Thursday, November 30, 2006


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Note: I hope this is not too late...

For the past month, I had attended two DAP Seputih Community Center Building Fund dinners. Not that I'm affiliated with Teresa Kok's (affectionately known as Seputeh's MUlan) political rocketry, but was there to "return a favour" as Chinese would say. Both dinners were held at Thean Hou Temple and was attended by many supporters especially from the Chinese community. It's always fun going to these dinners as we get to see a side of politics that is not usually reported by the media. The structure of these gathering are always the same. Fiery speeches, multimedia presentations, video clips of MPs arguing in the Dewan Rakyat (definitely more interesting than the ones the show you on Bulletin Utama), live performances (sometimes), karaoke (usually by the MPs to raise some funds) and a good old traditional Chinese course dinner ("cold plate", Tom Yam Prawns, Braised Pork Knuckles and Sea Cucumber, Roasted Pork and Duck, Herbal Chicken, Steamed Glutinous Rice). There's always enough fodder on the expense of BN for the opposition politicians to rouse much applause from the audience. Last I heard, Lim Guan Eng was harping on the ASLI issue, Khairy Jamaluddin, Chinese schools, MCA's impotence and his perpetual favourite, profit-sharing from Petronas. On the other hand, his father, Lim Kit Siang, talked much about the shocking things heard and seen during the UMNO General Assembly. With Hishamuddin wielding the keris, we were left to wonder whether the MCA would try their hand at the Chinese halberd (Kwan Tou). Another funny thing is also the fact that OUG and Sri Petaling is populated by over 90% Chinese and yet there is only one primary Chinese school in the area. The government built three national schools there and some of them are under-utilized. I should know, I used to stay beside one in OUG. Only three classes were occupied when I was living there. And the perpetual paving of a main road in OUG. Opps, salah. Korek. Opps, too narrow, korek. All the benda pelik-pelik and its good that there's the opposition too keep tabs on things.

Still on the topic of politics and food (the gullet is the way into the voters' heart?), I also attended a Raya open house by the Puncak Jalil Residents Association (PTPJ) President. I'm not sure whether he organized it in his capacity as PTPJ President, UMNO Puncak Jalil Branch Head or as MPSJ Zone 23 Committee member. He has definitely done a lot for the residents in my area, bringing together the residents, local government and the infamous Talam Corp. Whatever the case, it's a good way to get friendly with the rakyat. Since I skipped the government open house at PWTC, this was the only Raya do I attended. I managed to satiate my appetite for Ayam Masak Merah, Rendang Daging, Nasi Minyak, Acar, dhal and the perpetual favourite Biskut London Almond and Rempeyek. On a more negative note, I had to make a "forced withdrawal" at the toilet with much cold sweat and tears after ingesting all that rich food. Wonder if it's bad curry or the earlier karaoke lunch I had. But seems that I was the only victim. Ugh. Must be me.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I received shocking news at work today. SK called to say that my mother had been robbed somewhere in Dato' Keramat. Luckily, she emerged from the ordeal unharmed and safe, sans a little cash, some jewellery and her handphone. A stroke of bad luck and even worst sampah masyarakat. She went for an art expo at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Jalan Maharajalela and took a wrong turn while trying to get home. She's quite unfamiliar with the road and the road signs are practically Greek to her, so she ended up on Jalan Ipoh-Jalan Ampang. Whilst jamming on a 3-lane road, a Chinese crook got in at the passenger side. For some unknown reason, she did not lock the car doors that day, hence the whole ugly episode. The skinny Chinese crook discreetly took out a knife and asked her to drive on. The celaka was careful not to arouse the attention of the vehicles beside them. But truth be told, the drivers behind would have noticed something amiss, but as expexcted, nobody would really interfere. My mother said she was quite calm and was just intent on the crook leaving the car. Having spent all her cash grocery shopping earlier in the day, he kept on trying to look for secret compartments in her wallet. Not satisfied with the cash, he went for snatched her gold chain and took her rings. Fortunately, her pendant fell to the floor and her anklet went unnoticed. With all that, he jumped out of the car. Some stupid sob story about needing to feed 2 sick kids at home. He's practically a pro, as the knife he was carrying could be reversed and concealed as harmless piece of wood. So premeditated. Ever the savvy woman, my mother had some cash stashed elsewhere, so she could SOS for help. Not knowing where she was, she parked her car at a petrol station and met up with my bro-in-law to guide her home. My mother's calm in the face of danger really dazzled me. Thank God for His mercy.

