfer and investment, The documents of this
fund will be speedily processed for immediate remittance of the into
your bank account. But before then we shall have to discus what your
interest or percentage amount will be as I truthfully hope you will
give me your full sincerity when the transaction commence,

I will provide you with my international passport telephone \ fax,
working id and all personal details you may require as soon as I get
your confidence when relationship is fully established and smooth
operation commence Isha Allah.

Please, note that this deal needs great secrecy and confidentiality as
I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.
My country is no more safe.

Yours faithfully,
Afshin Reza

10 of Life's Simple Pleasures

Zemien tagged me. Its his way of 'thanking' me for loyally commenting on his blog. This is the first time, so I'll layan it. :D.

In no particular order:
1) Receiving 'real' e-mail. Or better yet, receiving 'real' snail mail.
2) Having some 'me' time.
3) Walking barefoot on grass or sand
4) Running my hands through a soft, comfy blanket
5) Smelling wet grass after an afternoon shower
6) Taking a loooong piss after holding it for too long. :P.
7) Reading a good book.
8) Gossipping over a frappucino.
9) Having good company.
10) Receiving a sincere compliment.

Since I practically don't know much other bloggers who read my blog, I tag Shaz. Amazing that we have keep in touch for so long after just a chance meeting on the Putraline bus. Cheers.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


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Have you ever been in a rut?

Why do we dig deeper and deeper into our problems?

Why are we so pig-headed and blind at times?

I have chosen silence. I have chosen to watch from afar. I have chosen to let nature take its course. We all have our own crosses to carry.

Is it the right choice?

Only God knows.

Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Currently listening to Karunesh's Solitude. In Urdu, about despair. How apt.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


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Took this picture at a friend's place in Seri Petaling. I edited the original to add a mirror image. It's not perfect, I know. I'm no Adobe Photshop expert, OK? Putting that aside, the stairway reminded me of those old Hindi movies where one of the main characters live an big 'ol mansion with those big double stairways near the main entrance. At the ending sequence, the hero's mother would run kena belasah and roll a long way down those steps to protect her son. She would end up half dead at the bottom, living long enough to just whisper some sordid family secret into the hero's ear...

Luke..... I'm your ....... father....

Wrong movie.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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I dropped a bomb on a good friend the other day. I could have kept quiet. I could have filtered out the negative vibes. But it was not to be. I dropped the bomb. She was devastated. A repeat for her. I can only guess what she's going through. Even though we talked it over, I still sense some kind of awkwardness and avoidance. Some things aren't so easy to iron out.

Sometimes don't you wish that you have the memory span of a goldfish...

Various Fried

I had dinner at this hawker stall @ OUG the other day whilst waiting for my mother to arrive home from Cameron Highlands. Thank goodness I had plenty of time to kill. The stall is marked as Various Fried (!!).

Various Fried Mosaic Foot

I ordered a plate of Hokkien Mee and it took them ages. I seriously contemplated leaving. I was so bored that I took a photo of my foot. However, it did make me notice the colourful mosaic tiles on the floor. Those tiny mosaic tiles are such a rare sight these days. I used to see it on pillars back in Kuantan. So Byzantine. Oh well, the plate of noodles eventually came, and it sucked. Normally, when you're extra hungry, mediocre food tastes extra good, so you can imagine the standard.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Attended a housewarming of an ex-schoolmate on Sunday afternoon. She bought an apartment at Bandar Manjalara for MYR260k. You'd have to fork out an extra half a mil for a landed property there. She just renovated it for MYR20k and you know what, she's not gonna stay there. She's gonna leave for Singapore to work by the end of this week.

Nadia Pool Garden Bedroom Apartments

Great buying power. I wonder why I'm not making half as much as her. Oh yeah, I'm a lazy underachiever.

Her ex-coursemates at the party were an interesting bunch. But the best was Sam. She was recounting her whole slimming experience. One jab here, instant slimming. One jab there, shapely thighs. No side effects! Chilli Diet. Slim Wrap. You name it, she's tried it. Scary. I left after a while. Didn't quite fit in. williamnyk's photos tagged with Nadia More of williamnyk's photos tagged with Nadia

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Clowns & Chapati

Headed over to MidValley with Mel on Saturday. Started early to avoid the anticipated YDPA B'day + School Holiday crowd. We just managed to enjoy 5 minutes of congestion-free parking bay hunting. The cars started pouring outta nowhere.