Sigh. crime has reached such a worrying level. Nearly every female I know has been either mugged or snatched. Some, more than once. Snatched by motorcyclists, snatched by crooks in cars, snatched while being asked for directions. Malay crooks. Chinese crooks. Indian crooks. Indonesian crooks. We've heard it all. And what do the police do?

"Oh, you're the 5th today!"

"Oh, you have the lightest injury so far!"

"Eh, report at another station. This is not in our jurasdiction."

Lesson Learnt: Always lock your car doors. Be alert. And never keep all your eggs in one basket.

Forgive our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.

A seemingly easy thing to do if we survive the ordeal, but for something untoward to happen, it isn't so easy anymore...

PS: This post dedicated to my mum, Mel, Lisa, Justine and Foong Yee.

Monday, November 27, 2006

TGIF?! Not Again...

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Celebrated Mel's 26th birthday last Saturday and it was a celebration steeped in tradition. Will-Mel tradition that is. Minimal guests (planned to have 2 others, but the mutant flu virus currently devastating the Klang Valley had rendered both of 'em bed-ridden). Great lunch. Chit-chat over coffee. Fini. It sounds simple, but it always works. Lunch was at Melaka Street Restaurant, the exact same location I had my birthday lunch last month. No complaints, the food's real good. Mostly spicy numbers. All great with rice. The original plan was TGIF, but...

KK: Lunch at TGIF?! Pelik la...
Cla: I want! I want! Never had it before...
Mel: Err, if we go there, it's gonna be the 3rd year in a row I celebrated my birthday at TGIF...

Since KK and Cla were a KKM statistic, we changed the venue. So easy planning something when there's only two. :P. This time round, we ordered Nyonya brinjal (stir-fried with baby prawns, stir-fried to a dry-wet consistency), Assam fish (Senagin served in spicy and sour gravy with vegetables in a claypot) and mango Kerabu (my fave-- mangoes, chillies, dried prawns, monk's ear fungus). We did some minimal cam-whoring at the restaurant and had to employ the help of waiters at the joint, and we managed to get some shocked stares from the aunty beside us. It has become some kind of passtime for us to cause some kind of scandal whenever we go out. During our days of late nights at Bangsar, Mel would love to hold my hand while crossing the road just to generate some stares from the clubbing Indian and Punjabi guys. Sometimes we even have mock arguements at KFC or Coffee Bean. Haha.

Mel: Were you looking at that girl??!
Me: What should you care? You never put out anyway.
Mel: Not like you could ever fulfill me.
Me: Bitch.

After lunch, the next stop was at the hairdresser's. Mel got a wash and blow (not that kind of birthday "blow").

Mel: Wendy, meet my best friend from uni, William. So leng cai right, with the hair and all?
Wendy: (Pause) Err.... Boleh tahanlah.
Me: (Bitch)

With her hair done, we went over to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Section 14. Venge oh Venge, didn't catch you there. :(. Heh. Was cheated by the barrista, Fazli to order their Christmas drink, Hazelnut Caramel Ice-Blended. Bloody sweet. Diabetes in a cup. I couldn't finish it. If I'd put whipped cream on it, I swear I would have vomitted. The other Christmas flavour is peppermint. Don't waste your money on that either.

Since the birthday girl had another appointment and I was due for my swimming class, we ended it there, but not before heading to the pharmacy to buy a little something for SK-- Durex's Vibrating Condom. Apperently her company wants to do a little R&D, so they need to take a look at the product. The bloody thing costs RM10. Just a condom with a vibrating ring that's supposed to last 20 minutes. The cashier sure gave me a dirty look when I brought that thing to the counter. I think Mel can't go back to that Guardian anymore. Haha.

Happy Birthday to Mel again, and welcome to the club of the 26-35 year age group. :D.

Assam Fish

Kerabu Mango

Nyonya Brinjal

Hazelnut Caramel Ice-Blended

Friday, November 24, 2006

Ancient History

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After getting sick of all the cheap eating establishments in the vicinity of Plaza Vads (the artiste formerly known as Prince, oh wait, the building formerly known as Plaza IBM), I decided to try a slightly more upmarket alternative-- 18th-20th Century Restaurant. Weird name. Don't worry, you won't see this on the menu: Mee Goreng, circa 1910. The shop's interior is very Old Town and woody. Marble-topped tables, rattan stools, wooden goldfish chairs (you know what I mean, right?), birdcages, the works. It was even graced by Maria Tengku Sabri of Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. It certainly looks nice, but the food is not very satisfactory. I ordered the set lunch (RM13++). It came with an appetizer of fried springroll, fried wanton or chu cheong fun. The main dish was "Sweet & Sour Fish with Chinese Fried Rice". As you can see from the picture, the plates are over-sized, and the food portion is like hors d' ouvres. I was definitely hungry after the meal, but after 4 free refills of Sirap Cincau, I couldn't complain. Next!

PS: The shop is located just beside Mama's Kitchen that's famous for it's claypot loh se fun. Better luck there.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Guess! Guess! Guess!

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What am I holding in my hand?

1) A mortar shell
2) A dildo
3) An ear of corn
4) An oversized suppository
5) salami
6) One of the magic beans from "Jack and the Beanstalk"

Well, it's actually dodol in a fancy dried-leaf packaging. So Elven waybread, right? I bought it for my brother for when he came back after the Raya holidays.

Me: Hey bang, nak saya belikan dodol dan lemang?
Bro: What kind of question is that?! Of course buy la!

He always tells me that he's deprived of good Malay food in Singapore. Can't find a decent nasi lemak, etc... But truth be told, KL food ain't that great. Banyak tipu-tipu. It seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry can open a stall to sell substandard traditional fare-- Penang Laksa la, Nasi Dagang Kelantan la, Laksam la, Nasi Kerabu la. KL-ites who miss their hometowns will just have to make do. Still can't beat the originals. Berbalik cakap pasal makanan Singapura, I'm really not used to their food. Everything tastes a little weird (right, KH?). Sweeter. Sweet Char Kuey Tiau. Ugh. Still manages to send a shiver down my spine.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ring Finger

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Ever since my home was burgled 2 years back (due to some negligence on our part and shoddy contruction), my mother has had an epiphany regarding jewellery and keeping valuebles at home. Although I was the biggest victim (lost some USD, IDR, MYR and my bro-in-law's handphone) and my mother only lost some worthless costume jewellery (which the burglar promptly dumped n the vacant house next door after he found out their true "value"), she never-the-less came up with a philosophy that buying jewellery is useless. If your jewellery is showy, you dare not wear it out for fear of snatch thieves. If you buy it and keep it under the mattress, you can't show it off and there is a chance that burglars will cart it away (even safes are no deterrent -- stories of thieves moving 50kg safes from 14th floor balconies, forcefully removing ATM machines, drilling into bank safety deposit box rooms even). It seems futile, but moderation is the key here. She decided it's better to wear the less fancy stuff than just let it sit in safety depost boxes. As a result of this policy, she asked me to wear her gold engagement band. It felt awkward at first having something on my finger but after a while, I got used to it. Later, JM and SK even bought me a silver band and I wear both now.

During the early days when I started wearing rings, I attracted much attention from friends and colleagues. For a good fit, I wore the gold band on my middle finger and it immediately caught the attention of my boss.

"Oi, William engaged ar?"
"Yalor, yalor!"

My colleagues happily obliged by feeding my boss false information and it did get a little bit out of hand. And coincidentally, I left for Jakarta for a month during that time and my users thought that I went off for a honeymoon in Bali. Sheesh. I got sick and tired of the questions so I moved the ring to my index finger.

"Ei, why you wear your ring there?"
"Why? Cannot ar?"
"It means DESPERATELY looking for someone ler..."
"Oh goodie!"

Now, I don't give a rat's ass. I wear my rings where I like them.

PS: Safety tip-- never store valuebles in your room. It's the first place burglars will look. It's safer dumping your stuff under the kitchen sink, but it runs a higher risk of you accidentally throwing your valuebles away!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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Much to the disdain of some of my readers, I must report that over the weekend, I was a gourmand again. A 180 degree turn from my usual cafe and restaurant visits, this time I was stuffing myself at grimy roadside establishments over at Puchong Bt 14. A predominately industrial area with horrible roads and a "new village" feel to it, it has quite a few gems to offer. The first place I visited was Tai Yau-- a "big fry" shop. I had always wanted to try this place out ever since my olfactory senses caught a whiff of stewed pork wafting out of that place. Unfortunately, that place was quite a big disappointment. Obviously such places are not expected to get an "A" for hygiene, but that place is quite nasty. You know the concentrated garbage liquid that drips out of garbage trucks? That place has puddles out front, adding to the wonderful aroma of the food. The utensils are just as nasty. The kitchen, now don't go looking there if you plan to eat. Normally, wen the kitchen is filthy, you'd expect the food to be astronomical in taste, but so-so la. The person who took our order wasn't helpful at all eventhough we were one of the few customers there (by 7:00pm, it was crowded as heck). Had a simple meal of fish head mee-hoon, claypot beancurd and stir-fried vegetables. Feeling dissatisfied from the meal, we went down the road for Yong Tau Fu!