Mel actually did some shopping this time. She actually bought something (unlike the whole X'mas shopping fiasco 3 years back when we actually walked all the floors without buying a thing). We wanted to watch a movie, but the queue... impossible. Had lunch Anna Lakshmi. Nice South Indian vegetarian fare. Each as much as you like, pay as much as you like. We paid MYR20.00, then the cashier asked us for MYR1.00 extra. He pointed to the counter. Emblazoned on it was a GST notice from the Malaysian Customs. It didn't occur to me then, but I should have said that I'm paying MYR19.05, and MYR20.00 is already inclusive of GST.

Over at Centre Court, some Over the Hedge promotional junket was going on with clowns and all. Children were singing along to the antics of a green clown on stage strumming a guitar. It didn't look right. It looked evil. :P.

Left for tea at Sayid's @ SS5. Called Cla out as well. He was half-awake, still dazed after yesterday's yum cha session. But it's his own fault for sacrificing sleep over extra internet time. :P. Cla wanted to sample the famous Maggi Goreng there, but they brought him Mee Goreng instead. In the order, it was written Mee Goreng. So we ordered another, and emphasised MAGGI. In the bill, it was still Mee Goreng. Fearing another mistake, Cla went over to confirm with the chef. Guess what, we got it right this time. I wonder what secret handwriting they use, or it was just plain incompetence the first time. I'll put my money on incompetence. And you know what? The Maggi Goreng wasn't that good.

Late Nights

Friday was kinda an eventful prelude to the long weekend (I took Monday off as a replacement for YDPA's Birthday, wohooo). Mum went off gallavanting to Cameron and I was left to my own devices.

Met up with SK, HP, and I met up with FK for a nice Teo Chew porridge dinner at Peng Hwa @ Old Klang Road. Had FK order the dishes. She was liek a drill sergeant. A nice spread of stewed pork intestines (with a borderline high cholesterol level, I didn't touch those. Anyways, HP couldn't bear looking at them and squirmed when FK put one in her mouth), stewed mui choi, braised peanuts, baby pak choy, ikan masak, stir-fried aubergines, stewed tofu and eggs. Too bad, no photos. FK was kinda worked up that night, much steam to let off about work. We politely obliged.

After dinner, I went off to meet another bunch of friends from uni. KK was bugging me to get yum cha session going and I managed to set one up that was up to his "standards" ("at least 4 participants, and no old faces please". Celaka.). I had YK send me and KK over to SS2 to meet up with Cla. (At the rate I'm using pseudnonyms here, its starting to look like a agony aunt article). Wanted to eat at Murni's, but after seeing the crowd... geleng kepala. All the PJ Cina youths out of the woodwork. Finally ended up in Island Cafe at the other corner of SS2. #$%!#%$#@%. Had a nice long chat up till 2:30am. The choco chip ice blended was quite good. A strange trend at the cafe is that 80% of its patrons played cards. I was tempted to pull put a mahjong set. Even managed to come up with a preliminary plan for a Cherating trip this coming October (the glorious East coast food! I can't wait. I'll outline that in another post). Reached home at 3:00am. Just managed to wash my face and brush my teeth. Ciggie smoke on clothes, wax in hair, just plopped on the bed.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Being Civil

"So the same problem happen again to our few customer. Please make sure the same thing will not be happen again next time."

So sue me.

That's what I get for being nice. B*tch.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place


When is a platonic relationship considered 'bad'?


As the Cantonese saying goes, your palm is flesh, and the back of your hand is also flesh.


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I've been frequenting Endah Parade, Seri Petaling for 6 years now and never once have I ventured higher than the 2nd floor as the place is just plain lame and dull and would have closed down years ago if it wasn't for Carrefour. Here's a rough guide:

LG & G - Carrefour
G - Fast food, Pharmacy and Electrical
1 - Hiong Kong Express (!!!), Hairdressers
2 - Loads of foot reflexology (!!!)
3 - A shipwreck

Yes, boys and girls, it's time for a quiz again. Name me the ship in the photo:
a) Noah's Ark
b) General Cheng Ho's ship
c) The Puritans' Mayflower
d) Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl
e) Spanish galleon sesat

Thursday, June 01, 2006


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Today's post is sponsored by the Malaysian Safe Safety Association (a mounthful, ain't it?).

Safe Safety Tip #273:
Don't out of convenience unlock your safe and cellotape the dials to keep the combination. It defeats the purpose of getting a safe in the first place.

Locking the safe and then putting the combination on a post-it note on the door is safer, as the burglars attempting to steal your belongings might be illiterate.