By 6:45pm, Puchong Yong Tau Fu, Jalan Tembusu was already *CROWDED*. Every table was full and I'm guessing more than 40 tables. The place serves really fresh YTF... You go to the kitchen area, pick out the stuff you want (stuff gets sold out pretty quickly, by the time I got there, there was no more okra and beancurds already) and they'll stuff it with the fish paste on the spot. All the frying is also done by order, so there is no pre-fried stuff sitting around except for the dumplings and spring rolls. You can see the migrant workers slaving over the hot oil making sure that the beancurd sheets are so cripsy that they shatter on impact. Due to the volume and commitment to freshness, expect to wait at least 45 minutes for your order to arrive. Don't worry, they have quite a good system as I haven't seen them mix up orders yet. The fish paste is tasty and has good bite to it. Portions are above average and the soup is sweet, thanks to the sayur manis that they use. In addition to YTF, they also have chicken rendang, stewed chicken feet with mushrooms and gingered duck. Must be good as well seeing that many customers slop up plates of it. Overall, it's not much cleaner than the previous place, but it sure serves up good YTF. Close one eye and give it a try!



Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Beta

At last I've figured out how to beta-blog via flickr. No more ugly
posts and not leaving credit for the images used. :-)

Sick Mother-In-Law

Once again, I've found a chinese radio ad that I've got to share. It's not really annoying or anthing, but the premise of both the ads are quite disturbing, in my book. Here's the ad for eMagic EPT Facial Treatment (not too sure about the spelling):

Version 1

Johnson: (Wolf whistle) Where're you going leng lui?
Woman: Eh, is that you, Johnson?
Johnson: Opps, it's my mother-in-law!
Woman: (Oh my! Even my son-in-law couldn't recognize me after my eMagic EPT Facial Treatment! My skin is smooth and more radiant!)
Young Man: (Wolf whistle)
Woman: Are you sure you didn't recognize the wrong person, young man?

Comment: What shocks me is that Johnson's mother-in-law is not at all disturbed that her son-in-law was flirting with random women on the street. Even worse is that she was very proud of herself, being able the catch the eye of her son-in-law. Sick. Pengz.

Version 2

Husband: (Kisses wife on cheek)
Wife: Am I dreaming? Did my husband just kiss me? I don't blame him for not kissing me all these years since I was old and wrinkly. But since my eMagic EPT Facial Treatment, my skin free of wrinkles and younger-looking!
Husband: (Kisses wife on cheek again)
Wife: Encore! Encore!

Comment: The final shouts of "Encore" by the wife sounded like her husband was actually "pounding" her in bed. Baaaaad taste.

There's actually a version 3, but I have no complaints. Apparently the baby in the ad can't recognize the grandmother anymore after going for the treatments. WOW!

eMagic gives your skin magic!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Mel shared with me this little gem overheard at the premiere of Don.

Gaggle of Punjabi Aunties: Ohhhh, Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh! He still looks as good as he did in Kuch, Kuch Hota Hei! Ten years ago you know?! Purposely came to see him!


By the end of the movie, kids were running around, babies were being passed around the seat. A family-oriented movie...?.

PS: Come to think of it, it's been ages since I watched a movie. Sape nak belanja?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Intoxicated Aunties

I fetched my mum to her friend's 54th birthday party and the moment the birthday "girl" laid eyes on me, she insisted that I join. I grudgingly said "yes" even though I was tired from my swim and I hadn't had the chance to properly dechlorinate and moisturize yet. Well, it wasn't a total loss. The food was quite good. Very German, with meat, meat and lotsa meat. It was catered by Le Oriental Catering, OUG. Customary spread of fried rice, fried mee-hoon, curry chicken, mixed vegetables, butter prawns, sambal squid, battered fish, fried yam balls and acar. If that wasn't enough, a lamb and pig was roasting over a spit at the front porch! Dessert was ABC and fruits. The roasted pig was great, managed to get some juicy choice cuts. Mints sauce came with the tender lamb meat and it was fabulous.

However, the highlight of the evening isn't really the food, it's the people. The aunties were all very happy. As usual, when they all get together, there'll be a lot of gossiping and the atmosphere will turn market-like. Put liqour and karaoke into the equation, and you'll get a carnival-like atmosphere. Bottles of red wine and beer were opened and emptied, only to be followed by JD and Hennessy. I peered into the karaoke room and I was shocked to find the aunties having the time of their lives singing and dancing away. For those had little love of singing continued guzzling down the hard liquor outside with much boisterous rigour. By the time the birthday cake came out, most of them were high. They sung the birthday song in English, Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese!

PS: Kebelakangan ini semasa jalan kaki kangkang sikit. Before the minds go wandering, it's from my swim after a 2-week absence from the pool.

Monday, November 13, 2006


After going through 170+ episodes of Naruto, I've finally had enough. It's all a blur to me now, but I think after Uchiha Sasuke left for the dark side, it all started going downhill. The anime people deviated from the manga main story arc (perhaps because there is no more) and started doing idiotic episodes. Real moronic side stories that make you cringe and half-hearted fights. I actually fast-forwarded. Luckily, I have Bleach to keep me occupied now. Slow pace at the start, but the story definitely switched to a higher gear when the gang invaded the shinigami-verse. Lotsa fighting, but I'm wondering how many Shinigami-bashing episodes I can take before it gets old. My favourite character has got to be Kurotsuchi Mayuri, the captain of the 12th squad. For some reason, I love the seiyu, as much I love the one who did Naruto's Orichimaru.

But for now, it's orange spiky hair 1, yellow spiky hair 0.

PS: If I got the colours wrong, pardon my colour-blindness.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Beauty Secrets

beauty is ugly
Originally uploaded by 1826 TRUST 1927.
Spied on a beauty parlour's glass door somewhere in TTDI:

1) Flat chest
2) Small breats
3) Flabby bust
4) Dark nipples

It reminded me of a Berita Harian article I read years ago:

"Akhirnya Maria (namanya ditukar) berjalan dengan penuh yakin dan percaya diri setelah membesarkan payudaranya..." Kok gede banget...

Perhaps in the future, a little something for men:

1) Pencil dick
2) Small balls
3) Man-breasts
4) Dark scrotum

Insecurity is such a big money-spinner... Can't really change certain things in life, unless of course one goes for a major "renovation". However, that's not the real you. We may sometimes think that we're from the bargain corner of the gene pool, but sometimes, we can find some good stuff there too.

PS: Are fair nipples supposed to be more attractive? :D

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Universiti Perdana

I am the product of this:

Certain points are valid. This proves that nothing much has changed, but I made the best of it. I think.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


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Here's a picture of the hot chocolate served at Kozee, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. It looks as though you can eat the cup and saucer, right? If you didn't notice, the name of the restaurant is a play of the word "Cosy". Soooo very clever. Heh. FYI, the food is a mixture of oriental and western offerings. It's not exceptional and I must mention that the sodium content is a tad high, but it does have a Yin-Yang fried rice that is quite unique. One side red sauce, one side white. I also tried their beef and egg sandwich. It's no O' Brien's and not quite Subway. So-so. If you're a fan of thick toast, you can also try their version. The way the condensed milk was "draped" on the peanut butter created a nice marbling effect. I don't quite like peanut butter, so... Coincidently, their french toast is also chock-full of peanut butter, but with the extra fragrance of beaten eggs on the outside. Luckily I had a glass of honey lemon to neutralize the artery-clogging and appetite-chocking effects of the toasts.

Since the food failed to leave an impression, the only thing that made my visit there memorable was the fact that I got to watch a Pussy Cat Dolls music vdeo there. Boy, can those girls move. Macam nak terseliuh pinggang. Prices are very TTDI (the land of the 50 cent chinese tea), if you catch my drift. Go give it a try some time, perhaps you'll like it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Twisted Nerve

Thai T-Shirt #1
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While reviewing my blog visit report, I came across the following referring link:

Curious, I clicked on it. To my surprise, some I found it to be a blog post about my Fwaaah! post. After having it translated from Chinese, I was even more surprised-- the author works for the ad agency that handles the Fwaaah! ad for KFC. She was on the team that came up with the idea and she actually penned the lyrics to the jingle. According to the post, one of their colleagues from the Brand Planning department found my post and forwarded it to everyone in their company! The author, however seems quite candid about the criticism and concurred on several points I raised (she even remarked that several of her friends had a similar response). After rereading my post, I found that what I wrote was really quite unforgiving and brutally honest, but then, that's how I am. Once again, my "quick, acerbic tongue" has gotten the better of me again. So unfazed by my remarks... perhaps ad people are used to the fact that not everyone will be receptive to a certain concept. She was even curious and wanted more detailed information about what I disliked about it. Blogging on public domain-- the fun of interaction and the fear of potential backlash. Kewl.

Monday, November 06, 2006


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I may not be a Buddhist, but I recently visited the Buddha's and His Disciples' Relics World Tour held at the Mines International Convention Center. It's organized by the Gelugpa Buddhist Association. I thought it was a walk-in affair, but boy, was I wrong. Had to queue (lines made up of strung up mantras to keep out the vampires?), had to wait. Prior to registration, we were given an electronic counter to keep track of the number of times we chanted Om Mani Padme Hung (dont know what it means). They want to keep track of the number to achieve a mass chanting record. If you chant 5,000 times or more, you get a gift. My poor thumb was exhausted after clicking up to 1,000 (itchy fingers), so I can't imagine actually chanting 5,000 or more times. Upon entry, we got to see many religious paintings painstakingly done by lamas. Kinda like illuminated manuscripts. At the relics section, we saw the relics up close (with a magnification of 22X). The brain and blood relics all looked like little multi-couloured sago pebbles. Up close, they're really transparent, with a crystal-like quality to them. On to the main exhibits, there were mostly brain, blood and bone relics of Sakyamuni Buddha and arahants kept in glass and bronze stupas. Much repetition. We were herded along with little time to oogle. Among the weirder exhibits were the finger, saliva and flower relics. According to the explanation by one of the guides, the relics' colour has denotes the completeness of attaining compassion, wisdom, dhamma and etc. The last exhibit was of Sakyamuni Buddha's tooth. I also learned that the relics do not necessarily originate after death (cremation). Some are actually from time when they walked the earth, like the Saliva Relic (spontaneously-solidified spit. :P). They also claim that given the right devotion and prayer, the relics actually multiply! And if not taken care of correctly, it just dissipates. To me, it wasn't a really spectacular exhibit, but if it's genuine, it's pretty darn mysterious. Concentrated spirituality in an easy-to-swallow form. :D

PS: On walking out of the exhibition, I wanted to fill up a Mines Resort lucky draw form. The woman who was in charge of the booth asked whether I was above 18! I guess she left her glasses or contacts at home, but oh JOY!





Friday, November 03, 2006

Down Time

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Recently, I replaced my old dingy mattress with a spring mattress (no, it wasn't a cash-stuffed mattress). On the first morning I woke up from it, my neck, shoulder and lower back was all stiff. It was only natural for me to blame the mattress for my suffering (so sue me for making an accusation based on circumstantial evidence). Well, it turns out that the stiffness and pain was due to my annual fever. Had to resort to my long-lost friend acetaminophen. By Friday night, I was burning up and yet found the energy to do a little shopping at Sunway Pyramid on Saturday. Bought myself a pair of flip-flops for pool-side use. Nearly bought some boardshorts as well, but my ass-deficiency was a deterring factor. Refrained from seeing the doctor. Trying to be antibiotic-free for as long as possible. Worst of all, I missed another chance to swim, and I'm beginning to wonder if I can remember how to. Took me 4 days to get back to normal after all the lethargy and stiffness. Heh. On a final note, thank goodness, I didn't lose any precious weight.

PS: Thanks to those who had wished me well. :D

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Axe Gang

The Axe Gang
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It's been some time now since my last movie review. Truth be told, I have not watched many recently. However, the long em>Raya week gave me the chance to catch up on some marathon DVD-watching.

Kung Fu Hustle
I finally watched this. I've been told it's very good. I've been told it's very bad. My brother loved it so much that he bought the soundtrack. I think he was just impressed by the Axe Gang Boss' dance routine in the opening. But I liked that too. SK on the other hand, hated it. She watched it in the cinema and couldn't believe why she was the only person not laughing. In my opinion, it's a good Kung Fu flick, but not an exceptionally good comedy. It's very stylized and it does capture the essence of cowboy flicks well. As usual, Stephen Chow reused many of his old stuff with some renewed twists to good effect. Details aplenty. I especially liked the gu zheng assassins scene. And the ending fight did remind me of the Matrix: Reloaded Neo vs berlambak Agent Smith duke-fest. And for some reason, the ass-exposing hair stylist and the effeminate tailor had quite some airtime...
Memorable quotes:
"I see you have a prejudice against be-spectacled people. Especially gold-rimmed be-spectacled people."

Lucky Number Slevin
Another gangster movie. A little off beat. A convoluted tale of revenge with Witty dialogue. Kinda like Snatch and Layer Cake. For some reason, there must be some blasphemous reference to the Virgin Mary. Morgan Freeman is always great. Was kinda surprised by the ending. And I'm sure Josh Hartnett's towel scene and Lucy Liu trying to act all cute-sy, wute-sy won the movie many fans.
Memorable quotes:
"Why is he called the Rabbi? Because he's a rabbi."
"Why is he called the Fairy? Because he's a fairy."

Brokeback Mountain
Yup, it took me this long to actually watch this sad tale of high-altitude, sheep-witnessed forbidden love between Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist. After the whole "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" fiasco, I had a little trepidation with Ang Lee. I was right to be cautious, the movie is really slow. Not "watching-sap-dry" slow, but slow. Like little, giggling schoolgirls, SK and HP actually fast-forwarded to the frantic love scene in the tent and was sorely disappointed. "Why black-black one?!" I guess long term "relationships" do really work with some f*ck fest in the great outdoors a couple of times a year. And Ennis' mumbling... Aieee. Anyway, what was the reason that Jack Twist was killed? A pissed off father-in-law? Great movie or not, the word "brokeback" has somehow evolved into an adjective in everyday lingo.
Noteworthy scene:
Ennis Del Mar hugging the late Jack Twist's shirt, sobbing and taking a looong whiff.

Felicity HUffman plays the part of a conservative transexual woman to a T. The voice, the face. Reaffirms the fact that some transexual women are more feminine than biological women (think Korea's Harisu) and some biological women are butcher than most men (dykes excluded). On the verge of her gender reassignment operation, she finds out that she has a hustler of a son. So she goes on a cross-country trip with him (to get him outta her hair) and in process learn many things about each other. A transexual Tumbleweeds of sorts, without the escaping from failed relationships bit.
Memorable quotes:
"Put this on, it'll give mum a fit. I may be a transexual, but I'm not a transvestite."

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
About Albert Brooks, a comedian who goes to India and Pakistan to write a 500-page report for a government commission. Not funny. Don't bother.

On top of al this, I also watched some old Stephen Chow movies since my sister bought the whole collection on 13 DVDs or so (I think Venge bought this at Citrus Park some time back). I found Wui Wan Yeh extremely hilarious. Vengeful ghosts, a headless gramma, a ghost-detecting lily, priceless. I'll pace myself. He may be funny, but too much of a good thing....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


In my last post on education, I talked about commercialism and exams. And the mother
of all commercialism in the education sector is definitely tuition classes. I too have dabbled a little in that in my spare time, but that's another story. It's so very common these days. Children as young as 7 are shoved into tuition classes these days. What deranged and kiasu parents. I know of one parent who sends her Primary 1 child to tuition classes when her son's school has its own extra classes and dishes out plenty of homework. And you know what? The mother still finds the time set up trial exams for her poor child and dig up past year papers. Unheard of in my time. I only started taking tuition when I was in Secondary 5. The concept is similar to traditional chinese supplements -- Got disease, cure disease. No disease, healthier body. Go for it even if you don't need it. And some places actually screen students. Kalau dah memang pandai tu, tak payahlah nak cari tuition.

Anyway, I'm writing this post because of one Andrew Choo, a tuition center operator who has slot on 988. Everyday, around 8:45pm he'll come on giving out tips in his extremely annoying mixture of English and Mandarin:

"Halloooo, I'm Andrew Choo. Did you know what all teachers said last week? Siapa ikut tipsss Andrew Choo untung besar. Yang tak ikut tu rugi! Nearly 70% of my tips for PMR Sains Paper 2 was accurate. So now students, I will give out tips for Geography Pa-per 1, 2-0-0-6. Listen carefully worrr....... yadda yadda yadda....... OK, you got that? Study hard. I'm Andrew Choo. Bai Bai......"